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Mirian (Frost) Raitt, b. New Castle, NH 8 Oct 1722 (VR; g.s.) dau of Hon John Frost Justice of Superior Court of NH & Mary (Pepperell) Frost & niece of Sir William Pepperell Bart (DAR 14:456-457); d. Kittery (Eliot) 3 June 1807 (g.s.); m. (1) s.p. int Kittery 17 Apr 1742 her cousin Elliot Frost, b. Kittery 29 Jun 1718 (VR); d. Kittery (Eliot) 8 Jan 1745 son of Maj Charles & Jane (Elliot) Frost; m (2) New Castle NH 2 Oct 1747 (VR) Capt Alexander Raitt, b. Scotland, d. Jamaica c1776 of yellow fever. Miriam’s two story house (now called High Meadows) at Dumplin Hill in Eliot was built in 1740 by her first husband and owned by her descendants until c1960. Raitt was a shipmaster employed by the firm of the William Pepperells principally in the Caribbean Trade. He later built and at his death commanded his own vessel. Capt. Raitt was so much abroad that he rarely appears in Kittery records but he served as constable bet 1751 & 1754 and a year as Surveyor of Highways 1768-1769. Adm on his estate (York Co Probate 15588) listing him as a merchant was granted 16 Mar 1779 to his widow. His estate was early appraised at more than L3000, including much furniture plate & books, 3 black servants, 33 acres at Raitt’s Hill and 55 acres on the south side of Sturgeon Creek Kittery. Alexander’s complete estate was scattered and ultimately settled in the English PCC in May 1825 with adm to George Muirson Woolsey, attorney for the son William, the widow Miriam having died. The family is recorded in a 1701 volume that belonged to Capt. Raitt (Old Eliot 1:1056)

Children: b. Kittery (VR) - 1st four chn bp 1st Parish Kittery, last two bp 2nd Parish Kittery

i Alexander, b. 13 Feb 1749; bp 25 Mar 1750; d Kittery 9 Sept 1751 (VR)

ii James Straten, b. 28 Aug 1751; bp 6 Oct 1759 (bp record only gives middle name); voyage with father when d Jamaica 28 Feb 1776 (family notes cited above) of yellow fever, unm

iii Capt. William, b 22 Apr 1753; [See William Raitt Family]

iv John, b. 20 Feb 1755; bp 9 Mar 1756; d Eliot 6 Oct 1830 (g.s.; m 3rd Parish Kittery 17 Nov 1791 Sarah/Sally Goodwin; res. Dumplin Hill Eliot & fought in the Rev; 11 ch

v Andrew, b 31 Jan 1757; bp 20 Feb 1757; upwards of 18 yrs of age, guardianship given 25 Jul 1775 (York Co Probate 21044) to his brother William when Andrew was heir to the estate of his kinsman Andrew Raitt late of the island of Jamaica; served through much of the Rev War beginning with Titus Salter’s Co of Mattrosses NH State Troops in 1776 and ending in 1783 in the 10th Mass Continental Regt; d Kittery (Eliot) 27 May 1791, unm (family notes cited above

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Rate, Cap. Wm 61b 1-4-3-1-0 Kittery Town, York County
Capt William Raitt, b. Kittery (Eliot), 22 Apr 1753 son of Capt. Alexander & Mariam (Frost) Raitt; bp 1st parish Kittery 29 Apr 1753; d Eliot 8 Sep 1834 (NEHGR 97:145; g.s); m Newington NH 16 Dec 1773 (NHGR 3:8) Sarah Leighton, b. Kittery (Eliot) 12 Nov 1753 (VR) dau of Dea William & Mary (Bane) Leighton, bp 2nd Parish Kittery 18 Nov 1753, d Elliot 15 Feb 1828 (NEGHR 97:266; 16 Feb on g.s.) He was a farmer res. on his mother’s property at Raitt’s Hill on Goodwin Rd Kittery. In 1780 he was a LT., and in 1781 Capt. of the 7th C Mass Militia. He served 1779-80 on the Kittery Committee of Supplies providing for soldier’s families, three years as Surveyor of Highways, and in 1783-84 as constable of Kittery (MDS&S 12:904, 13:531)

