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Credit:  Image from Harper's Weekly 19 November 1870
and colorized by Fred Smoot for use on PAGenWeb sites. Go to Larger Version

1810 United States Federal Census > Pennsylvania > Washington > Straban Twp (Strabane)

These are the Heads of Household for the 
1810 Census Straban (Strabane) Twp., Washington County PA.

(In the SAME ORDER as listed on the Census forms) 

Researched & Copied by Volunteer Liz Dubois

(In the SAME ORDER as listed on the Census forms.  This left column is the beginning.) 

1810 Census, Strabane Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania

McNeal, James
Melange, John
Duncan, Andrew
Taylor, Soloman
Daggs, James
McKnight, William
Anderson, Robert
Malone, Ellen
Malone, John
White, James
Sowers, David
Wylie, William
Lindsey, William
Steelz, George
White, Joseph
Cooke, John
Wilson, Margaret
Fink, Gasper
Fink, Peter
Mounts, John
Hunter, Alexander
Wilson, Henry
Taylor, Joseph
Leet, Jonathan
Armstrong, Benjamin
Armstrong, Henry
Taylor, James
Taylor, Jane
Logan, John
Rankin, Samuel
Hamilton, David
Toland, William
Greer, Charles
Lee, James
Fink, Elizabeth
McWhirter, Hannah
Hervey, William
Hagerty, Joseph
Hunter, Duncan
Marshall, Thomas
Hagerty, William
Norris, Jane
Craghead, George
Thompson, Joshua
Davis, Thomas
Thompson, William
Porter, Robert
Miller, Isaac
Miller, Elizabeth
Johnston, Richard
Dawden, Lot
Urie, John
Sullivan, Jeremiah
Sullivan, Samuel
Smith, David
Greer, James
Cornwall, Nancy
Jackson, Andrew
Anderson, Joshua
Smith, John
Thompson, John
Hamilton, Thomas
Hamilton, George
Scales, John
_______, (unreadable)
Taylor, Henry
Taylor, Mathew
Armstrong, Andrew
Armstrong, John
Daggs, Richard
Routepush, Jacob
Hamilton, David
Hamilton, James
Hamilton, John
Wilkins, George
Lutten, James
Jourdan, James
Edgar, Samuel
Harten, Christina
Ramsey, James
Campbell, Elizabeth
Hindman, Jane
Alexander, Joseph
Mitchell, James
Hall, Moses
Sherard, Ann
Muper, Christian
Byers, john
Wilson, Levi
McCoy, John
Miller, Samuel
Baxter, William
Galbreath, Alice
Weller, Daniel
Shaw, William
Laughlin, William
Linn, James
DeGarmoe, Rachel
Linn, Robert
Merrich, Curtis
Merrich, Nancy
Dodd, Mary
McManus, James
Holland, John
Riddle, Isabella
Black, James
Hubler, John
Colmery, John
Mulhollan, Charles
Little, Moses
Guinea, Joseph
_____, John (unreadable)
Woods, John
Moore, David
Vanvalkenburgh, Milbrey
Thomas, Joseph
Cochran, Samuel
Young, Mathew
Martin, James
Hughs, John
Moore, James
McGlumply, Molly
Pees, Nicholas
Smith, John
McNary, Alexander
Kirby, Catherine
McNary, John
Joseph, Jacob
Joseph, Isaac
Means, Benjamin
Johnston, James
Lewis, Thomas
Ashbrooke, James
Mounts, John
Scott, Robert
Scott, Josiah
Mitchell, George
McFaden, Hercules
Patterson, James
Patterson, John
Scott, Hugh
Lidworth, Susanah
Davis, Francis
Sillicks, Samuel
Vaughan, John
Vaughan, William
Vance, Isaac
Hennen, James
McClelland, Thomas
Fergus, Samuel
Lard, James
Munce, Robert
Munce, Joseph
Ray, Ludowich
Mosser, Henry
Engle, John
Mosser, John
Vanemmon, John
Little, David
Mosser, John
Zedicker, David
Smith, Ludwick
Zedicker, Margaret
Huggart, Elizabeth
Smith, Nicholas
Atherton, Thomas
Atherton, Ann
Henry, Robert
Scott, John
Cyler, David
Hallan, James
McMullen, Samuel
Chambers, John
Doeke, William
Foster, James
Fink, Sally
Brown, John
McClean, Andrew
Wilson, Henry
Hallam, William
Shively, Jacob
Hutchinson, Wm.
Powers, Robert
Vanemon, George
Vanemon, Andrew


