Lady Pepperrell House was built in 1760 for the widow of Sir William Pepperrell at Kittery Point in Kittery, Maine. Located opposite the Congregational Church, it borders the Kittery Point Cemetery. The walls are clapboard. There are Ionic pilasters, two stories high, that frame the door. The windows are deep enough to allow space for inside shutters. Later editions include piazzas at either end. The first floor has a spacious center hall and great fireplaces and fine woodwork. The rooms include a living room, drawing room and dining room that lead to the kitchen ell. There is a separate two-bedroom carriage house. The second floor includes five chambers. There are four bedrooms, two and a half baths. The house was furnished with Chippendale, Hepplewhite, Sheraton and Duncan Phyfe. There was fine glass, china, mirrors and paintings, throughout.

The house is a showcase to the Pepperrell family's influence on Kittery's shipbuilding heritage. Today it is a museum-quality example of Georgian Period architecture in superb condition, with gracious rooms, classic moldings, magnificent staircases, six fireplaces and water views. In October 2005 it was listed with Anne Erwin Real Estate, with the asking price of 1,495,000.00.

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The only native of New England who was created a Baronet
during our connection with the mother county, England


Little, Brown and Company

Samsom Low, Son and Company

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To The
Honorable Lorenzo Sabine,

The father of Sir William Pepperrell was in 1647 a native of Ravistock Parish, near Plymouth, in Wales. At the age of twenty-two, he emigrated to the Isle of Shoals, and after a residence there of four or five years, he removed to Kittery Point, Maine, on the east side of the mouth of the Piscataqua River, across from New Castle and Portsmouth, NH. He was a successful merchant and large landowner. In 1680 he married Marjery Bray who was born in Plymouth, England in 1659. They had eight children all born in Kittery: where he resided the remainder of his days, which terminated in 1734.

The name once so celebrated, has in America long since become extinct, and but for its record in the page of history, would ere this have passed into oblivion. To account for this curious fact, it will be necessary to give a more extended notice of the history of the family, than would otherwise seem necessary. The name is variously spelt, not only by historians, and by correspondents who had occasion to address them, but even by themselves. It is sometimes spelt Pepperel, Pepperrel, Pepperrell and Peprel; but in official papers, and in the Herald office, it is spelled Pepperell.*

The elder William Pepperrell was apprenticed, when a boy, to the captain of a fishing schooner employed on the coast of New England, and on the banks of Newfoundland, and having finished his term of service, he earned a small sum, and embarked with it for the Isle of Shoals, near which he had formerly been employed in fishing. His education was very limited, his letters from bad writing and worse spelling being hardly legible. Tradition says that he spoke the broad Welsh, as Boll and Woll, for Bill and Will.

His parents died early, leaving him and two or three sisters in destitute condition. One of the sisters, an invalid named Grace, lived to advance age, unmarried. Being an invalid as well as destitute, she received assistance from the parish, and was buried at its expense. Another sister married a Phillips and had several children, three of whom visited their uncle William Pepperell and were employed in his service as commanders of small coasting vessels; two of them settled at Saco, Maine and are mentioned in the Wills of both the William Pepperrells, who left them small legacies. Another sister married a Gilbert and had children, among whom was a daughter named Mary, who married a Nichols. This Mary shared more of her uncle's affections than any other relative left in his native land (Wales). She wrote often and apprised him of the condition and changes of his kindred and acquaintances; and it is from the letters which passed between them that the few facts relating to the early Pepperell history have been gleaned.

The parish records show that he had the following children, all of whom grew to maturity, and married. Namely, Andrew, Mary, Margery, Joanna, Miriam, William Pepperrell, - Sir William Pepperrell the Baronet, Dorothy and Jane.

1. Andrew Pepperell was born July 1, 1681 in Kittery Maine; was employed as a clerk in his father's store; joined him as partner under the firm of William Pepperell & Son; was a captain of a supercargo and a merchant-man; resided at Newcastle and was an agent for mercantile houses abroad. He married Jane Elliot, a daughter of Robert Elliot, Esq. in 1707 had:

1. Sarah Pepperell who married Charles Frost
2. Margery Pepperell who married William Wentworth.

Andrew Pepperell died about 1713, was buried at Newcastle. His widow, Jane, m. (2) Charles Frost of Kittery, Maine.

2. Mary Pepperell b. Sept 5, 1685 in kittery Maine; married the Honorable John Frost and had sixteen children, eleven of whom reached maturity. He died and she m. (2) Rev. Benjamin Colman, D.D, who died and she m. (3) the Reverend Benjamin Prescott of Danvers, Mass. She died 1766, aged eighty years.

