St. John's Anglican Church, Arichat, Marriage Records
Sunday, July 14, 2013
No. Groom Residence Bride Residence Marriage Date Witnesses Clergy
1 Soloman Martin Port of Canso Sarah Bradshaw Port of Canso Aug 19, 1828   James A Shaw
2 Alan Grant Shipís Harbor Catherine Rankin Prince Edward Island Aug 25, 1828   James A Shaw
3 Hugh McKinnon   Janet Campbell North West Arm Grand Lake Oct 3, 1828   Charles Inglis, by reputation
4 William Cowan Canso Jane Duff Canso Nov 4, 1828   James A Shaw
5 Peter Furlong St Peterís, Cape Breton Elizabeth Bonar St Peterís, Cape Breton Nov 10, 1828   James A Shaw
6 John Edwards Arichat, NS Catherine Mauger Arichat, NS Jan 12, 1829   James A Shaw
7 Duncan Finlayson Grand River Christina McCanlay Grand River Jan 21, 1829 John ..?.., Alex Morrison James A Shaw
8 Donald Maclauchlan North West Arm, Bras d'Or Lake Catherine Cameron River Inhabitants Feb 3, 1829 Archibald Cameron, Dougal Maclaughlan James A Shaw
9 John Brown (Ships Carpenter) St Peterís Francis Bonar (Widow) St Peterís Feb 16, 1829   James A Shaw
10 Alexander Chisholm Grand River Marian McCaskill Grand River Mar 11, 1829 Donald? Chisholm James A Shaw
11 John Cameron River Inhabitants Jean Cameron Bras Díor Lake Mar 17, 1829   James A Shaw
12 William Christopher Arichat, NS Sophia Gerrior Arichat, NS Mar 30, 1829 James A Shaw
13 Paul Wood Strait ofCanso Mary-Ann King Strait ofCanso Aug 27, 1829 James A Shaw
14 Irad Hart Margaree Isabella Taylor (widow) Arichat May 23, 1830 Jno B. Smith, George Wood, Charles D Wood James A Shaw
15 Allan Morrison Christian MacDonald Bras Díor Lake, North West Arm Sept 29, 1829 James A Shaw
16 John Reynolds Smith Jane Wood Arichat, NS Oct 31, 1829 James A Shaw
17 Charles Kelly (widower) Mary Martin (widow) Prince Edward Island Nov 21, 1829 James A Shaw
18 Donald MacDonald Catherine MacDonald Jan 12, 1830   James A Shaw
19 John Javarin Arichat, NS Louise Harriet Jean Arichat, NS Feb 1, 1830   James A Shaw
20 John McHewyie? Catherine McLean Apr 8, 1830   James A Shaw
21 William Walker Mary Llager ?? 1830   James A Shaw
22 Donald McLean Mary Matheson Nov 11, 1830   James A Shaw
23 John Dennis Tremain Liza Hennikell? Dec 15, 1830   James A Shaw
24 John Murray Eliza Wilson Dec 16, 1830   James A Shaw
25 Donald MacLean   Christian Campbell   Dec 30, 1830   James A Shaw
26 Donald McCauly   Jean Chisholm   Feb 8, 1831   James A Shaw
27 John Dickson   Elizabeth Dorie   May 29, 1831   James A Shaw
28 William Hart Canso Latitia Whitman Canso June 13, 1831   James A Shaw
29 Alexander Fox Canso Mary McHeel Canso Aug 17, 1831   James A Shaw
30 Roderick McDonald   Mary Poam (widow)   Nov 19, 1831   James A Shaw
31 Alexander Matheson   Christianna McDonald   Nov 15, 1831   James A Shaw
32 Angus Morrison   Margaret Nicholson   Dec 14, 1831   James A Shaw
33 Murdock Murray   Ann Buchannon   Dec 29, 1831   James A Shaw
34 George Wood   Elizabeth McKinnon   Feb 7, 1832   James A Shaw
35 Archibald McLean   Elizabeth McKinnon   Feb 7, 1832   James A Shaw
36 Thomas Maunder   Elizabeth Thomas   Mar 12, 1832   James A Shaw
37 Hector McDonald   Margaret McKay   Mar 13, 1832   James A Shaw
38 Allan McLean   Mary Cameron   May 22, 1832   James A Shaw
39 Michael Camelford   Judith Graham   Aug 3, 1832   James A Shaw
40 Francis Colguhoun   Lydia Bafs   Aug 27, 1832   James A Shaw
41 John Robin   Nancy Dorey   aug 29, 1832   James A Shaw
42 James Underwood   Mary Johnston   Sept 28, 1832   James A Shaw
43 Donald Campbell   Helen Campbell   Oct 26, 1832   James A Shaw
44 Lambert Smith   Mary Wood   Dec 1, 1832   James A Shaw
45 Norman McRay (widower)   Catherine Matheson   Jan 22, 1833   James A Shaw
46 Thomas Wilson   Susanna McNeil   Feb 21, 1833   James A Shaw
47 Hugh McLeod   Sarah Maskill   Apr 26, 1833   James A Shaw
48 Archibald McPhail   Christian McLean   May 14, 1833   James A Shaw
49 Michael OíConnor (widower)   Bridget Hennesy   May 25, 1833   James A Shaw
50 James Campbell   Catherine Maskell   Sept 26, 1833   James A Shaw
51 John Thomas Bolleine Arichat, NS Maria Judith Jean Arichat, NS Dec 23, 1833   James A Shaw
52 John McLeod   Mary McKay   Jan 9, 1834   James A Shaw
53 Phineas Hase Arichat, NS Catherine Matheson Arichat, NS Mar 13, 1834   James A Shaw
54 John Byrns Arichat Sylvia Greencorn Arichat July 6, 1834   James A Shaw
55 Alexander Douglafs Pictou Jane McLean Pictou July 31, 1834   James A Shaw
56 Edward Armstrong   Helen Graham   Oct 13, 1834   James A Shaw
