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David SLAYBACK (1720-1791)
Anna ("Annie") E. SLAYBACK (1846-1917)

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Marriage of John LAWRENCE (1839-1912) and Anna ("Annie") E. SLAYBACK (1846-1917)

David SLAYBACK (1720-1791)

Birth Name:   Tewald SCHLABBACH
Other Names:  Dewald Schlabbach, Tewald Slabach, David Slaback

Birth:  1720 - Alsace, France
Death:  April 4, 1791 - New Jersey

Father:  John SLAYBACK {Johannes Schlabbach} (1695-1767)
            Birth:  1695 (possibly 1690) - Alsace, France
               Father Believed to be Johan Schlappach Born 1661 in Thun, Switzerland
               Mother Believed to be Verena Duchti Born About 1669
            Death:  1767 - Trenton, New Jersey
            Interment:  Johnson Cemetery, Princeton, New Jersey ?
            Other Name: Johannes Slabach
            May Be Listed Some Places as David Slayback, Sr. or Tewald Schlabbach, Sr.
            See Additional Notes Regarding the Early SLAYBACK Family below.

Mother:  Maria Elizabeth SLAYBACK {Maria Elisabeth Schlabbach} (16??- )

   Johannes and Maria Married 1719 in Zweibroucken, Alsace
      Other Children in Addition to David SLAYBACK (1720-1791) included:
         John Henry Slayback (1715-????)
         Heinrich (Henry) Slayback (1718-????)
         Dorothea Slayback (1728?-????) (Probable Daughter)

Spouse of David SLAYBACK (1720-1791):

    Anne HUFF (1723-1801)

        Birth:  May 19, 1723
        Death:  August 10, 1801

        Interment:  Johnson Cemetery, Princeton, New Jersey

Important Note Regarding Anne HUFF (1723-1801), wife of David SLAYBACK (1720-1791):
Identifying the wife of David SLAYBACK (1720-1791) as Anne HUFF (1723-1801) is based upon new 
research strongly indicating that she was the daughter of John HUFF and Eve JOHNSON. This alters 
the commonly held belief about her being the daughter of Rutger JANSEN and Annetje GERRITS or the 
less commonly held belief that she was the daughter of John JOHNSON and Catherine UPDIKE. The 
leading authority responsible for this new research is Joseph R. Klett, Director of the New Jersey 
State Archives and an officer of the Genealogical Society of New Jersey, with whom the webmaster of 
this website - P D Family Tree - has been in close touch. Mr. Klett's findings may be found 
at Anne Huff Slayback on Find A Grave. He plans to publish more extensive material in the future, 
but, in the meantime, it is already clear from his research that identifying Anne as Anne HUFF 
makes much more sense in terms of the ages of the people involved and the naming traditions 
followed by David and Anne (the Dutch naming traditions followed by Anne's family) than did the 
previous theories. Additionally, in 2017, DNA testing supported this identification of Anne 
considering that one of her descendants is a match to one of Abel Huff's descendants, with no 
other known shared ancestry to account for the shared DNA between the two test subjects. See Find 
A Grave link. Anne HUFF's ancestry may, therefore, be summarized as shown below.
Father:  John HUFF (1692-?)
Mother:  Eve JOHNSON (1701-1757)
John HUFF (originally HOFF - the surname later changed to HUFF) was a son of Dirck 
Pauluszen HOFF and his second wife Sarah YEATS.

Eve JOHNSON (the original family name was JANSEN) was a daughter of Rutger JANSEN and
 Annetje GERRITS. Eve was, therefore, the eldest granddaughter of Rutger JANSEN and 
Annetje GERRITS, not their daughter.

Rutger JANSEN and Annetje GERRITS were married April 12, 1699. They were the ones who 
probably changed the family name to JOHNSON.  They set aside a family burial ground which 
is undoubtedly the Johnson (Family) Cemetery in Princeton.  There is a reference to the 
action of setting aside a burial ground that refers to Rut Johnson, yeoman of Somerset County.

