Pepall a "One Name Study"

Pepall a "One Name Study"
and the ancestors of Mark Allenby Pepall

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The story so far...........

Family names on these pages are, of course Pepall, and my maternal ancestors Lloyd

Other paternal ancestors are Bradshaw, Chamberlain, Fowler, Hoath, Munn, Newman and Richardson.

Other maternal ancestors are Ballati, Frost, Green, Spencer, Wardale, Warner and Wells.

This site is my family history, but because of the rarity of the Pepall name is also a "One Name Study". The information presented here has come from many sources, our own research, published findings of other researchers, and contributions from many individuals and researchers who have contacted us over the years. Unless otherwise stated, permission to use and add it to this site is assumed on all information that is sent to me. We will document the source of all the information contained within, very much work in progress, but the sources vary widely in their quality so we cannot vouch for the accuracy of information that we have not seen with our own eyes.

Hope you find these pages interesting, and if you have any information on Pepall or our family or are a Pepall or relative please drop me a line. All contributions are greatly appreciated, corrections or additional information, photographs or documents that can be photographed or scanned to add to this site.

There is much work to do but if we wait until it is complete you may never get to see it. You are free to use the information found here for your family history research and we only ask that you indicate this site as being the source for the information that you use.

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