Children: b. Kittery (VR)

i Isabelle, b 21 June 1774; d Eliot 9 Apr 1830; m 2nd Parish Kittery 14 Sept 1794 her cousin William Shapleigh who res. Eliot and later in Parsonsfield. 10 chn

ii Elizabeth/Betsey, b 16 Nov 1777; d 29 Mar 1799; m 2nd Parish Kittery 27 Oct 1793 Samuel Shorey of So Berwick

iii James b 4 Apr 1779

iv Mary/Polly, b 27 Sept 1781; d 20 Jan 1816 ae 35y (Fogg Notes in Old Eliot 5:160); m Kittery 16 Nov 1800 James Jenkings (Stackpole, 552, says moved to No Cornwall NY)

v John, b. 16 July 1784; d Eliot 23 Aug 1860 (g.s.; Portsmouth Journal, 1 Sep 1860); m Eliot 6 Apr 1815 Anna/Annie Marsh of Brentwood NH & Eliot; res. Goodwin Rd Eliot; 7 chn

vi William, b 22 Jan 1787; bp (with Meriam, George & Alice) 2nd Parish Kittery 17 Nov 1801; d Eliot 5 Nov 1868; m (1) Saco 4 Dec 1815 Bathsheba Chandler of Saco who d Saco 14 Dec 1839 ae 40y 4m; m (2) Caroline (Leighton) Trevett widow of Oliver Trevett; res Saco & Biddeford; will (York Co Probate 15601)

vii Meriam, b 25 Oct 1789; d Eliot 25 Aug 1847 (g.s.); m Eliot 10 Aug 1812 Mark Remick; res Fore Rd Eliot; 5 chn

viii George, b 1 July 1792; Eliot 29 Nov 1859 (g.s.) m Eliot 2 Oct 1820 Eliza Hamilton of Eliot; res Goodwin Rd Eliot; 5 chn
ix Olive, b 2 Feb 1795; d Eliot 11 Nov 1866 (g.s.) m (1) Eliot 15 June 1822 William Odiorne; 1 ch; m (2) Eliot 9 May 1831 Joseph Emery; res Goodwin Rd Eliot 4 chn

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Joshua Wallingford, b c 1759; “fell dead in the room” bef 6 Dec 1836 ae 77 y (Lebanon VR); m (1) Dolly ------ who d Lebanon 31 Mar 1805 (Shackford, op. cit.); m (2) New Durham NH 26 Dec 1805 Sally Peavey (VR) dau of Edward & Lucy Peavey (LeRoy D. Peavey, The Peavey/Pevey Family [1935], p. 32)

Sarah Marr, bp 3rd Cong Church Kittery 29 Oct 1752; d 1 Mar 1777; m 1st Church Berwick 21 Apr 1776 Joseph Peavey Spencer (NEHGR 83 [1929]; 13), bp 7 Oct 1750 son of Moses & Susannah (Peavey) Spencer, d May 1828 (Old Kittery, op. cit., p. 739)

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Capt. Dennis Fernald, b Kittery 7 Dec 1725 son of Tobias & Mary (Mendum) Fernald (Joseph Crook Anderson II & Lois Ware Thurston, C.G., Vital Records of Kittery Maine to the Year 1892 [1991], hereafter Kittery VR, p. 115 [parent's marriage dated Kittery 22 Dec 1724 (ibid., p 61)]); d Kittery 2 Aug 1805 ae 79 y (ibid., p 122); m Kittery 19 Oct 1750 Sarah Frost (ibid., p. 121), b Kittery 29 Aug 1804 (ibid., p. 122). Dennis Fernald was a farmer at Kittery and known as “Captain” (Stackpole’s Old Kittery, p. 388). Both Dennis and his wife Sarah left wills. In her will, dated 7 Feb 1793 and probated 25 Oct 1804, Sarah left to her son Andrew Pepperell Fernald the house and barn where she then lived with abt 56a of land, all of which she termed her “maiden dower” (York Co Probate 20:195). She also named her sons Dennis and Robert Fernald and her unm dau Margery Fernald. Her husband, Dennis Fernald, acknowledged his consent of the will. In his will, dated 15 Oct 1801 and probated14 Aug 1805, Dennis named his wife Sarah, his sons Andrew Pepperell, Dennis and Robert, and his daus Miriam, Sarah, Molly and Margery (York Co Probate 20:345)