The children of Rutger and Annetje probably included sons John and Garrett (or Gerrard) 
and daughters Eve, Winefred, Anne, Christian, Elizabeth Covanhovan and Mary Schenck. 
There is an indication that Elizabeth's middle or married name was Covanhovan and Mary's 
middle or married name was Schenck. These names are probably the origin of the 
Schenck/Covenhoven Cemetery in Penns Neck, New Jersey.  Additional related history 
indicates that Garrett Schenck and John Covanhovan bought the original track at Penn's 
Neck from William Penn's sons.

Note that Covanhovan was originally the Dutch name Van Kouwenhoven.  Another spelling of 
the name was Covenhoven.  Many current descendants are named Conover.

David SLAYBACK and Anne HUFF
  Married:  April 8, 1746 - Trenton, New Jersey
  Resided In:  Windsor Township, New Jersey


 * John David SLAYBACK (1747-1829)

   David SLAYBACK, Jr., Born January 08, 1748/49; Died August 01, 1765

   Abel SLAYBACK, Born July 08, 1751 in New Jersey, Died 1829 in Butler County, Ohio,
      was the "Commissioner for Laying Roads," "The Collector," and "The Overseer of the 
      Poor" in West Windsor Township, New Jersey. Records indicate that his wife's name
      was Gitte (or Guittee) Fisher and that they were married October 16, 1778.  Some reports
      indicate his wife's name to have been Boyer, but it is more like that this refers to 
      Boyer descendents.  Various descendents are reported to live in Plainsboro, Grover's 
      Mills, and Trenton, New Jersey.  There is some controversy about Abel's date of death,
      some sources indicating the year to have been 1845.  It seems clear that he died
      in Butler County, Ohio, although there are some reports that he is buried in
      St. Paul's Cemetery in Princeton, New Jersey.

   Solomon David SLAYBACK, Born August 02, 1753 in Trenton, Middlesex, New Jersey; 
      Died April 28, 1814 in Hamilton County, Ohio.  Married Sarah Hoagland in 1772 in
      Windsor, Middlesex County, New Jersey.  Sarah was born December 6, 1751 in Somerset,
      New Jersey and died in 1820.  Solomon fought in the Revolutionary War and then went 
      west with his brother William.  He is the ancestor of the Illinois and Ohio Slaybacks 
      and is buried in Ohio.

   Eve SLAYBACK, Born October 26, 1755 in New Jersey; Died January 12, 1764 in New Jersey

   William SLAYBACK, Born April 02, 1759 in Trenton, Middlesex, New Jersey; 
      Died October 31, 1837 in Boone County, Indiana bur. Hamilton County, Ohio.
      William married Ann Updike before 1789.  Ann was born before 1773 in New Jersey 
      and was the daughter of Levi Updike and Martha Hooper.  She died October 31, 1836
      in Lexington, Kentucky.  William fought in the Revolutionary War and then went 
      west with brother Solomon and is likewise an ancestor of the Illinois and Ohio
   Jesse SLAYBACK, Born July 07, 1760 in New Jersey; Died 1764
      (Some reports indicate the first Jesse SLAYBACK was born in 1764)

   Anne SLAYBACK, Born July 20, 1763 in New Jersey; Died January 07, 1764 in New Jersey

   Jesse SLAYBACK, Born March 24, 1765 in New Jersey; Died 1810
      Married Ellenor Covenhoven April 27, 1786.  She was the daughter of Lammetje Van Voorhees
      which probably links the SLAYBACK family to the VOORHEES family also described in this
      website.  See VOORHEES.

Additional Notes Regarding the Early SLAYBACK Family

There are numerous alternative spellings for Slayback, including but not necessarily limited to Schlabbach, 
Slabach, Schlappach, Schlapbach, Slaback, Slabaugh, and Sleighback. 

