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HMS Magicienne

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Magicienne, 1888
Type: Cruiser 2nd Protected Class ; Armament 6 x 6" ; 9 x 6 pdr
Launched : Fairfield Shipbuilding Company : 12 May 1888 ; Disposal date or year : 1905
Displacement: 2950 tons
Propulsion: Twin Screw Complement: 218
Machinery notes: 9000 hpi (Messrs. Hawthorn and Co., of Newcastle) ; Speed ; 19 knots ;

8 Jan 1889, Portsmouth, a party is to leave here at the end of the month for Glasgow, to bring the Magicienne down for trials etc.

1890 Portsmouth. Officers borne in the Asia.

26 Jun 1897 Present at the Naval Review at Spithead in celebration of the Diamond Jubilee.