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Names 1810 Census Amwell Twp_Washington County Genealogy_PAGenWeb Project

Census List for Amwell Twp to Compare to the Tax List for 1808-1809
Washington County PA


1810 United States Federal Census > Pennsylvania > Washington > Amwell

These are the Heads of Household for the 
1810 Census Amwell Twp., Washington County PA.

Compare to the Tax List to see who paid taxes and who didn't.

Alphabetical - not by neighbor

Names Organized by Volunteer Cindy Burchell

Ackles, Allen
Aiker, John
Alexander, Isaac
Allison, James
Anderson, Jacob
Anderson, Sarah
Appleman, Jacob
Ardaly, John

*Baker, Joseph
Baldwin, William
Bane, George
Bane, Isaac
Bane, Issac
Bane, James
Bane, Jesse
Bane, John
Bane, Joseph
Bane, Nathan
Bane, William
Barker, John
Beabout, Beaden
Beabout, Peter
Bell, William
Bigden, Mary
Bigler, Jacob
Bilby, Richard
Birch, John
Birch, John
Bishop, James
Boamock?, John
Bonser, John
Brewer, Mathew
Brice, Thomas
Bruner, Jacob
Bryant, David
Buckanan?, John
Bullion, Samuel

Calwell, Francis
Camlin, Joseph
Carmichael, Jacob
Carmichael, John
Carter, Henry
Carter, James
Carter, John
Carter, William
Case, John
Caton, George
Caton, Susanah
Chamberlain, Arthur
Chamberlain, John
Chamberlain, Robert
Chambers, James
Chapman, Joseph
Chapman, William
Childress, Catharine
Clark, Bethuel
Clark, Ezekial
Clay, William
Clousher, John
Clousher, Nicholas
Coleman, Joab
Coleman, John
Conckling?, Mathew
Conorady, Robert
Cook, Daniel
Cook, Jacob
Cook, Jacob Junr.
Cook, John
Cook, Noah
Cook, Stephen
Cook, Tiba
Cooper, Moses Junr.
Cooper, Moses Senr.
Corwin, Stephen
Coulston, [name cut off]
Coulston, Charity
Covell, Abraham
Cox, Joseph 
Craig, William
Crispin, Silas
Curry, William

Decamp, John
DeGarmoe?, Paul
Dennis?, Joshua
Dickerson, Barrick
Didd, Cephus
Dillon, Robert
Donaldson, John

Elston, Ephraim
Evans, Abraham
Evans, David
Evans, Joseph
Ewart, James
Extill, Tuth?

Featherland, Frederick
Featherland, George
Featherland, Michael
Felkar, Joseph
Ferrell, John
Ferrell, William
Fisher, John
Fisher, Peter
Flemming, Peter
Fullerton, William
Funk, Michael
Galloway, Enoch
Gardner, Elisabeth
Gardner, George
Gardner, Henry
Gardner, John
Garrett, James
Gibson, William
Gilleland, Barnet
Gorden, William
Grey, Samuel

Hair, Alexander
Hair, Samuel
Hallam, John
Hallam, John
Hallam, Moses
Hamet, Jacb
Hamilton, James
Harris, John
Harris, Joseph 
Harris, William
Harshman, Daniel
Hatfield, Samuel
Haure, Jacob
Headley, Joseph
Heaffer, Elirana
Hendershot, John
Henderson, Hannah
Hewit, Adam
Hewit, Henry
Hewit, Jacob
Hewit, John
Horn, Daniel
Horn, John
Hughs, Barnabas
Hughs, James
Hughs, John Senr.
Huston, James

Jackson, George
Jennings, John
Jennings, Mary
Johnston, Abraham
Johnston, John
Johnston, Robert
Johnston, William
Jones, John


Kajme?, Phillip
Kearns, John
Keeny, Henry
Kelly, John
Kelsey, Daniel
Kidd [or Redd?], William
Kinney, John