57 George Jolly Arichat Jane Mauger Arichat Dec 4, 1834   James A Shaw
58 The Rev James Allen Shaw of St Johnís Anglican Parish, Arichat Eliza Caroline Cutler Jean Arichat Sept 14, 1835 John Jameison Ö..?,????Ballaine John Hannage?, St Maryís Bay
59 Donald McKay St John Parish Christian Matheson Arichat Mar 5, 1835 James A Shaw
60 Michael Heuefsy Arichat Alice Fewar Arichat Sept 15, 1835 James A Shaw
61 John Bourinot Parish of St John of Cape Breton Margaret Jane Marshall Parish of St John Sept 19, 1835 James A Shaw
62 Denis Joshua Arichat Jane Williams Arichat Dec 8, 1835 James A Shaw
63 Philip LeGrand Arichat Nancy Ereaut Arichat Jan 9, 1836   James A Shaw
64 James Hemmilyson   Harriot Bigby   July 21, 1836   James A Shaw
65 Donald McQuarrie Arichat Margaret McKinnon Arichat Aug 31, 1836   James A Shaw
66 Peter Duguet Arichat Esther Carter (widow) Arichat Oct 11, 1836   James A Shaw
67 Frederick Clark Arichat Catherine Haverstock Arichat Dec 29, 1836   James A Shaw
68 Philip Amy Arichat Eleanor Sarah Wilson Arichat Feb. 6, 1837   James A Shaw
69 Robert Maskell Arichat Mary McNeil Arichat Oct. 3, 1837   James A Shaw
70 John Kelly Arichat Bridget Proctor Arichat Nov. 5, 1837   James A Shaw
71 Charles Chambers   Isabella Crawford (widow)   Dec. 2, 1837   James A Shaw
72 George Dory Arichat Christian Cameron Arichat Jan. 2, 1838   James A Shaw
73 William White Arichat Lucy Slagher Arichat Jan. 3, 1838   James A Shaw
74 Thomas D. De. St. Croix Arichat††† Jean Turnbull Arichat Feb. 6, 1838   James A Shaw
75 George E. Jean Arichat Mary Lanigan Arichat Feb. 21, 1838   James A Shaw
76 Henry B. Cowley Arichat Anne Jean Arichat Feb. 21, 1838   James A Shaw
77 Malcolm McLellan Arichat Jane Wright Arichat June ?, 1838   James A Shaw
78 John Barclay Arichat Elizabeth Pethress? Arichat Aug. 14, 1838   James A Shaw
79 William Strang St. Johnís Parish Sarah soph? St. Johnís Parish Sept. 7, 1838   James A Shaw
80 John McCormick St. Johnís Parish Margaret Stewart St. Johnís Parish Feb. 16, 1839   James A Shaw
81 John McEchven? St. Johnís Parish Ann Maskell St. Johnís Parish May 1, 1839   James A Shaw
82 Missing            
83 Missing            
84 Missing            
85 Clement Hubert St. Johnís Parish Catherine Urquhart St. Johnís Parish Feb. 1, 1840   James A. Shaw
86 Farquhar McRae St. Johnís Parish Sarah McPhail St. Johnís Parish April 1, 1840   James A. Shaw
87 James Hearn St. Johnís Parish Isabella Campbell St. Johnís Parish May 18, 1840    
88 Donald McCuish St. Johnís Parish Christian McLean St. Johnís Parish June 20, 1840   Not Listed
89 Finlay McLennan (widower) St. Johnís Parish Rachel Stevens (widow) St. Johnís Parish Sept. 17, 1840   Not Listed
90 William Bryne St. Margaretís Bay Mary Jean St. Johnís Parish Dec. 13, 1840   James A. Shaw
91 Missing            
92 Missing            
93 Missing            
94 William Griffith Ballam St. Johnís Parish Anna Harrington St. Johnís Parish Mar. 15, 1841   James A. Shaw
95 William Burge St. Johnís Parish Susan Mauger St. Johnís Parish Mar.9, 1841    
96 John Matheson (widower) St. Johnís Parish Mary McKay St. Johnís Parish Aug. 13, 1841   James A. Shaw
97 James Colguhaun St. Johnís Parish Margaret Elizabeth Lucas St. Johnís Parish Aug. 22, 1841   James A. Shaw
98 James Kunson? St. Johnís Parish Martha McMillan St. Johnís Parish Sept. 11, 1841   James A. Shaw
99 Kenneth Morrison   Rachel McLeod   Dec. 14, 1841    
100 Joseph Mauger St. Johnís Parish Marion Shaw St. Johnís Parish Dec. 14, 1841   James A. Shaw
101 George Dorey (widower) St. Johnís Parish Charlotte Petitpas (widow) St. Johnís Parish Jan. 21, 1842   James A. Shaw
102 Donald McPherson (widower)   Jane Dorey Latimore (widow)   May 25, 1842   James A. Shaw
103 No Recorded Entry            
104 Donald Duff   Abigail Johnson   Aug. 8, 1842   James A. Shaw
105 William Adam   Agnes Pringle   Sept. 6, 1842   James A. Shaw
106 Moses Luce   Gabine Fougere   Dec. 28, 1842   James A. Shaw
107 Murdock Morrison   Jessie Logan   Jan. 3, 1843   James A. Shaw
108 Alexander McKay   Mary Matheson   Ja. 3, 1843   James A. Shaw
109 Norman McDonald   Mary Morrison   Jan. 13, 1843   James A. Shaw
110 Murdock Morrison   Jean Ross   Jan. 25, 1843   James A. Shaw
111 John Morrison   Margaret McKay   Feb. 8, 1843   James A. Shaw
112 George Grant   Mary LeCouter   Feb. 13, 1843   James A. Shaw
113 Donald Stewart   Eliza Black   Feb. 28, 1843   James A. Shaw
114 Donald McDonald   Catherine McLennan   Feb. 28, 1843   James A. Shaw