The original family name prior to coming to America was Schlabbach. The family arrived in Philadelphia, 
Pennsylvania on September 29, 1733. The family members included Johannes Schlabbach, his wife Maria Elisabeth, 
his sons Tewald (Dewald, later David Slayback), John Henry, and Heinrich (Henry), and daughter Dorothea.
For a semi-fictional narrative describing the Slayback (Schlabbach) family's migration to the New World for
religious freedom, see Tewald Schlabbach's Journey for Religious Freedom.
The Schlabbachs were from France and Switzerland and were "Palatines." The term "Palatine" is based upon the 
word "Palatinate" which in turn comes from the Latin word "palatinus," referring to a high ranking court 
official, and administrative areas in the Roman Empire and later in Medieval Europe were referred to as 
palatinates. In the case of the Schlabbachs, it would have referred to the Palatinate of the Rhine, a territory 
of the Holy Roman Empire located in the area where France, Germany, and Switzerland all border on each other, 
with much of that area known as the disputed territory Alsace-Lorraine. People from that area in the early 
1700's are often collectively referred to as "German Palatines," meaning natives of the Rhineland-Palatinate 
region of Germany. Large numbers of them left their homes in the early 1700's and found their way to the New 
World via Holland and England.  Their reasons were many, including economic and religious. 

The Schlabbachs were probably victims of religious quarrels if not actual persecution. Based upon them being 
"Palatines" and considering their name, "Schlabbach," it's reasonable to assume they were Germans, and 
therefore reasonable to assume they were Protestants, further supported by the fact that the names of early 
family members appear in the records of numerous Protestant churches in early New Jersey, at least one of them 
as early as colonial times in Kingston, New Jersey. In short, considering that they were undoubtedly 
Protestants living in France, which is now and historically always has been predominately Catholic, it's not 
hard to see how their voyage to the New World might well have been motivated by religious concerns as was the 
case with many people like them. 

The Schlabbachs traveled from France to Holland where they booked passage on the ship "Pink Mary," sailing for 
America out of Rotterdam in 1733. The "Pink Mary" was an Irish ship, home port Dublin, master's name James 
Benn, and it arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 29, 1733. The passenger manifest includes the 
members of Johannes Schlabbach's family, listed as "Slabach," including the subject of this page, Tewald 
Slabach, age 13. 

The Pink Mary was an immigrant ship to which a lot of families trace their origins. The court papers related to 
the manifest indicate that there were 34 Palatines, who, with their families, were 170 persons in all, cleared 
to land on September 29, 1733. The ship sailed out of Rotterdam with a stop in Plymouth, undoubtedly England, 
before sailing on to Philadelphia.

Note that although the ship is most frequently referred to as the "Pink Mary," it was really just the "Mary."
Ships like it were very narrow in the stern, so the Dutch felt that type of ship looked like it was pinched,
leading them to refer to such a ship as a pincke, which meant pinched. In English, that comes out as pink, 
so the ships were often referred to as Pink, thus the "Pink Mary."

Once in America, the Slaybacks first settled in Trenton. Dewald changed his name to "David," the Americanized 
version of Tewald and Dewald, and officially became a citizen of the Colony of New Jersey, naturalized on April 
7, 1761, in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. 

David married Anne HUFF in Trenton, New Jersey on April 8, 1746. They had nine children, some of whom died 
quite young, but a number of whom lived to adulthood and are the ancestors of the current Slaybacks in various 
parts of the country. In that regard, the following should be noted: 

  * Son John David SLAYBACK (1747-1829) is the ancestor of the "Princeton Slaybacks," the link to 
     the Pitt, Lawrence, French, Wood, and Larson families.  Specifically: 

     - John's great-granddaughter Anna ("Annie") E. SLAYBACK (1846-1917) married 
       John LAWRENCE (1839-1912) and they were the parents of Ella Bogue LAWRENCE (1868-1946) who 
       married Sherman Grant PITT (1864-1928). 

     - John's great-granddaugter Jarena B. SLAYBACK (1848-1896), Annie's sister, 
       married William B. FRENCH (1848-1916), thus establishing that link. 

     - John's great-granddaugter Garetta B. SLAYBACK (1853-1918), Annie's and Jarena's sister, 
       married T. Taylor Wood, establishing that connection.  See Britton SLAYBACK (1818-1881).

     - John's grandson, John Roscoe Slayback (1831-1908), who owned a grocery store in Princeton, 
       New Jersey, is the ancestor of the LARSON family. 

