Peavey Migration Continues

Clearfield, Iowa
Faulkton, South Dakota


Everett Wesley Peavey owned this homestead in
Clearfield, Iowa. His father Charles Hiram Peavey lived in the small house
where he broke his hip and died.

Hallie Peavey moved with his parents,
Everett Wesley & Hattie Mae (Stevenson) Peavey, and family to Faulkton, South Dakota.

Hallie Peavey

They traveled in a wagon
train of eight covered wagons.
Hallie slept curled up like
a caterpillar on top of the
large family trunk after nightly
prayer and Bible reading.

They were often very cold as the
fall rains overtook their wagon
train. The women folk tried to
use body heat and lanterns under
blankets as they held bread on
their laps during the day trying
to get the bread to rise.

It was a slow trip with the horses
and heavily loaded wagons.

After a few years they returned
to Iowa. Hallie later returned
to South Dakota and married Lula Schlaser. They rented a farm near Braddock, North Dakota

The Migration Continued as Hallie Peavey & family auctioned everything they owned and moved to Nez Perce, Idaho.
Everett & Hattie Peavey joined them a few years later.

Hallie & Lula Caroline (Schlaser) Peavey after retiring from wheat and pea farming on Peavey homestead, Nez Perce, Idaho.

Hallie restored old harnesses & pioneer relics for his hobby. These are some of his items: buggy, harnesses, old family doctor book from Grandpa Charles Hiram Peavey who was an herbal doctor, flat irons, kerosene lamps, old box camera, and a copper boiler that used to be the water heater and was attached to the side of the wood cooking stove.

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