115 Farquhar McBeath   Margaret McKenzie   Mar. 22, 1843    
116 Kenneth McPhee   Mary McLeod   Mar. 28, 1843   James A. Shaw
117 Archibald Campbell   Margaret McLean   Mar. 28, 1843   James A. Shaw
118 John Buchannan   Margaret Murray   April 11, 1843   James A. Shaw
119 John Sheriff   Mary McKinnon   Mar. 12, 1843   James A. Shaw
120 Allen McKinnon   Mary Morrison   April 18, 1843   James A. Shaw
121 Duncan McDonald   Margaret McLean   May 8, 1843   James A. Shaw
122 John McKenzie ?   Mary Campbell   May 9, 1843   James A. Shaw
123 George Watts Port Hood Jane Reuel Mabau June 28, 1843   James A. Shaw
124 William Cooke Port Hood Euphemia Turnbull St. Johnís Parish June 22, 1843   James A. Shaw
125 Archibald McPhail   Ann McKichan   June 29, 1843   James A. Shaw
126 Daniel Campbell St. Johnís Parish Louisa Hutchings St. Johnís Parish July 18, 1843   James A. Shaw
127 Isaac LeVesconte St. Johnís Parish Caroline Susan Jean St. Johnís Parish Aug. 21, 1843   James A. Shaw
128 James Mitchell St. Johnís Parish Catherine Walsh St. Johnís Parish Aug. 28, 1843   James A. Shaw
129 Thomas Shaw St. Johnís Parish Eliza Mauger St. Johnís Parish Sept. 24, 1843   James A. Shaw
130 Thomas Burge St. Johnís Parish Rebecca Bance? St. Johnís Parish Oct. 10, 1843   James A. Shaw
131 John McPherson St. Johnís Parish Ann Graham St. Johnís Parish Oct. 11, 1843   James A. Shaw
132 Donald McLean   Janet McLennon   Oct. 27, 1843   James A. Shaw
133 Bartholomew Tomey St. Johnís Parish Sarah Campbell St. Johnís Parish Nov. 16, 1843   James A. Shaw
134 David Guchy St. Johnís Parish Jane Catherine Robertson Jean St. Johnís Parish Mar. 7, 1844   Phillip James Filleul
135 James Kavanaugh St. Johnís Parish Mary Grady LíArdoise May 13, 1844   Phillip James Filleul
136 Angus McDonald St. Johnís Parish Isabella McLeod St. Johnís Parish June 4, 1844   James A. Shaw
137 John H. Rindrefs? Wallace, in the County of Cumberland Anne C. Chandler St. Johnís Parish June 12, 1844   James A. Shaw
138 John Malcohm Carribou Cove Catherine Fairbrigger Carribou Cove July 16, 1844   James A. Shaw
139 Daniel Javrin St. Johnís parish Henrietta Jean St. Johnís Parish Aug. 13, 1844   James A. Shaw
140 Edward Stiggms   Sarah Bew   Sept. 22, 1844   James A. Shaw
141 Thomas Harty   Hannah Horton   Oct. 20, 1844   James A. Shaw
142 William Scott   Hannah Parker   Nov. 20, 1844   James A. Shaw
143 Robert Grant   Sarah Butterworth   Jan. 7, 1845   James A. Shaw
144 Donald McPherson   Janet Wilson   June 24, 1845   James A. Shaw
145 William Maskell   Ann Proctor   July 14, 1845   James A. Shaw
146 Norman McIntosh   Christian McNeil   Aug. 23, 1845   James A. Shaw
147 William Tucker   Sarah McKillop   Oct. 2, 1845   James A. Shaw
148 Missing Page            
149 Missing Page            
150 Missing Page            
151 Francis Cook   Helen Snow   March 3, 1846   James A. Shaw
152 Angus Ross   Mary Smith   March 3, 1846   James A. Shaw
153 John Johnston   Hannah McKenzie   March 4, 1846   James A. Shaw
154 Finlay McCuspig?   Marion Ferguson   March 10, 1846   James A. Shaw
155 Phillip McKay   Jane McKenzie   March 20, 1846   James A. Shaw
156 Charles Shepherd   Mary Parker   March 31, 1846   James A. Shaw
157 Alexander McKinnon   Catherine Morrison   April 2, 1846   James A. Shaw
158 Denis Joshua (widower)   Susan Bachus   July 13, 1846   James A. Shaw
159 Alexander Cameron   Mary Howlett   July 28, 1846   James A. Shaw
160 John A. Stephens   Mary W. Lennon   (no month given) 2, 1846   James A. Shaw
161 John Greencorn (widower)   Mary Santovis? (widow)   Aug. 27, 1846   James A. Shaw
162 William Bartlett   Mary Boudrot   Oct. 17, 1846   James A. Shaw
163 Donald McKenzie St. Johnís Parish Mary Matheson St. Johnís Parish Feb. 9, 1847   James A. Shaw
164 William Hutchins St. Johnís Parish Mary Ellen Potter St. Johnís Parish March 8, 1847   James A. Shaw
165 Angus McPherson St. Johnís Parish Hannah Vaughan St. Johnís Parish April 7, 1847   James A. Shaw
166 Peter McFarlane St. Johnís Parish Jessy McPhail St. Johnís Parish May 18, 1847   James A. Shaw
167 Hugh Campbell Mabau Mary McPhail St. Johnís Parish May 18, 1847   James A. Shaw
168 William Mckenzie St. Johnís Parish Isabella Campbell St. Johnís Parish Sept. 8, 1847   James A. Shaw
169 Donald Matheson St. Johnís Parish Maria Sophie Bissett? St. Johnís Parish Dec. 17, 1847   James A. Shaw
170 John Mathews Canso Catherine Malay Canso May 6, 1848   James A. Shaw