A slight amount of controversy remains about which David SLAYBACK was which and which one was descended from 
whom. Some family historians believe that the David SLAYBACK described herein as "Tewald" and indicated to have 
been born in Alsace in 1720 was the second "David," not the first, and was actually born in America and was the 
son of an older "David." The older David would have been David SLAYBACK, Sr., and would be the first David in 
America, and the one identified as "Tewald" would be David SLAYBACK, Jr.  Johannes SCHLABBACH would 
therefore be another family member but not the father of David (Tewald). Some of the controversy was based on 
the fact that there evidently was a David SLAYBACK buried in the Johnson Family Cemetery who was thought by 
some to be an older David, i.e., David SLAYBACK, Sr. However, although the resulting controversy may not be 
100% resolved, it appears far more likely that the David in the cemetery was one of the nine children of David 
SLAYBACK and Anne HUFF, one of whom was a "David" who died at a young age.


John David SLAYBACK (1747-1829)

Birth:  January 1, 1747 - New Jersey
Death:  April 24, 1829 - Penns Neck, New Jersey
Interment:  Schenck/Covenhoven Cemetery, Penns Neck, New Jersey

Father:  David SLAYBACK (1720-1791)
Mother:  Anne HUFF (1723-1801)

Spouse (1):  Mary Covenhoven (1741-????)
                Daughter of William Covenhoven and Styntje Lane

Spouse (2):  Dinah BERGEN (1753-1790)
                Born December  9, 1753
                Died November 15, 1790 in Penns Neck, New Jersey  
                Daughter of Joris Bergen and Maria Probasco

             Married John David SLAYBACK:  November 27, 1770 - New Jersey

Children of John David SLAYBACK and Dinah BERGEN:

   David SLAYBACK (1771-1773)

   John SLAYBACK (1774-????)
      Married Catherine DAVISON, sister of Margaret DAVISON (1791-1867) who married
      George SLAYBACK (1781-1840) - Grandson John Davison SLAYBACK became 
      member of New York Stock Exchange.  Additional descendent was Captain John W. SLAYBACK (1832-1904).

   David SLAYBACK (1776-1860)
      Married Anne MERSHON in 1798.  Anne, born in 1779 and died in 1831, was the daughter
      of Samuel MERSHON related to the Houghton, Stockton, and Phillips families.
      Anne MERSHON was descended from Neeltje Coertse VAN VOORHEES, further linking
      the SLAYBACK family to the VOORHEES family also described in this website.
      See VOORHEES.

   Mary SLAYBACK (1777-1777)

   Abel SLAYBACK (1778-1839)
      Became a physician and is buried in Cincinnati, Ohio.  (Note that there are numerous 
      Abel Slaybacks, thus resulting in some confusion about which one became a doctor who 
      practiced in Cincinnati.  Some sources indicate that it was not this Abel SLAYBACK but 
      rather Abel SLAYBACK (1788-1839), a son of Solomon David SLAYBACK (1753 [or 1751]-1814) 
      and Sarah HOAGLAND (1751-1820) who were married in New Jersey in 1772.  That Abel SLAYBACK 
      married Amelia HULL and had descendents in Ohio and elsewhere.)

 * George SLAYBACK (1781-1840)
      Married Margaret DAVISON (1791-1867), sister of
      Catherine DAVISON who married John SLAYBACK (1774-????).

   Margaret SLAYBACK (1783-????)

   Anne SLAYBACK (1787-1842)
      Anne SLAYBACK married Ephraim THOMPSON (1785-1853) on November 20, 1816
      in Butler County, Ohio.  Ephraim THOMPSON was born November 29, 1785,
      probably in New Jersey.  Anne and Ephraim had six known children including
      a daughter, Eliza, and sons William B., Firmen, Abel S., George L., and
      John E.  Anne and Ephraim spent most of their lives in Ohio and have
      descendants there and elsewhere.  Anne Slayback died on December 25, 1842.  
      Ephraim later married Charlotte Turner and had a daughter, Ruth Ann.  Ephraim 
      died on July 15, 1853.  Anne and Ephraim are buried in Mason, Warren County, 
      Ohio along with several of their children and other relatives.

    Elizabeth SLAYBACK (1789-????)