Children, b Kittery; births in Kittery VR, p. 121

i Dennis, b. 24 June 1751; d Kittery 5Apr 1755 (Kittery VR, p. 121)

ii Andrew Pepperell, b. 26 Feb 1753; d 18 Mar 1821 (Kittery VR, p. 157); m “thirsday Evening” 24 Dec 1778 Martha Shapleigh (ibid., p. 157), b Kittery 16 Apr 1760 dau of John & Abigail (Bartlett) Shapleigh (ibid., pp. 151, 157 [parent's m int dated Kittery 22 Aug 1741 (ibid., p. 214)]), d 26 Nov 1819 (ibid., p. 157) [see
Gen Andrew Pepperell Fernald family, Maine Families, 2:94-95]
iii Charles, b 1 Feb 1755; d Kittery “on Thirdsy at five o’Clock in ye Evening” 4 Feb 1778 (Kittery VR, p. 122)

iv Dennis, b 29 Sep 1757; d 1 Jan 1836 or 1837 (Stackpole’s Old Kittery, p. 396); m Kittery 24 Aug 1789 Elizabeth Stacy (Kittery VR, p. 159), b 9 Jun 1761 dau of
William & Elizabeth (Clark) Stacy (will of William Stacy naming his dau Betsey Fernald, MPA 17/192; John E. Frost, “Eliot-Maine Congregational Church Baptisms 1721-1831” [TS, MHS, 1983], p. 94 [parents m int dated Kittery 26 Apr 1747 (Kittery VR, p. 217]), d 14 Oct 1842 (Stackpole’s Old Kittery, p. 396). He was a Rev War soldier and pensioner (Rev War pension #24184)

v Miriam, b 12 Dec 1760; d Eliot 5 Mar 1820(Tristram F. Jordan, Descendants of Capt. William Leighton of Kittery [1882], p. 53); m Kittery 15 Jan 1778 William Leighton, Jr. (Kittery VR, p. 161), b 29 Apr 1751 son of William & Mary (Bane) Leighton (ibid., p. 149), d Eliot 22 Dec 1811 (Stackpole’s Old Kittery, p. 578) [see William Leighton Jr. family, Maine Families 2:178-79]

vi Sarah, b 24 Dec 1763; m Kittery 10 Oct 1784 James Johnson Jr. (Kittery VR, p. 1660, b Kittery 25 Apr 1754 son of James & Lydia (Fernald) Johnson (ibid., p. 166 [parent's marriage intentions were dated at Kittery on 8 Nov 1740 (ibid., p. 103]). He d aft 27 Oct 1817 when he dated his will and bef 9 Feb 1818 when it was probated (Stackpole’s Old Kittery, p. 556)

vii Mary/Molly, b 26 Jan 1766; d Biddeford 18 Sep 1863 ae 97by 7m 22d (MOCA Maine Cemetery Inscriptions York County Volume 1 [1995], hereafter MOCA York Co, p. 234, citing g.s. Adams Farm cem or Jordan cem, Biddeford); m Kittery 12 Oct 1789 Ralph Tristram Jordan (Tristram Forst Jordan, The Jordan Memorial [1882; repr 1995], hereafter Jordan Mem., p. 251) [m int Kittery 4 Jul 1789 (Kittery VR, p. 245), b Biddeford 2 Nov 1765 [sic, prob s/b 1764] and bp 1st Church of Biddeford 3 Dec 1764 son of Judge Rishworth & Abigail (Gerrish) Jordan (Jordan Mem., p. 251; MHGR 7:84), d Biddeford 24 May 1850 ae 85y 7m 22 d (MOCAA York Co, p. 234, bur with his wife)

ix Margery, b 24 Jun 1770; d Shapleigh unmarried (Stackpole’s Old Kittery, p. 338)