171 Duncan Walker St. Johnís Parish Ellen Hays St. Johnís Parish May 16, 1848   James A. Shaw
172 John McKenzie (widower) St. Johnís Parish Jane Ross St. Johnís Parish Aug. 17, 1848   James A. Shaw
173 John Harding St. Johnís Parish Margaret Oliver St. Johnís Parish Oct. 2, 1848   James A. Shaw
174 Archibald Skinner St. Johnís Parish Anne Berry Crichton St. Johnís Parish Dec. 13, 1848   James A. Shaw
175 John Middleton St. Johnís Parish Margaret Havanah St. Johnís Parish Jan, 25, 1849   James A. Shaw
176 John McKenzie St. Johnís Parish Sarah McKay St. Johnís Parish March 8, 1849   James A. Shaw
177 James Pringle St. Johnís Parish Mary McKinnon St. Johnís Parish Aug. 3, 1849   James A. Shaw
178 Avery Hinsman? Canso Ann-Maria Whitman Canso Aug. 22, 1849   James A. Shaw
179 Charles Renoux St. Johnís Parish Divine Genon St. Johnís Parish Nov. 26, 1849   James A. Shaw
180 Archibald Johnston St. Johnís Parish Euphemia McKenzie St. Johnís Parish Mar. 14, 1850   James A. Shaw
181 Peter Holm St. Johnís Parish Mary McDonald St. Johnís Parish May 1, 1850   James A. Shaw
182 John McCaskill St. Johnís Parish Euphemia McDonald St. Johnís Parish June 28, 1850   James A. Shaw
183 George McKay St. Johnís Parish Catherine McPhee St. Johnís Parish St. Annís   James A. Shaw
184 Edward Reeves Lower River Sarah Murray St. Johnís Parish Dec. 23, 1850   James A. Shaw
185 Malcolm McLeod River Inhabitants Mary Cameron River Inhabitants Dec. 24, 1850   James A. Shaw
186 John Proctor Carribou Cove Susan Malcolm Carribou Cove Nov. 18, 1850   James A. Shaw
187 Neil McVicor Lochlomond Christian Morrison Lochlomond Jan. 14, 1851   James A. Shaw
188 Malcolm McUsbic LíArdoise Margaret McAskill LíArdoise Jan. 16, 1851   James A. Shaw
189 William McKay Grand River Elizabeth McRay Grand River Feb. 28, 1851   James A. Shaw
190 Peter Ferguson Grand River ?hnshan McLeod Grand River Mar. 18, 1851   James A. Shaw
191 John Jean St. Johnís Parish Ann Lannigan St. Johnís Parish July 9, 1851   James A. Shaw
192 Angus Ferguson Fergusonís Lake Christian McUspick? LíArdoise Oct. 1, 1851   James A. Shaw
193 Coll McDonald St. Johnís Parish Ellen Lennan? St. Johnís Parish Nov. 25, 1851   James A. Shaw
194 Edward Binet St. Johnís Parish Mary Rindress St. Johnís Parish Jan. 20, 1852   James A. Shaw
195 John Anderson Little Arichat Jane Crichton Little Arichat Feb. 5, 1852   James A. Shaw
196 John Retallick H.M. S. Vessel, Colombia Eleanor Haekell? St. Johnís Parish†† Feb. 10, 1852   James A. Shaw
197 Peter Lacheur Little Arichat Rachel Helleur St. Johnís Parish†† Feb. 12, 1852   James A. Shaw
198 William Matheson Grand River Mary Matheson Grand River April 13, 1852   James A. Shaw
199 Peter LeLacheur Sr. (widower) St. Johnís Parish†† Marion McLean St. Johnís Parish†† Sept. 13, 1852   James A. Shaw
200 Angus Grant   Mary Ann Philpot   Oct. 24, 1852 (Record states they were married in Ship Harbour) James A. Shaw
201 William R. Cutler St. Johnís Parish†† Mary E. Hubert St. Johnís Parish†† Dec. 28, 1852   James A. Shaw
202 Roderick Morrison Lochlomond Christian McVicar Lochlomond ? 23, 1853 (no month given)   James A. Shaw
203 George Lattimer   Jean Shaw   Dec. 20, 1853   James A. Shaw
204 George H. Bissett   Virginia Boudrot   Jan. 7, 1854   James A. Shaw
205 George Edwards St. Johnís Parish Margaret Lafford St. Johnís Parish Jan. 10, 1854   James A. Shaw
206 John Nicolle   Jane Lacheur   Jan. 17, 1854   James A. Shaw
207 No Recorded Entry            
208 Fitzclarence Tremaine Port Hood Lucy Chandler St. Johnís Parish July 26, 1854   Robert L. Brine
209 Wingel Dorey St. Johnís Parish Jane Lafford St. Johnís Parish Dec. 10, 1854   Robert L. Brine
210 John Barkham St. Johnís Parish Jessie McKinner?   Dec. 12, 1855   Robert L. Brine
211 George Edward Binet St. Johnís Parish Agnes Allen Shaw St. Johnís Parish Feb. 28, 1856   Robert L. Brine
212 Peter Bosdet St. Johnís Parish Mary Ann Decarteret Fixott St. Johnís Parish Mar. 31, 1856   Robert L. Brine
213 James Lecheur St. Johnís Parish Mary McLean St. Johnís Parish Oct. 14, 1856   Robert L. Brine
214 Mathew Joseph Helleur (mariner) St. Johnís Parish Harriet Mauger St. Johnís Parish Nov. 9, 1856   Robert L. Brine
215 Thomas Stewart Clough St. Johnís Parish Mary Rachelle Charlotte Woode St. Johnís Parish May 11, 1857   Robert L. Brine
216 William John McQuinney White Head Eleanor Manroe White Head June 20, 1858   Robert L. Brine
217 John James Carter Red Head Margaret Ann Myers Little Canso June 28, 1858   Robert L. Brine
