Logging Tool


Joseph Peavey made the first PEAVEY using a solid socket, in place of the toe rings, with a driven pick. The improved Patent Peavey solid Socket and Pick combined , later to be called the Bangor or Rafting Peavey, was invented by James Henry Peavey, grandson of Joseph. The Peavey family manufactured the tool called the cant-dog known as 'The Peavey'.

The Peavey - is lumberman's cant hook with a spike at the end of the lever. It is used by the logger to break jams, roll the logs, tighten chains and even to pry rocks out of the way. It is the all purpose tool of the logger.

The Cant Hook - is a lever used to turn timber and guide it. It has a hooked arm near the lower end which grips the log and allows the logman to pull it over. It is used in sawmills.

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