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Joseph Peavey Spencer, bp Berwick 7 Oct 1750 son of Moses & Susanna (Peavey) Spencer (“Records of the First Church of Berwick, Maine” [microfilm MHS] hereafter Berwick 1st Ch, unpaginated, but written chronologically; W. D. Spencer, The Maine Spencers; A History and Genealogy [1898], hereafter Maine Spencers, pp. 184, 187); d South Berwick Apr 1828 (Berwick VR, p. 544); m (1) Berwick 21 Apr 1776 Sarah Mars/Marr, (Berwick VR, p. 116), bp Kittery 29 Oct 1752 dau of Surplus & Sarah (Hammatt) Marr [see Surplus Marr Family, Maine Families, 3:180-81], d 1 Mar 1877 (Maine Spencers, p. 187); m (2) Berwick 10 June 1779 Katherine Mars/MARR (Berwick VR, p. 122) sister of his first wife (Maine Families, 3:180-81) whose dates of birth and death have not been found. In his will dated 30 Dec 1826 and probated 13 May 1828, Joseph named his wife Catherine; his son Joseph Jr. who received the bulk of the property during his life; his grandson Benjamin, son of Joseph Jr., who would receive the property after his father’s death; [his granddaughter] Catherine Thompson, dau of John & Apphia Thompson; his daughter Sarah Hearl, wife of Nathaniel Hearl; and his daughter Apphia Thompson (York Co Will Abstracts, p. 493)

Children by his 2nd wife, Katherine Marr, b. Berwick: Maine Spencers, p. 188

i Joseph Jr., b c1789 (from ae at death); d South Berwick 1 Dec 1851 ae 62y (Berwick VR, p. 555); m (1) Berwick 28 Mar 1813 Lydia Bennet (Berwick VR, p. 149), b c 1792 (from ae at death), d South Berwick of fever 6 Nov 1839 ae 47y (Berwick VR, p. 548); m (2) South Berwick 24 May 1840 Mary A. Goodwin (Berwick VR, p. 433), b 5 Dec 1812 dau of James & Mary (Goodwin) Goodwin (John Hayes Goodwin, Daniel Goodwin of Ancient Kittery, Maine and His Descendants [1985], p. 69), d 27 July 1887 ae 74y 7m (York Co Inscriptions, p. 2088, citing Goodwin Plot, Witchtrot Rd., South Berwick)

ii Apphia, m Berwick 8 Sep 1811 John Thompson 3rd (Berwick VR, p. 148). Further information on Apphia and John Thompson has not been found, although they did have a daughter, Catharine, who was named in her grandfather’s will in 1826 and who resided with her aunt and uncle, Nathaniel & Sally (Spencer) Hearl, in 1836 (see below)

iii Benjamin, b c 1793 (from ae at death); d Berwick 30 Dec 1811 in his 19th year (Berwick VR, p.290)

iv Sarah/Sally, m Berwick 10 Dec 1812 Nathaniel Hearl (Berwick VR, p. 149) prob son of William, Jr. & Sally (Nock) Hearl (Joseph C. Anderson II, “The Hearl/Earl Family of Berwick, Maine”, YCGSJ, 8[1993]; 11-12) [see William Hearl family, Maine Families, 3:133]. Nathaniel Hearl of South Berwick, yeoman, d aft 30 June 1836 when he wrote his will and bef 5 Sep 1836 when it was probated (York Co Will Abstracts, pp. 655-656). In it, he named his wife Sally, [his niece] Catharine Tompson “who lives with me” and Benjamin Hearl “who lives with me”. His brother-in-law, Joseph Spencer, was appointed sole executor.