218 John Reynolds Smith Jr. St. Johnís Parish Harriet Eliza LeGrande St. Johnís Parish Oct. 12, 1858   Robert L. Brine
219 John Henry Short Port Hood, Cape Breton Pricilla Winifred Ballam St. Johnís Parish April 21, 1859   Robert L. Brine
220 William Griffith Ballam (widower) St. Johnís Parish Susan Ellen Weeks St. George, Sydney C.B. June 8, 1859   Robert L. Brine
221 George Benjamin Edwards (widower) St. Johnís Parish Ann McKinnon St. Johnís Parish Dec. 28, 1859   Robert L. Brine
222 James Frederick Lattemoor St. Johnís Parish Jemima Allen Shaw St. Johnís Parish Jan. 3, 1860   Robert L. Brine
223 William Greencorn St. Johnís Parish Grace Ann Harrigan St. Johnís Parish Sept. 26, 1860   Robert L. Brine
224 William Lelacheur (mariner) St. Johnís Parish Elizabeth Campbell P.E. Island Dec. 25, 1860   Robert L. Brine
225 Alexander George St. Johnís Parish Mary Ann Nicole St. Johnís Parish Jan. 21, 1861   Robert L. Brine
226 Phillip Mauger St. Johnís Parish Mary Ann Burge St. Johnís Parish May 11, 1861   Robert L. Brine
227 John McVicar St. Johnís Parish Cristian McDonald St. Johnís Parish May 17, 1861   Robert L. Brine
228 Francis Lattemour McPherson St. Johnís Parish Christian Shaw St. Johnís Parish May 3, 1862   Robert L. Brine
229 Marshall Bournot Marien Bay, Bape Breton Laura Harrington Fixott St. Johnís Parish July 17, 1862   Robert L. Brine
230 John James Robertson Barneyís River, Pictou Co., N.S. Mary Ann Lafford St. Johnís Parish Nov. 20, 1862   Robert L. Brine
231 Charles Latimour St. Johnís Parish Elizabeth Dixon St. Johnís Parish Jan. 28, 1863   Robert L. Brine
232 James Allen Shaw DíEscousse Maria St. Johnís Parish June 18, 1863 (the rector did not include Mariaís last name but she sign her name: Maria (canít make out middle name) Bellaine) could be Ballam Robert L. Brine
233 Peter Greencorn (widower) St. Johnís Parish Susan Whalen St. Johnís Parish Aug. 4, 1863   Robert L. Brine
234 John Thomas Edward Rocky Bay Mary Mager (Mauger) Cape La Ronde Jan. 18, 1864   Robert L. Brine
235 George Latimoor (widower) St. Johnís Parish Margaret Ann Wilson St. Johnís Parish April 5, 1864   Robert L. Brine
236 George William Walker River Inhabitants Johanna Doyle River Inhabitants June 13, 1864   Robert L. Brine
237 Donald McLean River Inhabitants Ann Walker River Inhabitants Oct. 23, 1864   Robert L. Brine
238 William LíMothe? Cheticamp Elizabeth Bifson? Cheticamp Oct. 29, 1864   Robert L. Brine
239 Donald Skinner (widower) St. Johnís Parish Lavinia Parker St. Johnís Parish Jan. 3, 1865   Robert L. Brine
240 Donald MacIntosh (widower) South side of Jersey Channel, West Bay, Black River Ellen Lafford St. Johnís Parish Mar. 14, 1865   Robert L. Brine
241 Farguhar Matheson Grand River Mary McKensie Grand River April 4, 1865   Robert L. Brine
242 John Henry Joshua St. Johnís Parish (Petit De Grat) Judique Boudrot (David) St. Johnís Parish (Petit De Grat) Aug. 20, 1865   Robert L. Brine
243 John W. Wilson St. Johnís Parish Ann Mauger St. Johnís Parish Dec. 17, 1865   Robert L. Brine
244 George Hensby St. Johnís Parish Elizabeth Greencorn St. Johnís Parish Dec. 26, 1865   Robert L. Brine
245 Christopher George St. Johnís Parish Eliza Nicole St. Johnís Parish Jan. 16, 1866   Robert L. Brine
246 Christopher Gibbs St. Johnís Parish Maria Jane Edwards St. Johnís Parish April 3, 1866   Robert L. Brine
247 Francis Phillip Collier St. Johnís Parish Sarah Murphy St. Johnís Parish April 24, 1866   Robert L. Brine
248 John Dunphy District of Black River Jeysie McIntoish District of Black River March 4, 1867   Robert L. Brine
249 Charles James Graham Antigonish(master mariner) Elizabeth A. Welling St. Johnís Parish Nov. 13, 1867   Robert L. Brine
250 Francis Edwards St. Johnís Parish Margaret McKinnon West Bay Feb. 18, 1868   Robert L. Brine
251 Alexander McDonald St. Johnís Parish Sophie Lafford St. Johnís Parish Mar. 17, 1868   Robert L. Brine
252 Robert Murray Black River Jane Mauger St. Johnís Parish May 18, 1868   Robert L. Brine
253 Henry James Fixott M.D. St. Johnís Parish Henrietta Marie Gruchy St. Johnís Parish Nov. 8, 1868   Robert L. Brine
254 Robert Wilson St. Johnís Parish Mary Doyle St. Johnís Parish Feb. 9, 1869   Robert L. Brine
255 Thomas Cutler Guysboro Louisa Harriet Jean Jarvin St. Johnís Parish Nov. 20, 1869   Robert L. Brine
256 Robert Grant Guysboro Esther Nicole St. Johnís Parish Dec. 20, 1869   Robert L. Brine
257 Albert Bruce Hopper Fourche, Co. of Richmond Louisa Campbell St. Johnís Parish Feb. 5, 1870   Robert L. Brine
