James & Mary NUTTER PEAVEY Family

by Phebe Ann Peavey Mowe

Transcribed by Cynthia Hassell

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James Peavey b. Feb. 7th, 1749 in Newington, Rockingham Co., N.H.
Married Feb. 10th, 1774.
Mary Nutter, b. Feb.10th, 1760 in Newington, Rockingham Co., N.H.

Children of above:
Nancy Peavey, b. Nov. 17th, 1774,
md. William Scott of Newington, Rockingham Co., N.H.

Mary Peavey, b. May 21st, 1776,
md. William Johnson.

John N. Peavey, Twin b. July 14th, 1778,
md. Phebe Anderson. )

James B. Peavey, Twin b. July 14th, 1778,
md. Hannah Bracebridge)

Sally Peavey, b. Aug. 3rd, 1780,
md. Rev. Reuben Peaslee, Plaistow, N.H.

Elizabeth D. Peavey, Twin b. July 4th, 1783.)

Hopley Y. Peavey, Twin b. July 4th, 1783,
md. Lydia Kennison )

Daniel Peavey, b. Oct. 10th, 1785. d. young.

Charles Peavey, b. Dec. 1st, 1787,
md. Elizabeth Johnson, Eastport

Eleanor Peavey, b. Sept. 16th, 1789
md William Nutter, Barnstead, N.H.

Dolly Peavey, b. Oct. 12, 1791,
md. Joshua Furber, Great Falls, N.H.

Hannah Peavey, b. Aug. 5th, 1794,
md. Warren Hathaway, Aug. 5, 1821, Eastport

Humphrey Peavey, b. Aug. 20th, 1796,
md. Sally B. Whitten, Eastport.

This family were all born in the town of Newington, N.H. The house was torn down many years ago, and a brick house built upon the spot by Darius Frink, a nephew of Mary Nutter Peavey. Darius Frink still lives in the house (1889). He has been careful to preserve the elm trees under which this family played, and the orchard planted by the hands of the younger children. The spot was visited by a party of descendents in 1886; it was a most interesting pilgrimage.

Newington is situated five miles from Portsmouth, N.H. and is a delightful drive.


Mary Nutter died in Plaistow, N.H. at the home of her daughter, Sally, Mrs. Peaslee. A beautiful stone marks the spot where she was laid. She is described as being a lovely character, and was particularly loved and revered by her children, and all who knew her.

She had two sisters, Abagail and Hannah Nutter. Abagail married Cyrus Frink, and Hannah married Jotham Johnson. The children of Cyrus Frink and Abagail Nutter Frink were Cyrus, Abagail, Simms, John, Darius and Hannah. They have quite a full family record, and portraits of members of the family. They were neighbors of their cousins, the Peaveys, and lived in close intimacy with them.

Mary Nutter Peavey had three brothers (perhaps more), William Nutter, Anthony Nutter and Joseph Simms Nutter. James Peavey had several sisters, and at least one brother. One sister, Eliza, married Mr. Rymes. Elisa was the maternal grandmother of Celia Thaxter, who is so well known as a poetess.

In connection with this letter, I will copy from a letter I received from Aunt Hannah Odell, no date.

Our Grandfather Peavey had a brother Joseph, who moved to Strafford, and another, Hudson, the latter so named because he was born on the Hudson River, so Aunt Eleanor's record says. Isn't it too bad to cast down into the mythe the story of the lineal descent from Hendric Hudson? And adds: Where do you suppose John (our brother) got the idea of the descent from the real Hendrick?

I was amused to get this record the day of my call upon a new neighbor.

I had always heard that our Uncle Hudson was named after the real Hendric Willis Peavey of Halsnead Park


The name of Peavey originated in Dorsetshire, England; The escutcheon or shield, ermine, white and blue, with one band or bar of honor; motto, Virtus Tutissima Cassis (Virtue is the Safest Helmet). The band is a scarf, given for success in a tournament. The Lion was given to Sirs John Brown and Peavey in the time of Henry VIII, for their bravery over the Spaniards in the low countries, and is the sign of a victorious General.

I copied this from a description of the coat of Arms of the Peavey family in England which I have had for many years, but don't know how or where I got it; it was simply among my records of the Peavey family. I have a photograph of the Crest that hung in the sitting-room of the old home in Eastport:
.Deo, Non Fortuna, (Motto) God, not chance.