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Samuel Holmes, bp South Church, Portsmouth NH 21 May 1738 son of Samuel & Mary (Peavey) Holmes of Portsmouth and Scarborough (“Records of the South Church of Portsmouth, NH,” NEHGR, 81 [1927]:443; parents’ marriage at Portsmouth on 14 Dec. 1727 recorded in “A Record of Births, Marriages and Deaths in Portsmouth, NH, from 1706 -1742, “ NEHGR, 24 [1870]:359) [for an in-depth analysis of Samuel’s parentage and ancestry, see Wilfred A. Cote’ III, “The Identity of Samuel and Joseph Holmes of Scarborough and Machias, Maine: The Importance of Applying Basic Genealogy Methods,” The Maine Genealogist, 21 (May 1999):51-60]: d. Machias 20 Nov 1802 (Machias VR, 1:10; letters of administration on his estate were granted to his son John Holmes on 8 Dec 1802, Wash Co Probate 3:87); m Scarborough 2nd Ch Recs. 22 Dec 1757 Charity Bryant (William M. Sargent, copier, “Records of the Second Congregational Church in Scarborough” {MS, MHS, 1877], hereafter Scarborough 2nd Ch Recs., p 25), bp Scarborough 1st Church 25 Aug 1737 dau of John & Elizabeth (Davis) Bryant (“Records of the First Congregational Church in Scarborough, Maine. Baptisms,” hereafter Scarborough 1st Ch, MHGR 1:163; her parents marriage in Greenland NH on 7 Jun 1733 recorded in Priscilla Hammon, “Vital Records of Greenland, New Hampshire” [TS, MHS, 1938], p. 45) [see family of Charity’s brother Samuel Davis Bryant (Maine Families, 6:54-58), and of Charity’s sister, Martha, wife of Abiel Sprague, Jr. (Maine Families, 2:267)], d Machias ae 90 y shortly before 28 May 1825 when her obituary was published (Kenneth L. Willey, Vital Records from the Eastport Sentinel of Eastport, Maine 1818-1900 [1996], hereafter Eastport Sentinel, p. 67, issue of 28 May 1825). She m (2) Machias Dec 1803 Nathaniel Phinney Sr., cordwainer, as his 2nd wife (Jackman’s Machias, p. 49). Nathaniel Phinney d. Machias 14 Sep 1809 (Machias VR, 1:10). {That it was Samuel’s widow who m Nathaniel Phinney is made evident in Samuel’s probate records, in which Nathaniel Phinney signed the consent agreement for the estate distribution (Wash Co Probate 3:284). There would have been no reason for Phinney to have signed this, except as husband of the widow.] Nathaniel Phinney m (1) Sandwich MA 13 Jan 1763 Thankful Tupper (Caroline Lewis Kardell and Russell A. Lovell, Jr., Vital Records of Sandwich, Massachusetts to 1885, 2 vols. [1996], hereafter Sandwich MA VR, 1:208; Memorial of the Centennial Anniversary of the Settlement of Machias [1863], hereafter Machias Memorial, p. 172), although neither his birth nor baptism is found in the Sandwich records. In his childhood, Samuel Holmes moved with his parents and siblings from Portsmouth to Scarborough, the move probably occurring after 23 Nov 1741 when his father, listed as being “of Portsmouth,” bought land in Scarborough (York Co deed 22:197) and before 8 Jul 1744 when Samuel’s youngest brother was baptized at the Scarborough church (Scarborough 1st Ch, MHGR 1:170). He was still living in Scarborough on 12 May 1764 when he acknowledged a deed there (Cum Co deed 7:67), but he with his growing family moved to Machias by 26 July 1766, following his father’s half-brother, Joseph Holmes, who settled in Machias about 1765 (James Phinney Baxter, ed., Documentary History of the State of Maine, Vol. XIII, Containing the Baxter Manuscripts, Maine Hist. Soc. Coll., 2nd series, 13 [1909], pp. 431-433; George W. Drisko, Narrative of the Town of Machias [1904], hereafter Drisko’s Machias, p. 465). In Machias, Samuel owned a lot near the Whiting town line, and built a framed house that was subsequently occupied by his son John (Drisko’s Machias, p. 465). He filled several town offices, including constable and road agent (ibid.). When he died, he left real estate valued at $3,229 (including the 112-acre homestead and 332 acres of “wild land on Holmes Bay” as well as several other small properties) and personal property worth $1,564 (Wash Co Probate 3:96-102). The division of the estate, dated 9 Dec 1803, lists the following recipients: John Holmes (“eldest son”), Ephraim Holmes, Adonijah Holmes, Molly Cates, Anna Ackley, Elizabeth Davis, Lurena Sevey, Martha Richardson, James Holmes, and Abial Holmes (Wash Co Probate 3:182-84). Accepting the proposed division were the 5 Holmes men mentioned, Robert Cates for Molly Cates, John Davis for Elizabeth Davis, Josiah Harris for Martha Richardson, Joel Sevey for Lurena Sevey, and Benajah Ackley (evidently for Anna Ackley, although by apparent oversight her name is not mentioned).