258 William Carrigan St. Johnís Parish Elizabeth Abigail George St. Johnís Parish Feb. 7, 1870   Robert L. Brine
259 Philip Burg St. Johnís Parish Rachel Mary Mauger St. Johnís Parish Feb. 23, 1870   Robert L. Brine
260 Thomas Edwards St. Johnís Parish Janet Shaw St. Johnís Parish July 27, 1870   Robert L. Brine
261 William Diggdon Parish of Crow Harbor, Co. of Guysboro Caroline LeLacheur St. Johnís Parish Sept. 6, 1870   Robert L. Brine
262 Joseph Parker St. Johnís Parish Jane Eliza Shaw St. Johnís Parish Nov. 15, 1870   Robert L. Brine
263 James A, Jarvin Boston Elizabeth G. Hutchings St. Johnís Parish July 25, 1871   Robert L. Brine
264 Francis Philip Collier St. Johnís Parish JoysieCampcell Grand Anse July 27, 1871   Robert L. Brine
265 James Amey St. Johnís Parish (Rocky Bay) Jane Mauger St. Johnís Parish (Cape La Ronde) Feb. 6, 1872   Robert L. Brine
266 John Philip Gruchy St. Johnís Parish Henrietta Helen Weeks Sydney, N.S. Feb. 13, 1872   Robert L. Brine
267 George Lafford (widower) St. Johnís Parish Elizabeth Philpot ? Port Hawkesbury April 7, 1872 at Port Hawkesbury   Robert L. Brine
268 James Roy ? St. Johnís Parish, Arichat Sarah Mary Wilson St. Johnís Parish, Rocky Bay Feb. 13, 1874   Fred M.M. Young
269 John Valentine Shaw St. Johnís Parish, Arichat Margaret Ann Shaw St. Johnís Parish Feb. 17, 1874   Fred M.M. Young
270 John George Clough St. Johnís Parish Victoria Fixott St. Johnís Parish Aug. 26, 1874   Fred M.M. Young
271 Daniel Joseph ??yard (widower) Manchester, Nova Scotia Maria Boudrot St. Johnís Parish Sept. 8, 1875   Fred M.M. Young
272 Peter Campbell St. Johnís Parish Mary Edith Binet St. Johnís Parish Nov. 23, 1875   Fred M.M. Young
273 Moses Dorey (widower) St. Johnís Parish Eliza Shaw St. Johnís Parish Dec. 13, 1875   Fred M.M. Young
274 George Latimer St. Johnís Parish Sarah Luce St. Johnís Parish Jan. 19, 1876   Fred M.M. Young
275 Thomas Thompson Sporting Mountain, St. Peterís, C.B. Jessie Sutherland Sporting Mountain, C.B. Feb. 14, 1876   Fred. M.M. Young
276 Edwin Frederick Howell Montreal Sophia H.C. Fixott St. Johnís Parish July 12, 1876   Fred M.M. Young
277 Denis George Madame Island Mary Jane Philham Madame Island Aug. 22, 1876   Fred M.M. Young
278 William H. Paint? Port Hawkesbury Florence Ida Cutler St. Johnís Parish Aug.31, 1876   Fred M.M. Young
279 JohnLewis (Luce?) St. Johnís Parish Margaret Mauger St. Johnís Parish Jan. 9, 1877   Fred M.M. Young
280 Hugh Murray Whycocmaga, Inverness Co. C.B. Marian Mauger St. Johnís Parish Jan. 23, 1877   Fred M.M. Young
281 William Burns Grand Anse Flora Hill Grand Anse Feb. 12, 1877   Fred M.M. Young
282 William N. N. Clements St. Peterís, C.B. Florence Ada Gouchy St. Johnís Parish June 21, 1877   Fred M.M. Young & G. Metzler
283 Henry R. Brine River Bourgeois Elizabeth A. Graham (widow) St. Johnís Parish July 11, 1877   Fred M.M. Young
284 John Walker (widower) River Inhabitants, C.B. Margaret A. Oliver River Inhabitants July 11, 1877   Fred M.M. Young
285 Peter LeLacheur Martinique, Isle Madame Mary Ann Mauger Cape La Ronde, Isle Madame Jan. 28, 1878   Fred M.M. Young
286 Finlay E. McLean Big Brook, River Dennis, Inverness Kate McEachern River Inhabitants May 2, 1878   Fred M.M. Young
287 George J. Burge Cape La Ronde Ida Ellen Dorey Barrachois, near Arichat June 19, 1878   Fred M.M. Young
288 Angus McIntyre (widower) West Bay, Inverness Co. Mary McInnis West Bay, Inverness Co. ?? 21, 1878   Fred M.M. Young
289 Charles Philip Mauger St. Johnís Parish Mary Mauger St. Johnís Parish Feb. 11, 1879   Fred M.M. Young
290 Joseph Ronald Thomas (widower) St. Johnís Parish Ada Jane Binet St. Johnís Parish Sept. 20, 1880   Edward Ansell
291 Robert Murray (widower) St. Johnís Parish Effie McKenzie Sporting Mountain, Richmond Co. Aug. 14, 1882   Edward Ansell
292 Philip Isaac Gruchy St. Johnís Parish Edith Maude Smith St. Johnís Parish Oct. 4, 1882   Edward Ansell
293 James Alfred Dobson St. Johnís Parish Mary E. Bissett St. Johnís Parish April 2, 1883   Edward Ansell
294 William O. H. Maguire Port Mulgrave, Lydian Caroline Lyle Port Mulgrave or Melford Jan. 23, 1883 atMelford, Strait of Canso   Edward Ansell
295 Thomas Embree Bear Island, C.B. Elizabeth Margery Sawyers Port of Mulgrave Jan. 23, 1884    
296 John Batte   Flora LeLacheur   Not Given G.V. LeLacheur & George W. Crichton - Signature of both people and witnesses is the only information on the sheet.  