Pollock, Samuel
Pollock, William
McKibbens, Jesse
McKibbens, James
Hilderbrand, Henry
McClean, John
Thomas, James
Arthur, Gavin
McWhirter, Moses
Roney, James
Hindsley, Jemima
Hannah, James
Herson, James
Pees, George
Anderson, William
Pees, Nicholas Sen
Hamilton, Hanse
Pees, Andrew
Armstrong, Thomas
Gilespie, John
Shelby, Patrick
______, (unreadable)
McCorkle, James
McDowel, Margaret
Brown, Robert
Erich, Leonard
Stonner, Peter
Todd, John
Kerr, James
Hamilton, James
Blackney, James
Patterson, Zachias
Cook, Elizabeth
Kinney, William
Kirk, George
Gale, Isreal
Shaffer, John
Campbell, James
Palmer, Daniel
Palmer, Elenor
McClure, James
Palmer, Thomas
Rankin, Thomas
Rankin, William
Rankin, James
McClean, Hannah
Ray, James
Ennis, John
Anderson, John
Pagan, Robert
Baggs, James
Huston, John
Sparks, James
Dougherty, Roger
Murdock, Nehemiah
Penticost, Joseph
Holmes, Lazarus
Penticost, Catherine
Penticost, Dorsey
Hixson, Peter
Turner, Mathew
Melany, James
Shaw, William
Palmer, John
Lindsey, Charles A.
Ogden, Samuel
Crawford, Guian
Shields, Alexander
Lambey, Lacaon
Clark, John
Casebearer, Jonathan
Shaffer, Nicholas
Williams, Stophel
Douthard, Jacob
Thomas, Edmond
Hamilton, Alexander
Caldwell, Jean
Thomas, Michael
Crouch, William
Bell, Jacob
McAlister, Archibauld
McDowell, Joseph
Crawford, James
Crawford, Josiah
Sheets, William
Reynolds, William
Conniers, Ishmeal
Clark, David
Beabout, John
Beabout, William
Rankin, John
Coulter, Nathaniel
Coulter, Polly
Shearer, John
Gruber, Daniel
Gybeson, Samuel
Mackey, Andrew
Morgan, John
Britten, Samuel
Morgan, George
Morgan, Thomas
Speers, Alexander
Boyce, Ellen
White, Sarah
Weaver, Jane
Cannon, Samuel
Marshall, Robert
White, James
White, Samuel
White, George
Hannah, Thomas
Haines, Josiah
Townsby, George
Boone, William
Shaw, John
Hixson, James
Hixson, David
Givens, John
Madden, John
McEldory, Jonathan
McMillen, John
Hawthorne, Polly
Emery, Thomas
Tripe, Job
Peery, James
Peery, James jun
Scott, Alexander
McDowell, Agnes
Parkison, William
McNary, Thomas
Scott, John
Smith, William
McClure, Alexander
Gibson, Esther
Platt, Henry
Howey, Jacob
Ramsey, John
McBurney, James
Allen, John
Huston, Mary
Smith, William
Smith, Jane
Hooper, Isaac
Ligget, William
Steel, James
Landis, Samuel
Gilkeson, Allen
Hooey, Thomas
Plymire, Martin
Groves, Henry
Plymire, Barnabas
McGowan, James
Barnet, Andrew
Bale, John
Smith, Jacob
Smith, Casper
Smith, Samuel
Pyler, Joseph
Burt, Ebenezer
Burt, Josiah
Remsey, Josiah
Shaw, _____ (unreadable)
Mundle, John
Mundle, John Jr.
Mundle, Thomas
Reynolds, Benedict
Hannah, Hugh
Frank, George
Moore, John
Smith, Christian
Tressel, Christina
Simon, Michael
Bagart, Jacob
Weaver, George
Smith, John
Smith, John Jun
Neavin, William
Moore, John
Steen, Thomas
Steen, Mary
Shoop, Christopher
Hooper, Isaac
Thomas, Nathaniel
Kearns, Lesly
Kerr, Margaret
Hawthorne, John
Workman, James
Keller, Joseph
Dunlap, William



see also Township Formation



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