Inventions of Anrew J. Peavey and Thomas Peavey

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Andrew J. and Thomas Jefferson Peavey were twin brothers and inventors.
They were born on August 5, 1832 in South Montville, Maine and were the
sons of William C. Peavey and Jemima (Page).

Andrew married J. Imogen Pottle on april 14, 1851.

Thomas married Ann M Bageley on Jan 6 1867.

The brothers invented a pocketknife pistol and patented it in 1865.
The gun had a folding blade that looked like a knife. It could fire
a 22 caliber short round.

Andrew J. Peavey also invented the pocket size pistol, a 22 caliber
revolver and called it the "Little All-Right" It was patented in 1876.