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The Order of Patrons of Husbandry, The National Grange, commonly known as "The Grange" was an agricultural fraternal organization founded in 1867, in an effort to organize and support farm families. Membership was open to both men and women over the age of 14 years. It was both social and economical; it sought to unite the northern and southern farmer in a common cause--fair prices for their goods and minimizing the "middleman," especially the railroads, whom they felt drove up the price of grain and livestock by charging overly high transportation costs.

The list of Granges below is from November of 1874--just about the time when the popularity and membership of the Grange was at its highest. The Grange supported, and sometimes was responsible for many changes in the policies of the Federal Government. Because of the Grange, "Rural Free Delivery," and Parcel Post were introduced to the Postal Service. Opposition to the power of the railroad barons brought about the National Trade Commission. The Grange supported a graduated income tax. They also warned against large-scale and corporate farming, and the subsidation thereof, believing it would be the end of the traditional farm life, of which, of course, they were largely correct.

The Grange still exists today, mostly in Northern states.

Rondo Grange, No. 526. J. T. French, Master; J. R. Allison, Secretary

Grove Grange, No. 572. S. W. Jones, Master; W. M. Hill, Secretary

Morrisville Grange, No. 575. N. W. Okey, Master; M. A. Ewing, Secretary

Slagle Creek Grange, No. 576. E. N. Vincent, Master; W. A. Ruyle, Secretary

Three Mound Grange, No. 1111. R. H. Frizell, Master; E. C. Devin, Secretary

Valley Prairie Grange, No. 1112. H. M. Woolard, Master; A. B. Hughes, Secretary

Central Grange, No. 1114. S. S. Carrier, Master; A. T. Claypool, Secretary

Sentinel Grange, No. 1128. James M. Zumwalt, Master; T. W. Simpson, Secretary

Benton Grange, No. 1145. S. Mapes, Master; E. Plummer, Secretary

Union Grove Grange, No. 1215. W. J. Wollard, Master; C. J. Hahn, Secretary

Pleasant View Grange, No. 1217. S. A. Morgan, Master; G. W. Harper, Secretary

Oak Grove Grange, No. 1218. John Lightfoot, Master; R. H. Wallace, Secretary

Social Grange, No. 1233. James M. Akard, Master; Clinton Hughs, Secretary

Pleasant Hope Grange, No. 626. J. C. Fullerton, Master; J. H. Cochran, Secretary

Burns Grange, No. 1576. W. F. Burns, Master; J. T. Craig, Secretary

Humansville Grange, No. 1580. S. M. Tinker, Master; W. R. Davis, Secretary

Lindley Grange, No. 1583. S. Goodson, Master; A. Huckaby, Secretary

College Hill Grange, No. 1641. Thomas Lushbaugh, Master; W. J. Akard, Secretary

County Line Grange, No. 1642. D. M. Strain, Master; F. S. Dunn, Secretary

Jackson Grange, No. 1338. A. Edmonson, Master; Henry King, Secretary

Lone Star Grange, No. ??. J. K. P. Jump, Master; F. M. Wisdom, Secretary

Fairplay Grange, No. 1682. J. O. McGee, Master; William Wakefield, Secretary

Bear Creek Grange, No. 1763. R. T. Ellis, Master; James D. Mitchell, Secretary

Flint Prairie Grange, No. 1778. Reuben Lunceford, Master; S. R. Little, Secretary

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