Children: as named in Machias Memorial, p. 166, and corroborated by Samuel Holme’s probate records

i John, b [prob Scarborough] 20 Apr 1758 (Jackman’s Machias, p. 8); d (prob. Machiasport] betw 7 May 1841 when he dated his will and 18 Oct 1842 when is was probated (Wash Co Probate 11:60-61); m c1781 Keziah Nash (Machias Memorial, p. 166; Gladys Forslund, History of Whiting [1975], hereafter His. of Whiting, pp/ 83-84, 1st child b 1 Apr 1782), b. May 1759 (Jackman’s Machias, p. 8) dau of Samuel & Keziah (Orcutt) Nash of Braintree MA (will of Samuel Nash of Plt. No. 6 [Addison], dated 27 Jan 1797 and naming his dau Keziah Holmes, see MPA WN 2/160; Hist of Whiting, p. 83; parents’ m ints recorded Weymouth MA 10 Jun 1758 per Vital Records of Weymouth, Massachusetts to the Year 1850, 2 vols. [1910], p. 129), d aft 23 Apr 1833 (Wash Co deed 26:68-69) and prob bef 1840 when no female her age is found in John’s household (USC, Machiasport, p. 23). In his will dated 7 May 1841, John left real estate bordering land of Abial Holmes to his son John and personal estate to his dau Eunice. His dau Eunice was appointed executrix.

ii Anna, [b prob Scarborough], m abt 1774-75 (first child b. 3 Nov 1775, per Jackman’s Machias, p. 6) Benajah Ackley (Machias Memorial, p. 166), b 1754-55 (from ae at death) prob son of Benajah & Lurana (Gill) Ackley of Lebanon CT (see discussion below), d. Whiting 16 May 1830, ae 75 y (Eastport Sentinel, p. 106, issue of 2 Jun 1830; his death date listed as 16 May “1829” in Whiting VT). [Benajah Ackley’s parentage is not found in any single document, however a strong case can be built that he was the son of Benajah Ackley of East Haddam CT who m Lebanon CT 21 May 1747 Lurana Bill (Rev. Frederic W. Bailey, Early Connecticut Marriages as Found on Ancient Church Records Prior to 1900, Fifth Book [1968], p. 43). Lurana moved to Cornwallis NS about 1760-61-her husband either dying before or shortly after the move, as Lurana was undoubtedly the “Lawrence” Akley listed as one of the original grantees of land in Cornwallis along with her brother Amos Bill and other members of the Bill family (Arthur Wentworth Hamilton Eaton, The History of Kings County, Nova Scotia [1910], p. 74). Lurana m (2) [prob in NS] Jonathan Woodruff, this being proven by a land conveyance dated 22 May 1765 in which Jonathan and “Laurania” sold land that “was granted to the said Laurania Woodruff (before her marriage with the said Jonathan Woodruff by the name of Laurania Ackley). . .” (FHL film #567, 506, Deeds at Cornwallis, NS, vols. 1 and 2, 1764-1792, p. 20, recorded instrument 18). Jonathan Woodruff and his wife and children moved to Machias by 1769, as evidenced by his signature on a petition of Machias residents (Drisko’s Machias, p. 20). As Benajah is the only Ackley found in Maine before 1790, and with the repetition of the unusual name Benajah, it is likely that he was a son of Lurana (Bill) (Ackley) Woodruff by her 1st marriage. Furthermore, Samuel Holmes, Anna’s father, owned 2 marsh lots situated on Woodruff Cove in Machias, suggesting the Woodruffs lived in Machias near the Holmes’s and Ackley’s (John Cooper, chief appraiser, “Record of Valuations of Houses & Lands in the 2nd District, 1st Division, Massachusetts 1799” [MS, MHS Coll. 1269, Vol 3]).]

iii Mary/Molly, m Machias 1 Sep 1780 Robert Cates of Narraguagus (“Earliest Marriages Recorded in Machias,” BHM 9:36) son of Samuel & Ruth (Thorndike) Cates (Wash Co deed 283:41, in which Samuel’s heirs, including Robert, acknowledged the sale of Samuel’s real estate in Harrington his parents marriage intentions in Falmouth on 26 Nov 1749 recorded in Falmouth VR, MSA Film #213, p. 448). The Maine Genealogist, 21 [1999]:35). In 1790, they were enumerated in Plt #11 East of Machias [Cutler]