Also one that I am very much interested in
Deo, Non Fortuna
(Lion) resting on

I have just received through a mutual friend, H. Y., the original grant of this last written in French and claiming to have been given to the Pavy family of France. The lady who sent me the document is the widow of an English naval officer. How happens it that the family names are so similar, the mottoes alike, and the Crest, with the exception of shield and helmet? Peavey, we know to be English:

Three brothers Peavey came from England to America and settled in New Hampshire; our Grandfather, James, was one of the three; while he, as town records show, located in Newington, the other two brothers must have made their homes in neighboring towns, the following letters will show where. I haven't a doubt that all the Peaveys are from one or another of the brothers. We have no record of the children of Hopley Y. or James, my Father's brothers; but I think I have brought my Father's branch of the family very Straight through out the six generations. I have always understood from my Mother that Father's Brother James, had no children, but Hopley Y. a large family.


From the History of Barnstead, N.H.

John Peavey, Esq. early settled in Barnstead Centre, purchased Tasker's Mills and lands adjoining. He enlarged the Mills, sold land, and greatly facilitated business in his neighborhood. His native place was Barrington. In height he was 6 feet 4 inches, was well proportioned; kept a public house, and a store of goods in connection with his Mill business. He was ever active in town affairs, represented in General Court, and served often as a selectman and moderator. In Jackson's time he was the bearer of the Presidential vote of New Hampshire to Washington; was Captain in the Militia, and was active in aid of the Government in 1812.He died at age of eighty years, leaving one daughter to inherit the homestead. She is the wife of Mr. Daniel Beckford.

Among those who served in the war of 1812 was Captain John Peavey, who served on the frontier. John Peavey was Postmaster of Barnstead Center, and a Justice of the Peace. He was 79 years old in 1853, which makes the date of his birth 1774 and if he lived to the age of eighty the date of his decease was 1854 but the book states that he died in 1856, at eighty years.

There is also a James B. Peavey mentioned, who died in 1852, aged 86 years. These were relatives no doubt.

From Bell's History of Exeter.

The life of George C. Peavey, several years of which were spent in Exeter, was a remarkable one. An injury to his spine caused by an accident, resulting in almost total disability to walk, and such sensitiveness of his eye to the light that he practically was almost blind. He was compelled to pass most of his time in a reclining posi tion, with a bandage over his eyes. He has studied law, and not withstanding his affliction, entered vigorously into practice. He found someone to read and write for him as he lay upon his lounge in his office and in court, but he could talk, and command of all needed faculties.

After remaining ten years at Exeter he went to Strafford, married a devoted wife, who was not only eyes but hands and feet to him ever afterwards. With her aid he carried on not only an extensive law practice, but four country stores and a large lumbering business. He died at Strafford, May 5, 1876, aged 61 years.

Mr. B. Shackford.

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Record of Descendants of James and Mary Nutter Peavey.

Nancy Peavey
William Scott

Eliza Barbour Scott, Daniel Scott, and perhaps other children.
I have no record of the family.

Mary Peavey
William Johnson

Mary Peavey died young, leaving three daughters, Mary, Sallie and Rosemond. Mary brought up in her g.mother Peavey's family and was very dearly loved by every other member.

Family of Charles Peavey (of James & Mary Nutter)
and Elizabeth Johnson Peavey

Charles Peavey, b. Dec. 1, 1787 d. Oct. 17, 1854, Machias Me.,
while attending court.
Married in Eastport, Maine April 1, 1810.
Elizabeth Johnson, b. Dec. 28, 1792,
d. Eastport, Nov. 29, 1853.

John Johnson, b. Eastport, Jan. 5, 1811,
d. Mch. 3, 1846, Washington, D.C.
buried in Congressional Cemetery, Was Am. Consul.

William Scott, b. Portsmouth, N.H. Sept. 27, 1812,
d. Whiting, Me. June 11, 1884.

Hannah Elizabeth, b. Portsmouth, N.H. Nov. 21, 1814,
d. Needham, Mass. Apr. 6, 1895*.

Mary Colby, b. Eastport, Oct. 27, 1816,
d. Port Carbon, Pa. Nov. 22, 1895.

Charles Oliver, b. Eastport, Sept. 24, 1818,
d. Eastport, July 15, 1830.

Phebe Ann, b. Eastport, July 3, 1820,
(the year Maine separated from Mass.)

James Henry, b. Eastport, Aug. 2, 1822,
d. Sept.15, 18wy**.

Albert Daniel, b. Eastport, Oct. 17, 1824,
d. Eastport, Nov. 10, 1859.

Maria b. Eastport, Feb. 9, 1827
d. Garlston, N.S. Jan. 24, 1894.

Ellen b. Eastport, Feb. 9, 1827,
d. Boston, Mass. Mch. 11, 1885.

Charles James, b. Eastport, June 1, 1831,
d. Eastport, Oct. 20, 1867.