    Dinah SLAYBACK (1790-????)

George SLAYBACK (1781-1840)

Birth:  1781
Death:  April 1, 1840 
Interment:  Dutch Neck Cemetary, New Jersey

Father:  John David SLAYBACK (1747-1829)
Mother:  Dinah BERGEN (1753-1790)

Spouse:  Margaret DAVISON (1791-1867)
            Birth:  November 1, 1791 
            Death:  September 15, 1867 - Piscataway, New Jersey
            Interment:  Dutch Neck Cemetery
            Margaret's Sister Catherine Married John Slayback (1774-????),
               the brother of George SLAYBACK (1781-1840)
            Margaret was received into communion of the First Presbyterian Church
               of Dutch Neck, New Jersey on October 13, 1827

Married: February 20, 1811

   Forman SLAYBACK (1812-1884)
      Married Horinda Jennings and had five children.  Moved to Fairfield CT. 
      Daughter Mary Frances SLAYBACK married Henry BURR (1826-1892) of the
      family of Aaron BURR.

   Margaret SLAYBACK (1814-1892)
      Married John S. COX - Children included George C. Cox, famous photographer
      of Walt Whitman, and Cornelia COX who married John G. Middleton.
      Margaret is buried in Princeton Cemetery.
 * Britton SLAYBACK (1818-1881)

   Cornelia SLAYBACK (1820-????)
      Married Thomas Carlton THOMPSON March 23, 1839.  Thompson descendents owned 
      and ran a mill in Kingston, New Jersey.

   Elizabeth C. SLAYBACK (1824 d. July 10, 1840)
      Buried in Dutch Neck Cemetery with Parents

   Gitte Ann SLAYBACK (1826-????)
      Moved to Fairfield CT - Married HUBBARD - Daughter Kate

   Sarah Gulick SLAYBACK (1828-1891)
      Buried in Dutch Neck Cemetery with Parents
 Already Indexed:John Roscoe SLAYBACK (1831-1908);
   John Roscoe SLAYBACK (1831-1908) Caroline Heath BLACKWELL (1840-1924);
John Roscoe Blackwell SLAYBACK (1871-1956); Alveretta Wilson WARREN (1872-1941);
      b. December 31, 1831 John Manfred LARSON (1907-1943);
      d. 1908 Sherman Lawrence SLAYBACK (1909-1943);
      Emily Louise SLAYBACK (1903-1991); Carolyn Louise LARSON (1936-2011)
      John Roscoe SLAYBACK (1831-1908) ran a grocery store in Princeton, New Jersey 
      and is the ancestor of the LARSON family as further detailed below. The Slayback
      family members in the bloodline to the Larsons are underlined.

      m. Susan Parker PROVOST (1833-1864) [First Wife - Died While Married]

         Five Children.

      m. Sarah Jane TOOKER (1840-1868) [Second Wife - 
                                          Married 1866 - Died While Married]

      m. Caroline Heath BLACKWELL (1840-1924) [Third Wife]

         Married July 14, 1870

           Children of John Roscoe SLAYBACK (1831-1908)
           and Caroline Heath BLACKWELL (1840-1924):

              John Roscoe Blackwell SLAYBACK (1871-1956)

                 m. Alveretta Wilson WARREN (1872-1941)

                    Children of John Roscoe Blackwell SLAYBACK (1871-1956)
                    and Alveretta Wilson WARREN (1872-1941):

                       Carolyn Blackwell Slayback (1902-1910)

                       Emily Louise SLAYBACK (1903-1991)

                          b. March 21, 1903
                          d. December 28, 1991
                                Buried in Princeton Cemetery, Princeton, New Jersey

                          m. John Manfred LARSON (1907-1943) - Married June 3, 1933

                                b. October 18, 1907 - Brooklyn, New York
                                d. September 14, 1943 - Lavallette, Ocean County, 
                                      New Jersey - Buried in Princeton Cemetery, 
                                      Princeton, New Jersey

                                Son of Andrew John and Augusta W. Larson
                                Consulting engineer - National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

                             John Manfred LARSON and his brother-in-law, Sherman Slayback 
                             both accidentally drowned while swimming in the ocean
                             in Lavallette, New Jersey on September 14, 1943.