iv Martha, b [prob Scarborough] c1764; living Aurora, Erie Co., NY in 1850 ae 85 y in the household of her son-in-law and dau, Enos & Martha Adams (USC, p. 1010; Town of Corinth History Committee, History of Corinth, Vermont 1764- 1964 [n.d.], hereafter Hist of Corinth, p. 432); m (1) [prob abt 1780 based on her dau being b. c1781-82] Timothy Libby Jr. (Machias Memorial, p. 166; Charles T. Libby, The Libby Family in America 1602-1881 [1882], hereafter Libby Fam., p. 78), bp Scarborough 6 Jan 1750/51 son of Timothy & Sarah (Stone) Libby (ibid., pp. 77-78; Scarborough 2nd Ch Recs., p. 6); m (2) Machias 5 Oct 1784 Caleb Richardson (White’s Rev War Pension Abstracts, p. 2874), bp Newbury MA 25 Jul 1756 son of Caleb “of Gloucester” & Catharine (Allen) Richardson (Vital Records of Newbury, Massachusetts to the End of the Year 1849, 2 vols. [1911], 1:436; parents’ marriage ints in Gloucester MA on 29 Sep 1753 recorded in Vital Records of Gloucester, Massachusetts, to the End of the Year 1849, 3 vols. [1917-24], 2:450). Letters of administration on the estate of Timothy “Libbee” Jr. were granted 1 Sep 1785 to Samuel Holmes of Machias (MPA Wn 1/4). In an account on 8 Oct 1792, Samuel Holmes is named as a debtor to “C. Richardson” for supporting and bringing up Sarah Libby (MPA Wn 2/20). According to his pension application, Caleb Richardson lived in Old Chester NH at the time he enlisted for Rev War service, but later moved to Machias. With his wife Martha, he moved back to Chester for 1 y and then moved to Corinth, VT where he is found in the 1790 USC. In the spring of 1832, he moved to Aurora, Erie Co NY (White’s Rev War Pension Abstracts, pp. 2873-74). Caleb prob had a 1st wife before Martha, as a list of his children includes a dau Alice b 23 Mar 1778 (more than 6 y before his marriage to Martha) as well as Martha’s dau Sarah Libbey, b. 14 Oct 1782 (Hist. of Corinth, p. 432). On 9 Oct 1799, Martha’s dau, Sarah, was the wife of Daniel McSheen of Corinth VT (Wash Co deed 4:245).

v Elizabeth, b c Jun 1764 (from ae at death, although this date potentially conflicts with the birth date assigned to Elizabeth’s sister, Martha, above, unless a twin): d Cutler 3 Jan 1838 ae 73 6y 7 m (Mrs. Beulah G. Jackman, Cemetery Inscriptions, North Cutler, Maine [1936], hereafter No. Cutler Inscriptions, p 3); m Machias 10 Aug 1787 John Davis both of Machias (“More 18th and 19th Century Marriages in Machias, Maine,” p. 67), b 1756-1760 (his g.s. would imply a birth date of c Aug 1756,; however a c1760 birth date is implied in his Rev War pension application, he being ae 57 y in 1818 and ae 60 y in 1820), d Cutler 27 Apr 1836 ae 79 y 8 m (No. Cutler Inscriptions, p. 3). John Davis was enumerated in the 1790 USC in Plt#1 East of Machias [Cutler] next to Robert Cates who married Elizabeth’s sister Molly, above. He apparently lived in Cutler for the rest of his life. He enlisted for Rev War Service in Nov 1777 from Morristown NJ, serving as a private in Capt. Wade’s company and Col. Ogden’s NJ regiment; he was with Gen. Cornwallis (Rev War pensions #S35220; White’s Rev War Pension Abstracts, p. 899). [Isaac Wilder’s History of Cutler 1785-1879 (1979) repeats the preposterous legend in the Davis family that John Davis was a Wampanoag Indian from the Gay Head (Martha’s Vineyard) MA Indian District who, according to family legend, married an Indian girl from NY, sailed to Cutler, and set up his teepee on a hill facing the harbor. No evidence is found to support this romanticized account. While there was poss a John Davis in Gay Head community, he surely was not the Rev War soldier who enlisted from Morristown, NJ.]