3. Margery Pepperell b. 1689 in Kittery Maine; m. Pelatiah Whitemore and had four children. He was lost near the Isle of Shoals. She m. (2) Elihu Gunnison, Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, who resided at Kittery Point, Maine

4. Joanna Pepperell b. June 2, 1692 in Kittery Maine, m. Dr. George Jackson and had six daughters (not listed) and she died 1725.

5. Miriam Pepperell b. Sept. 3, 1694 in Kittery Maine, m. Andrew Tyler, a merchant in Boston, Mass. and had two sons and three daughters.

6. William Pepperell - Sir William Pepperell, the Baronet -- the subject of this Memoir -
b. June 27, 1696 in Kittery Maine d. July 6, 1759 in Kittery Maine

7. Dorothy Pepperell, b. July 23, 1698 in Kittery Maine, m. Andrew Watkins who commanded one of Pepperell's vessels. They had two sons, Andrew Watkins and John Watkins. Her 2nd husband was the Honorable Joseph Newmarch.

8. Jane Pepperell b. 1701 in kittery Maine; m. Benjamin Clark of Kingston, N.H. and after his death in 1729, she m. (2) William Tyler, a brother of Andrew Tyler of Boston, Mass. She had two children by Benjamin Clark:

1. William Clark
2. Benjamin Clark, Jr.

The elder Pepperell lived to see his son William Pepperell advanced to the highest stations, in the gift of the Provincial Government and of the people. As he approached age of fourscore the infirmities of age weighed heavily upon him and finally terminated his useful and exemplary life he died Feb. 15, 1733/4. His widow died April 24, 1741.

In his Will he left his daughters five hundred pounds each, in addition to their marriage portions and occasional advancements, and one half of the household furniture, on the decease of their mother. To his son William Pepperell (later Baronet) he left the residue of his estate. To the church at Kittery Point, Maine, he left sixty pounds to buy a service of silver plate for the communion table; sixty pounds to the parish to buy corn for the poor and fifty pounds in money. He left also, thirty pounds to his nieces at Ravestock, Wales, and five pounds to the poor of the church there; to his servant (a mulatto) he gave him his freedom; to Colonels Wheelwright and Gerrish, five pounds each and to Rev. John Newmarch, ten pounds.

Letters of condolence from Colonel Waldo and others, were written to his son William, after the decease of his father. A few extracts from one, by Governor Belcher, so effaced as to be hardly legible, show the kind feelings cherished by him for both of the Pepperells.

William Pepperrell, Baronet , b. June 27, 1696 in Kittery, York, Maine, d. July 6, 1759 in Kittery, York, Maine was married on March 16, 1723 to Mary Hirst, b. 1708 in Kittery, York, Maine, d. Nov 25, 1789 in Kittery, York, Maine. They had the following children:


1. Elizabeth Pepperell b. Dec 29, 1723 Kittery, Maine - d.Sep.4, 1797 Boston, Mass married May 1, 1742 Nathaniel Sparhawk b. Mar 27, 1715 Boston Mass -d. 1776 Boston Mass-- they had the following children:

1. Andrew Pepperrell Sparhawk
2. Nathaniel Sparhawk
3. Mary Pepperrell Sparhawk
4. Samuel Hirst Sparhawk b. abt 1751
5. William Pepperrell Sparhawk b. 1754

2. Andrew Pepperell b. Jan. 4, 1726 - d. Mar. 1, 1751
3. William Pepperell b. May 26, 1729 - died the following February
4. Margery Pepperell b. Sept 4, 1732 - died in infancy

The two surviving children of Mr. Pepperell, Elizabeth and Andrew, received the best education the province offered. Their mother had been highly educated in Boston, and was well qualified to direct their instruction. Elizabeth attended the best schools there, residing, much of the time, in the family of the Hirsts and the Sewalls, where Andrew was also a frequent guest while fitting for college, which he entered at Cambridge in 1741. Andrew Pepperell graduated from Harvard at the age of nineteen years, with distinguished honors.

His sister, Elizabeth Pepperell, having completed her education, returned home with filial duties and affection, the fostering care and solicitude of devoted parents. On May 1st, 1742 she married Nathaniel Sparhawk . Their permanent residence was at Kittery, Maine, near the Pepperell mansion, where Mr. Sparhawk opened a mercantile house, whilst he maintained a co-partnership with Colman. As his father- in-law retired, or was obliged to absent himself to fill the public stations he held, Nathaniel Sparhawk gradually succeeded him as will hereafter appear.

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The Life of Sir William Pepperrell, Bart

Some vital records taken from Kittery Maine public records and


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