Early Maine Towns



Maine State Archives, Augusta,1940
Up to the year of 1740

1. ABAGADASSETT: on the west side of the Kennebec River and 4 miles inland,
existed as a plantation April 10, 1684; destroyed by Indians, Sept 1688

2. ACOMENTICUS: existent as a plantation Mar 25, 1636, April 10, 1641.
Incorporated as a city, 1641...name changed to GORGEANA by the 2d city charter March 1, 1642.

3. AUGUSTA: Small Point Harbor, confined to east shore of Casco Bay; laid out by the Pejepscot proprietors May 24, 1716. [now capital of Maine] -

4. BLACK POYNT: existent, probably as a plantation, March 25, 1636; June
25, 1640; was one of the 2 towns which in 1658 was incorporated as SCARBOROGH

5. BROAD BAY; A plantation existent as early as May 20, 1721....now is called

6. BRUNSWICK:...was under the Prejepscot tract....until 1729.

7. CAPE PORPUS...existent 1646

8. CAPENAWAGEN: Existent May 1672, was plantation 1673; destroyed Aug. 1676

9. CASO: was a plantation, June 25, 1640; a confederacy government was
established Oct 21, 1645; was one of the 2 towns which in 1658 was incorporated

10. CORK : on the southern side of Eastern River, Existent as a plantation in
1720; "rased" [sic] by Indians in 1722.

11. DAMARISCOTTA: occasionally was called " Sheepscot", was known as Sheepscot
in 1751, after the incorporation of Sheepscot Plantation as NEWCASTLE, June 1753.
a new plantation of Damariscotta was existent.

12. DAMARISCOVE: settlement 1622; had local government, 1630. deserted by
1676; was included within the bounds of the town of NEW DARTMOUTH, 1686.

13. FORT ST.GEORGE; known as POPHAM, first English town in New England, gov.
inaugurated, 1607; with a council of a president and 5 assistants, which lasted
until about Oct 8, 1608

14. FRANKFORT: a plantation organized in 1752 by Proprietors of Kennebec

15. FREDERICKSBURG: Now known as PEMAQUID...town estab. by Col. Dunbar, 1729

16. FREDERICKSPORT: now NEW HARBOR; also estab. by Col Dunbar, 1729

17: GORGEANA: name given to the city of ACOMENTICUS, Mar. 1642; incorporated
as the town of YORK, Nov 22, 1652.

18: GREENLAND: near Round Pond Falls....1718

19: HARRINGTON: another town by David Dunbar, 1730-1732; incorporated as
BRISTOL in 1765.

20: HARWICH: town west of the Kennebec River, existent June 1685; this may be
the same area that is now towns of Augusta, Kennebecke, or Northampton.

21: HYPPOCRAS: a locality in Boothbay Harbor, taxed with Damerill's Cove,

22.JAMESTOWN: Named PEMAQUID prior to 1677; NEW HARBOR was part of Jamestown;
burned Aug. 1689.

23: KENNEBECKE: first meeting as a plantation, 1654....almost totally
destroyed by Indians 1689. The spelling today is Kennebec

24: KITTERY: declared to be a town, Oct 16, 1649

25: MARY TOWN: formerly called MUSCONGUS, extended from Round Pond Falls to
Pemaquid River. Called Greenland, 1718. town 1719.

26: MEDUMCOOK: plantation, existent 1757

27: MONHEGAN: plantation existent, 1618; was a refuge for the settlers of
Pemaquid Valley during the Indian attacks on 1676.

28. MOUNSWEIG: plantation, existent in 1747 [see Neguasset]

29. MUSCONGUS: plantation existent between 1652-1670, about 8 miles north of
Pemaquid. alias: Mary Town, 1720 [see Greenland and Mary Town]

30: NEGUASSET: Hammond's fort, burned by Indians, Aug 13, 1676.

31. NEW CASTLE: a plantation, existent 1719 also known as Sheepscot, formerly
called New Dartmouth

32: NEW DARTMOUTH: plantation name of Sheepscot changed to New Dartmouth in
1665, destroyed by Indians 1688.

33. NEW HARBOR: plantation, 1625 to Aug 1676. when it was burned by Indians,
was called "Newtowne in Jamestown". became town of Fredericksport Oct 1729.

34: NEW MERRYMEETING: at Hutchinson's or Thwing's Point, 1-1/3 mile below
Swan Island on east side of Kennebec River. destroyed by Indians, 1688. town
was reestablished in 1719, 1720 and "rased" in 1722.

35: NEW TOWNE: plantation on Arrowsic Island, existent, 1684.

36: NORTH YARMOUTH: this was probably the town of Cascoe Bay Mar. 1678,
formerly called WESTCUSTOGO. township, 1728

37: NORTHAMPTON: town probably another name for Kennebecke or Augusta, 1667

families from Ireland settled at Pejepscot on south shore of MerryMeeting
Bay, 1718.

39: RICHMOND'S ISLAND: plantation 1632, was included in SPURWINK plantation

40. SACO: existent as a town, 1636...incorportated as BIDDEFORD, 1718

41: SAGADEHOCK: on Parker's Island, settlement made 1618; plantation, 1648;
annexed to the town of GEORGETOWN in 1728.

42: ST CROIX ISLAND; French plantation from June to Aug 1605; destroyed by
English, 1613.

43: ST GEORGES: French settlement at mouth of St. Georges River, 1686

44. ST.GEORGES: plantation of 84 families in 1701

45: SAUVEUR: French plantation on Mt. Desert Island 1613

46: SHEEPSCOTT: plantation of 50 families, 1630. changed to New Dartmouth, 1665;
settlers fled in 1676 [indians]; town resettled as New Castle, 1719

47: SOMERSET: township at Muscongus, existent 1734;

48. SOMERSETT: plantation at the mouth of Cathance River on the north side
of MerryMeeting Bay., destroyed by Indians, 1688. was "rased" in 1722

49: SPURWINK: plantation, 1632; include Richmon's Island, 1636; was part of the
Province of Lygonia, 1646. one of the 2 towns that were incorported as Falmouth
in 1658.

50: SWAN ISLAND: in Kennebec River; plantation 1720

51: TOPSHAM: township, 1737

52: TOWNSEND: plantation, 1758; incorporated as BOOTHBAY 1764

53: WALPOLE: one of the 6 towns organzied by David Dunbar...incorporated as a
town of BRISTOL, 1765

54: WELLS: was a town Oct 21, 1645 and July 6, 1646

55: WESTCUSTOGO: as a plantation or town, submitted to Lygonia Province in
1648....see North Yarmouth

56 WINTER HARBOR: settlement 1616-1617; apparently was an alternate name
for town of SACO, 1662.