Lackey, Thomas
Lacock, Elisha
Lacock, Isaac
Lacock, John
Lacock, Samuel
Lane, David
Leisure, Peter
Linganfelter, Nicholas
Luce, John
Luce, Matthias
Luellen, Henry
Luellen, John
Luellen, Samuel
Luellen, William
Luellen, Zadoc
Lytle, Samuel

Manen, James
Mason, Abraham
May, George 
M'Carrell, Joseph
McCaskey, John
McGiffen?, Nathaniel
M'Clenehan?, William
M'Collum, John
M'Conahey, James
M'Coy, Daniel
M'Coy, Perry
M'Cracken, Andrew
M'Cullom, Alexander
M'Cullough, Samuel
M'Cune, Samuel
M'Donald, William
Meeks, Isaac
Meeks, Margaret
Menaugh, Nancy
M'Fall, Michael
M'Farland, Daniel
M'Farland, James
M'Farland, William
M'Gary, William
M'Gary, William, Junr.
Miles, James
Miller, Abraham
Miller, John
Miller, John Junr.
Miller, John Senr.
Miller, Michael
Milliken, James
Milliken, James - second one
Moninger, John
Moore, Jacob
Moore, John
Moore, William
Morris [maybe John, cut off]
Moughemer?, Adam
M'Roberts, Charles
Murry, Richard
Mustard, James

Noble, John

Orey, Jacob

Parkinson, Robert
Paterson, William
Patterson, Andrew
Patterson, John
Patterson, Samuel
Paul, William
Peak, Jacob
Pettit, Charles
Pettit, David
Pettit, Isaac
Pierson, John
Pierson, Philomen
Plymire, Henry
Potts, John
Powers, Alexander
Prall, George
Prall, John
Prall, Thomas
Pratter, John
Price, Nathaniel
Purchase, Townlet

Ray, Thomas
Red, Andrew
Reed, Robert
Reese, John Senr.
Riggle, Abraham
Riggs, Joseph
Ringer, John
Ritchie, Benjamin
Robertson, Anthony
Robertson, George
Robinson, Anthony
Rodgers, Alexander
Rogel?, Abraham
Ross, Nathaniel
Ross, Samuel
Ryan, Jeremiah
Sayre, Ezekiel
Sayre, Samuel
Scott, John
Seals, James
Seaman, William
Shearer, William
Shipe, John
Shrontz, George
Shuster, Daniel
Slack, John
Slack, Phillip
Slusher, Aron
Slusher, Christoper
Smalley, Mariah
Smith, Edward
Smith, Elisabeth
Smith, Peter
Stommiker?, John
Strickland, Alexander
Sutton, James
Swarich?, Mary

Taylor, Samuel
Thompson, Daniel
Thompson, James
Timas?, John
Trigg, John
Trussel, Henry
Tucker, Isaac
Tucker, James
Tucker, Joseph
Tunis, Sarah
Vance, James
Vankirk, Arthur
Vankirk, Henry
Vankirk, Henry
Vankirk, Jacob
Vankirk, John
Vermum?, Thomas
Vollely, Daniel

Wade, Colwin?
Walker, Alexander
Walton, Jonathan
Waters, John
Weaver, Ingle
Wells, Peter
Westlech?, John
Wherry, Mary
Wilcox, Elisabeth
Wills [Wells?], John
Wolf, William
Woodruff, John
Wylie, James

301 were HOHs
107 were Under 10
176 were 10 thru 15
145 were 16 thru 25
115 were 26 thru 44
295 were 45 and over
132 were Under 10
173 were 10 thru 15
125 were 16 thru 25
98 were 26 thru 44
2 were 45 and over

? were All other Free Persons

? were Slaves

[The grand total looks like 316.73 but that must be wrong.]

Tax List 1809-1810:


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NOTE: I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the tax copy, and the names were not always in alpha order. You can obtain a xerox through Citizens Library, 55 College St., Washington PA 15301. Please don't ask me to re-check my copy. 

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