*LDS d. Apr. 06, 1891
**LDS d. Sept. 25, 1826


John Nutter was born in Newington, in the then Province of New Hampshire, Feb. 24th, 1721, and died in said Newington, Sept. 19th, 1776.

The said John Nutter is my ancestor who assisted in establishing the Independence of the American Colonies by serving as Delegate to the Provincial Committee of Safety. My ancestor, John Nutter, was a direct descendent of Hatevil Nutter 1st who was the founder of the Nutter family in America, who was born in England in 1603, and came to America in 1635 and settled in Dover in the then Province of New Hampshire. He was a ruling Elder and colleague with Elder Wentworth in Dover First Church. His son,Anthony Nutter,was born in England in 1630. When a young man he settled at Bloody Point, Newington, New Hampshire, and was a selectman of the town for several years, Representative to General Court for six years and King's Councillor in in 1682.

His grandson, John Nutter, was also a prominent man in his native town of Newington. He was one of the signers of the Association Test by which he pledged his life and property for the preservation of liberty. He was also a member of the Committee of Correspondence; and the town records state that at a meeting of the Free Holders of the town of Newington, held on April 21st, 1775, to choose a Delegate to the Provincial Committee of Safety. John Nutter was chosen, and the Provincial Papers of the State of New Hampshire state that he met withsaid Committee.


John N. Peavey, d. 1818 in Eastport, Me.
Phebe Anderson d. 1819, Eastport

John Anderson Peavey
Married Eastport, Me.
Mary H. Carpenter

Annie, Lucy, and Phebe,
who married of Deer Island, N.S. and d. soon after.

A son, Edward, but no further record of the family.

Mary Ann Peavey, b. Dec. 5, 1818, Eastport,
d. Apr. 19th 1891, Calais, Me.
Married, Apr. 12, 1841 at Deer Island, N.S.
Robert Ker, b. Manchester, Eng. Dec. 16, 1816,
d. Eastport Mch. 4, 1876.


John Johnson Peavey (of Charles & Eliz. J. Peavey)
Married, Eastport, Me. Dec. 1832.
Mary Holmes b. (about 1815, Eastport, Me.*)
d. Eastport, Dec. 1850

Hannah Elizabeth, d. in infancy.
Emma Elizabeth, b. Eastport June 11, 1834, d. Nov. 2, 1863,
with Aunt Phebe and Uncle Robert in whose
family she passed the last years of her life
America, b. Oct. 2 (1839* )
d. with Aunt Hannah & Uncle Odell. (d. Oct. 2, 1860*)
James Hudson, b. 1843, d. 1843

William Scott Peavey (of Charles & Elizabeth J. Peavey)
Married, Eastport, Sept. 29, 1836
Joan Cane, b. Nov. 13, 1813
d. Machias, Me. Feb. 23, 1896

Elizabeth Johnson, b. July 20, 1838, Whiting, Me.

William Albert, b. Feb. 6, 1840, d. San Francisco.

Amanda Ellen, B. Oct. 9, 1842

Fannie Stevens, b. Dec. 1, 1845, d. Nov. 30, 1891

Georgianna, b.Jan.12,1843 d.Apr. 16, 1849

Ella Maria, b. March 1851

Fred Hudson, b. Feb. 6, 1853 d. Machias

Family of William Scott (of Charles & Elizabeth J. Peavey)
& Joan C. Pv
Elizabeth Johnson, married Oct. 31, 1866
R. Trussell Crane, b. ------ (Feb. 21, 1832*)

(*) Per LDS site, IGI Index


William Albert Peavey (of Wm. S. & Joan C. Peavey)
married, Feb. 18, 1887* in California.
Lucy B. Parks, b. (circa 1850**)

Blanche b. April 11, 1889

Ethel b. Nov. 1, 18 (1890**)

Fred H. Peavey (of Wm. S. & Joan C. Peavey)
married Feb. 10, 1887
Anna M. Ames

Ella Maria Peavey (of Wm. S. & Joan C. Peavey)
married May 13, 1880 in Whiting, Me.
John Sidney Stephens, b.

Family of Hannah E. Peavey (of Charles & Eliz. J. Peavey)
& D.I. Odell.
Hannah Eliz. Peavey (of Chas. & Eliz. J. Peavey)
married Sept.28, 1836 Eastport Me.
Daniel Ingalls Odell, b. Conway, N.H. Apr. 6, 1811,
d. Ottawa, Can.

Family of Mary Colby ( of Charles & Eliz. J. Peavey)
Mary Colby Peavey
married Nov. 2, 1841
John Crane, b. March 22, 1821.