vi James, b [prob Machias] 9 May 1769 (Jackman’s Machias, p. 5): d. Machiasport 11 Dec 1843 ae 74 y 7 m (MOCA, Series 1, Wash Co, p. 89, East Machiasport Baptist Church cem): m Machias 8 May 1795 Sarah/Sally (Berry) Lyon both on Machias (“More Machias Marriages,” p. 67), b 6 Feb 1773 dau of John & Sarah (Libby) Berry being a sister of Timothy Libby, first husband of Martha Holmes, above) [See John Berry family in this volume], d Machiasport 18 Oct 1853 ae 81 y 8 m (MOCA, Series 1, Wash Co, p. 89, East Machiasport Baptist Church cem.). She had m (1) John Lyon (birth record of their daughter Sally Lyon dated 21 Jun 1792, per Jackman’s Machias, p. 5), b. Onslow NS 1 Jan 1769 son of Rev James & Martha (Holden) Lyon (“Rev James Lyon, of Machias,” BHM 6:209-10). Rev Lyon’s family was the only Lyon family in Wash Co in 1790, and his son Ludlam, a record of whom has not been found after his birth, was of the right age to be Sarah’s 1st husband].

vii Ephraim, b c1770 (from ae at death): d Belfast 4 Feb 1856 ae 86 y (Republican Journal, issue of 8 Feb 1856): m Machias 2 Oct 1791 Sally Richardson both of Machias ("More Machias Marriages,” p. 67). Ephraim moved to Belfast where he was enumerated as a head of household in 1830 (USC). On 18 Sep 1832, Ephraim Holmes of Belfast, yeoman, sold to James Holmes of Machiasport the land he had received from his late mother’s thirds, with his Sally relinquishing her dower rights (Wash Co deed 24:231-32). [Sally Richardson was perhaps a dau of the Peter Richardson enumerated in Machias in 1790 with a household composition of 3-2-6-0-0. It is noteworthy that Ephraim and Sally named their 2nd son Peter (Jackman’s Machias, p.3).]

viii Abial, b c1772 (from ae at death; ae 78 y in 1850 USC, Machias, household of his son, Timothy Holmes): d Machiasport 14 Mar 1856 ae 83 y (Clarence Day, “Death Notices from Machias Union, 1853-1891” [TS, MSL, n.d.], p. 40; note that MOCA Series 1, Wash Co, p. 86, East Machiasport Baptist Church cem, gives d 12 Mar 1857 ae 83 y); m Machias 19 Jul 1800 his soon-to-be stepsister Elizabeth/Betsey Phinney (Jackman’s Machias, p. 47), bp Sandwich MA 23 Jun 1782 dau of Nathaniel & Thankful (Tupper) Phinney (Sandwich MA VR, 2:1409; Machias Memorial, p. 172; Hist of Whiting, p. 84), prob d bef 1830 (not found with her husband in 1830, 1840 and 1850 USCs, Machiasport and Machias).

ix Lurania/Lurena, b c Oct 1776 (from ae at death; ae 74 y in 1850 USC, Cutler, James Sevey household): d [prob Cutler] 26 Apr 1855 ae 78 y 6 m (g.s. Cutler cem): m Machias 9 Jul 1797 Joel Sevey (Jackman’s Machias, p. 34), b. c1775 (ae 75 y in 1850 USC, Cutler, James Severy household) son of Joseph & Olive (Booker) Sevey (Machias Memorial, p. 175) [see Capt. Joseph Sevey family in this volume]. Joel and Lurena were living in Cutler in Feb and Mar 1829 when he sold land in Cutler to [his son?] James Sevey in exchange for life support (Wash Co deeds 19:534-35, 535-36). Joel was enumerated in Cutler in both 1830 and 1840 censuses, but is not found in the 1810 and 1820 censuses.

x Adonijah, b Machias 6 Dec 1778 (Elizabeth M. Mosher, Vital Records of Swanville Maine Prior to 1892 [1990], hereafter Swanville R, p. 34): d Swanville 20 Jun1861 ae 83 y (Republican Journal, issue of 12 Jul 1861): m Machias 1 Apr 1798 Ruth Connelly (“More Machias Marriages,” p. 67). [In other sources, Ruth’s surname was given as “Richardson” (Machias Memorial, p. 166; Hist. of Whitting, p. 84) and “Montgomery” (query of Mrs. William W. Johnson of Belfast, Downeast Ancestry 2 no. 6, p. 13).] Ruth was b 12 May 1779 (Swanville VR, p. 34), her parentage unknown, and d Swanville c Mar 1861 ae 82 y (Republican Journal, issue of 22 Mar 1861). She and Adonijah moved from Machias after the birth of their 7th child and settled in Swanville where all of their children are recorded, the last being named Ruth Montgomery Holmes (Swanville VR, p. 34).