297 Joseph H. Mauger   Mary Ann Mauger     Phillip Mauger - No other information given  
298 No Recorded Entry            
299 Wilfred Alden Stearns   A Augusta Bellam        
300 Nicholas White Charlottetown, PEI Maude E. Fixott St. Johnís Parish Sept. 7, 1886   Edward Ansell
This is the end of the pages that have the marriages numbered. There are no records from Sept. 7, 1886-Nov.1, 1891    
  James Murphy (widower) St. Johnís Parish Catherine J. Edwards St. Johnís Parish Nov. 1, 1891   Edward Ansell
  Henry LeLacheur St. Johnís Parish Mary George   Jan. 27, 1892   Edward Ansell
  Francis G. Mauger St. Johnís Parish Jane McPherson St. Johnís Parish Jan 19, 1892   Edward Ansell
  Edward Turner Cardonell? (widower) St. Johnís Parish Margaret Ann Edwards St. Johnís Parish Sept. 8, 1892   Edward Ansell
  John Weston St. Johnís Parish Jane Shaw St. Johnís Parish Jan. 12, 1893   Edward Ansell
  Philip J. Mauger St. Johnís Parish Jossie F. Pringle West Bay, Richmond Co. May 3, 1893   Edward Ansell
  Alexander McRae West Bay, Richmond Co. Hannah McDonald McAskill Middle River, Victoria County May 8, 1893   Edward Ansell
  Joseph Laurie Guysboro Ada George   Aug. 1, 1893   Edward Ansell
  John McRae Grand Anse, Rich. Co. Annie Thompson Halifax Aug. 29, 1893   Robert L. Brine
  Gustave Aldolphus Nelson Truro, N.S. Mary Bell Carrigan St. Johnís Parish Sept. 5, 1893   Edwars Ansell
  William Burge   Mary Rood? Fortune (widow) Sydney, C.B Oct. 31, 1893   Edward Ansell
  James Halfpenny Guysboro Co. Ellen George St. Johnís Parish Nov. 29, 1894 (I think this should be 1893)   Edward Ansell
  Alexander Skinner St. Johnís Parish Hannah E. Walsh River Inhabitants Basin Aug. 23, 1894   Edward Ansell
  Morley D. Hennison Truro, N.S. Emma J. Lawrence Port Hastings Do date given   Edward Ansell
  Christopher George St. Johnís Parish Hattie J. Carrigan St. Johnís Parish Jan. 30, 1896   Edward Ansell
  John James Edward St. Johnís Parish Bridget Ann Maloney St. Johnís Parish Aug. 6, 1896   Edward Ansell
  Peter J. LeLacheur (widower) St. Johnís Parish Victoria A. Mauger St. Johnís Parish Aug. 13, 1896   Edward Ansell
  PeterLeLacheur (widower) St. Johnís Parish Sarah Ann George (widow) Whitehaven Nov. 6, 1896   Robert L. Brine
  George Albert Latimer St. Johnís Parish Mary Virginia Doyle St. Johnís Parish Dec. 24, 1897   Edward Ansell
  Peter Clive Bosdet St. Johnís Parish Helen Beatrice Bellam St. Johnís Parish Feb. 9, 1898   Edward Ansell
  Alexander George (widower) St. Johnís Parish Mary Lawrence St. Johnís Parish Aug. 11, 1898   Edward Ansell
  Phillip J. Edwards St. Johnís Parish Mona Elizabeth Burton St. Johnís Parish Sept. 14, 1898   Edward Ansell
  Walker H. George St. Johnís Parish Minnie P. George St. Johnís Parish Oct. 19, 1898   Edward Ansell
  DíAuvergne H. Cutler St. Johnís Parish Elizabeth McLean Crichton West Arichat, St. Johnís Parish Oct. 20, 1898   Edward Ansell
  Willard S. Thompson Parish of North Sydney Ethel Louise Andrew St. Johnís Parish Feb. 9, 1899   Edward Ansell
  Phillip J. Fixott St. Johnís Parish Elizabeth Mary Gruchy St. Johnís Parish Feb. 14, 1899   Edward Ansell
  Roderick Dunphie St. Johnís Parish Elizabeth J. Gibbs St. Johnís Parish May 24, 1899   Edward Ansell
  Edward L. Brown (widower) Grand Pre, Kings County, N.S. Jane Edith Hoyt Fixott St. Johnís Parish Dec. 11, 1899   Edward Ansell
  Colin Diggdon Parish of Guysboro Florence Nicolle St. Johnís Parish Jun. 10,1901   Edward Ansell
  Freeman George Parish of Guysboro Margaret E. Murphy Parish of Guysboro Sept. 10, 1901   Edward Ansell
  Philip H.Ausie St. Johnís Parish Mary B. Wilson St. Johnís Parish Nov. 18, 1901   Edward Ansell
  Phillip R. Mauger St. Johnís Parish Mary Ann C. Mauger St. Johnís Parish Jan. 31, 1903   Edward Ansell
  John Couicsott St. Johnís Parish, Daisy Clarke Smith St. Johnís Parish Jan. 4, 1905   George Backhurst
  Clemints G. Cutler St. Johnís Parish Florence J. Crichton St. Johnís Parish Oct. 22, 1905   George Backhurst
  Joseph Henry Luce St. Johnís Parish Margaret Fortune St. Johnís Parish Oct. 28, 1905   George Backhurst
  Peter W. Wilson St. Johnís Parish Jane C. Parker St. Johnís Parish Oct. 28, 1905   George Backhurst
  Duncan Finlayson St. Johnís Parish Ethel Maude Ballam St. Johnís Parish Dec. 13, 1905   George Backhurst
  Charles George Madame Island, St. Johnís Parish Layra Mary Nicolle Madame Island, St. Johnís Parish Jan. 10, 1906   George Backhurst
  William Dunphy St. Johnís Parish Mary L. McPherson St. Johnís Parish Feb. 7, 1906   George Backhurst