                             Children of Emily Louise SLAYBACK (1903-1991) and
                             John Manfred LARSON (1907-1943):

                                Carolyn Louise LARSON (1936-2011)

                                   b. May 14, 1936 - Chicago, Illinois
                                   d. December 18, 2011 - Princeton, New Jersey
                                         Buried in Princeton Cemetery, Princeton, New Jersey

                                Other Living Descendent(s)

                       John Roscoe Blackwell SLAYBACK (1905-1974)

                       Sherman Lawrence SLAYBACK (1909-1943)

                          d. September 14, 1943 - Lavallette, Ocean County, New Jersey
                                See note immediately above under John Manfred LARSON (1907-1943)

              Lilly Blackwell SLAYBACK (1875-????)


Britton SLAYBACK (1818-1881)

Birth:  March 11, 1818
Death:  April 19, 1881
Interment:  Elmwood Cemetery, New Brunswick, N.J.

Father:  George SLAYBACK (1781-1840)
Mother:  Margaret DAVISON (1791-1867)

Spouse:  Sarah Ann BOGUE (1827-1893)
            Birth:  February 7, 1827
            Death:  March 25, 1893
            Interment:  Elmwood Cemetery, New Brunswick, N.J.

Date of Marriage:  July 2, 1845


 * Anna ("Annie") E. SLAYBACK (1846-1917)

   Jarena B. SLAYBACK (1848-1896)

      d. June 9, 1896 Interment: Elmwood Cemetery, New Brunswick, N.J.

      Spouse:  William B. FRENCH (1848-1916)
                  d. March 15, 1916  Interment: Elmwood Cemetery
                  Father:  Joseph French  b: 1805 d: February 2, 1879
                  Mother:  Rachel V. French  b: 1814 d: April 27, 1877

                     Related Members of FRENCH Family:

                        Ellen Ann (French) Taylor 
                           b: April 21, 1811 (or 1812) d: August 22, 1880
                           Probably Sister of Joseph French (1805-1879)
                           Indicated to Be Wife of Ambrose Taylor 

                        Kate French Taylor (1844-1915)
                           Probably Daughter of Ellen Ann and Ambrose Taylor

                        William French (Dates Unknown)
                           Probably Brother of Joseph French (1805-1879) 

                        Catherine French (Dates Unknown)
                           Probably Wife of William French (Immediately Above) 

                        Elcy S. French b: January 1804 d: February 27, 1890
                           Indicated to Be Daughter of William and Catherine French 

      Children of Jarena B. SLAYBACK and William B. FRENCH:

         Allie Raymond FRENCH (1871-1871) b. April 12, 1871 d. August 7, 1871
            Interment:  Elmwood Cemetery, New Brunswick, N.J.

         Annie May FRENCH (1873-1876) b. May 28, 1873 d. July 19, 1876
            Interment:  Elmwood Cemetery, New Brunswick, N.J.

   Margaretta SLAYBACK (1851-1852)

      Died in Infancy

   Garetta B. SLAYBACK (1853-1918)

      d. January 10, 1918 Interment: Elmwood Cemetery, New Brunswick, N.J.

      Spouse:  T. Taylor WOOD (1848-1890) d. February 5, 1890

         Ethel WOOD (18??-1950)
            m. Vittorio DEBENEDETTI
                  Possible Living Descendants

   Henry Remsen SLAYBACK (1860-1918)

      Interment: Elmwood Cemetery, New Brunswick, N.J.

      Spouse:  Cora G. (???) SLAYBACK (1864-1955) d. Died December 9, 1955
                  Interment: Elmwood Cemetery, New Brunswick, N.J.

Anna ("Annie") E. SLAYBACK (1846-1917)  Anna (

Birth:  1846
Death:  July 31, 1917

Father:  Britton SLAYBACK (1818-1881)
Mother:  Sarah Ann BOGUE (1827-1893)

Spouse:  John LAWRENCE (1839-1912)

See Marriage of John LAWRENCE (1839-1912) and Anna ("Annie") E. SLAYBACK (1846-1917)