Phebe Ann Peavey (of Charles & Eliz. J. Peavey )
married Sept. 30, 1839,
Robert Mowe, Jr., b. May 13, 1818 Eastport, Me.
under English flag, d. Jan. 1, 1885


Family of Albert Daniel Peavey (of Charles & ELIZ. J. Peavey)
Albert D. Peavey
married Dec. 19, 1848 Eastport

Mary Drew b. Eastport. Sept. 30, 1824.

Frank Hutchison, b. Jan. 18, 1850. d. Dec. 30, 1901 Chicago

John Johnson b. Jul 27, 1851
d. Dec. 20, 1859. Eastport.
Louisa Drew, b. May 9,1853, d. Sept. 17, 1854, Eastport

Louise Drew b. Apr. 15, 1855

James Fulton, b. Dec. 15, 1856
All born in Eastport, Me.

Frank Hutchison,
married Sept. 19, 1873, Des Moines, Ia.
Mary Dibble Wright, b. Keosauqua, Ia. Sept. 23, 1850,
d. Aug. 15, 1903, Minneapolis
(Lucia Louise, b. Sioux City Ia. Aug. 7, 1873
(d. Mar. 07, 1941)*

Children: (Mary Drew, b.March 24,1875) (George Wright b. May 10, (1877)*

Lucia Louise Peavey
Frank Totton Heffelfinger, b. Sept. 20, 1869 (d. 07-11-59*)

Frank Peavey, b. Oct. 15, 1897, Minneapolis, Minn.
(d. Aug. 13, 1979*)Totton ? b. Jan 13, 1899

George Wright Peavey b. July 24, 1903 Mpls.

Mary Peavey b. May 26, 1907

Mary Drew Peavey
Frederick Brown Wells, b. Montone, France, Apr. 12`, 1873

Frederick Brown, Jr. b. Jan. 14, 1900 d. Jan 14, 1900

Mary Wright, b. Feb 8, 1901 Minneapolis

Thomas Franklin b. Aug. 26 1902

Frederick Brown, Jr. b.

Frank Peavey b.

George Wright Peavey
married Clifton, Cincinnati, Ohio
Katherine Semple Jordan, b. Feb. 24, 1977
(?) No children

(*) per LDS site
* LDS has Feb 18, 1886
( ** ) Per LDS site, IGI Index


Louise Drew Peavey,
married Nov. 28, 1877 Sioux City, Ia.
Jonas Marshall Cleveland, b. Jordansville, N.Y. Mch. 4, 1852.

George Albert, b. Sioux City, Ia. May 13,1879
married Jan 1903
Helen Jackson Yeagers

James Fulton, b. Sioux City, Ia. Sept. 14, 1881.
married June 2, 1881 Sioux City, Ia.
Jennie Jonesb. Waterloo, Ind. March 25, 1858

Harris Booge, b. Sioux City, Ia. Oct. 24, 1885.

Helen b. Sioux City, Ia., July 14, 1886
d. Nov. 30, 1889 Sioux City

Mary b. Sioux City, Ia., March 25, 1894, Easter morning.

Families of Maria and Ellen Peavey (twins) of Charles and Eliz. Johnson PV
Marie Peavey (of Chas. & Eliz. J. Peavey)
Jacob Dilman White, of Sussex N. B.

Ellen Peavey (of Chas. & Eliz. J. Peavey)
married Dec. 25, 1851 Eastport,
Andrew Davis of Boston, b.

Family of Charles James (of Charles & Eliz. J. Peavey) and Eliz. J. Pierce.

Charles James Peavey
married Dec. 20, 1855, Eastport, Me.
Eliz. Jane Donaldson Pierce, b. Eastport, Sept. 28, 1834
d. Sioux City, Iowa, April 6, 1901.

Ellen Maria, b. Oct. 15, 1856
d. Mch. 28, 1864 Eastport Me.

Mary Ann b. Oct. 13, 1859 Eastport,
d. Minneapolis, Feb. , 1924

Mecca, b. Nov. 26, 1860, Eastport

Charles Thomas, b. June 9, 1863, Eastport.

Jennie Witherell, b. April 11, 1866, Eastport.

Charles Thomas Peavey
Married Dec. 20, 1893, Denver, Colo
Roxa Lena Strohl, b. Aug. 6, 1870. Independence, Iowa
(d. Chicago Ill.*)

Roxa, b. April 30, 1895, Chicago, Ill. d. Chicago**

Thomas, b. July 24, 1899, Omaha, Nebr***.

Frank Hutchinson b. Oct. 1903, Beatrice, Nebr****.

Elizabeth b. Council Bluffs, Ia.

(*) LDS site
**LDS says d. 1924, Scott, Iowa
***LDS says d. Nov. 19, 1973 in San Diego, CA
****LDS says b. Nov. 08, 1903 and d. Nov. 14, 1988 in San Diego, CA