  Anthony William Dobson St. Johnís Parish Elizabeth Shaw St. Johnís Parish Apr. 30, 1906   George Backhurst
  Alexander Clifford Carrigan St. Johnís Parish Mary Jane McAskill St. Johnís Parish Aug. 29, 1906   George Backhurst
  Joseph Parker St. Johnís Parish Catherine Edwards St. Johnís Parish Feb. 6, 1907   George Backhurst
  Thomas J. Shaw St. Johnís Parish Ada E. Parker St. Johnís Parish Feb. 6, 1907   George Backhurst
  William L. Irish Parish of Mulgrave Dolina J. Crichton St. Johnís Parish Sept. 18, 1907   George Backhurst
  Thomas Chalmers Brainard ? Jue?? St. Paulís Parish, Halifax, N.S. Clara Smith St. Johnís Parish Jun. 17,1908   Arthur Richardson
  William Thorley Suchling Christ Church Lillian Alice Gruchy St. Johnís Parish Sept. 16, 1908   (Canít make it out)
  Peter Wallace Wilson (Widower) St. Johnís Parish Laura Mauger St. Johnís Parish Jan. 23, 1911   Aubrey Huband
  Frederick Charles Steed (Age 23) Parish of North Sydney Francis Le Grande Gruchy Parish of North Sydney Dec. 30, 1913   George A. Andrew
Marriages 1914-1921
  Groom Groom's Parents Residence Bride Bride's Parents Residence Marriage Date Witnesses Clergy
  James William LeRoy Latimer (age 22) John Latimer & Mary Robertson St. Johnís Parish Mary Lamey Barrett (Age 21) Donald Harriett Barrett St. Johnís Parish Mar. 23, 1914   George A Andrew
  George Ingram Rice (Age 36) Abner Rice & Augusta Moffott Sydney Irene Mildred Gruchy (Age 24) David M. Gruchy & Eva Binet St. Johnís Parish Sept. 15, 1914   George A Andrew
  Charles Louis Bosdet (Age 28) Charles H. Bosdet & Susan Miller Guadalajara, Mexico Marian Elise Bourinet (Age 20) Bertram & Carrie Bourinet St. Johnís Parish Aug. 25, 1915   George A Andrew
  Edward James Mauger   St. Johnís Parish Lilliam May LeLacheur St. Johnís Parish Dec. 29,1915   George A Andrew
  Edward Alfred Ansell Carrigan (Age 25) (Fishermen)   St. Johnís Parish Rachel Bell McRae (Age 19) Grand Anse July 27, 1916   George A Andrew
  Howard Clarence Barkhouse (Age 27) Steven & Susan Barkhouse Parish of Lunenburg Elizabeth Maud Franklin (Age 26) George WilliamFranklin & Sara Tuft St. Johnís Parish June 14, 1917   George A Andrew
  William Ernest Ferguson (Age 23) Neil Ferguson & Catherine McDonald Cleveland, N.S., St. Johnís Parish Maud Euphemia Catherine Wilson (Age 22) Archibald Wilson & Julia Mcleod Pandville, St. Johnís Parish June 20, 1917   George A Andrew
  Lennox Hubert Tupper Mauger (Age 20) Philip Mauger & Jessie Pringle Cape La Ronde, St. Johnís Parish Ida Jane LeLacheur (Age18) Peter LeLacheur & Victoria Mauger Cape La Ronde, St. Johnís Parish July 11, 1917   George A Andrew
  Allen Archibald Edwards   St. Johnís Parish Grace Alfreda Burge   St. Johnís Parish July 12, 1917   George A. Andrew
  James Logan Shaw (Age 37) John V. & Maggie Shaw Lochside, N.S., St. Johnís Parish Alfreda Marie Leslie (Age 27) Thomas Leslie & Mary LaVache Arichat, St. Johnís Parish Nov. 5, 1917   George A Andrew
  Ross Gerald Harstone (Age 32) John Chidley Harstone & Agnes Ross Seafort, Cnt. Josephine Matheson Morrison John Morrison & Amelia Stropel St. Peterís, St. Johnís Parish Nov. 14, 1917   George A. Andrew
  William John Mauger (Age 36) John & Victoia Mauger St. Johnís Parish Mary Ann Mauger (Age 37) Charles & Mary Mauger St. Johnís Parish July 25, 1918   Harry Watson, St. Georgeís Church, Sydney
  Abraham Kenneth McIntosh (Age 28) Alexander & Margaret McIntosh, Hawkesbury Lisa Mauger ( Age 25) Charles & Mary Mauger Cape La Ronde, St. Johnís Parish Aug. 22, 1918   George A. Andrew
  John Howard MacKichan (Age 28) James Hugh & Katherine Ann MacKichan Cleveland, C.B. Christine Isabelle Mauger (Age 24) Philip J. & Jessie F. Mauger (Both deceased) Cape La Ronde, St. Johnís Parish Sept. 23, 1919   Basil P. Colclough
  Albert James Gunning (Age 22) James & Mary Gunning Pictou, Methodist Parish Lottie Mary Christina IsabelBurge (Age 20) William & Mary Burge St. Johnís Parish May 27, 1920   W. Deathe
  Edward Burge Thomas & Rebecca Burge Rocky Bay, St. Johnís Parish Elizabeth Fader (Widow of Elias Horn)   Pondville, St. Johnís Parish Sept. 7, 1920   W. Deathe
  Charles Eugene DíAmour   Montreal Katherine J. Miller   Parish of Trenton Oct. 25, 1920   W. Deathe
  Harry J. Murray (Methodist)   Lynn, Mass Agnes J. Mauger   Arichat, St. Johnís Parish June 29, 1921   W. Deathe
  Charles John Howard Latimer   Arichat, St. Johnís Parish Annie Esther Stewart   Boston, Mass Sept. 14, 1921   W. Deathe
  John Josselyn Latimer   St. Johnís Parish Hilda Mary Leslie   St. Johnís Parish Dec. 29, 1921   W. Deathe