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Credit:  Image from Harper's Weekly 19 November 1870
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1810 United States Federal Census > Pennsylvania > Washington > Smith 

These are the Heads of Household for the 
1810 Census Smith Twp., Washington County PA.

(In the SAME ORDER as listed on the Census forms) 

Researched & Copied by Volunteer Liz Dubois


(In the SAME ORDER as listed on the Census forms.  This left column is the beginning.) 

1810 Census, Washington County, Pennsylvania - Smith township, Sequential list

Enumeration Order

Smith, Benjamin
Smith, John
Nugent, James
Hunter, John
Elder, John
Thompson, Samuel
-----end of partial p 585 (37)

Trimmer, Paul
Crawford, Thomas
Defrance, John
Trimmer, Thomas
Holmes, Robert
McFarland, Robert
Marks, William
Marks, Alexander
Ravenscraft, James
Ravenscraft, Robert
Jones, John
Stephenson, James
Wilkin, John
Stephenson, James
Andover, Christopher
Semmons, John
Farrar, Andrew
Hancy, John
Edmond, Henry
Hays, David
Leech, James
Glass, Robert
Gaston, James
Keys, James
McFarland, Samuel
Moore, John
Trimmer, Anthony
McCollard, Robert
-----end of p 586

Cully, _____ [unreadable]
Provence, Charles
Caldwell, Joseph
Campbell, William
Campbell, Mary
Brooks, James
Elliot, John
Hays, Thomas
Hays, Moses
Cook, John
Herdman, George
Elliot, Simon
McCarehan, Samuel
Welch, Mathew
Hillis, Elizabeth
McDonald, Martin
Gill, George
Brownlee, William C.
Aiken, Joseph
Moore, Nelly
Montgomery, Hugh
Phillis, Joseph
Chidester, Ephraim
Chambers, Christina
Besheer, Rezin
Wishart, John
Strain, John
Haney, Thomas
-----end of p 587 (38)

Robinson, William
Simpson, Isaac
Wallace, William
Dunlap, Alexander
Kerr, John
Kimmons, William
Allen, John
Wilson, Edward
Armour, Robert
Russell, Abraham
Spence, John
McClean, Andrew
Smith, Steel
Smith, John
Cavart, James
Fulton, Andrew
Fulton, John
McClurg, John
McCurdy, Elisha
Moore, James
Campbell, Jessee
Smith, William
Murry, Daniel
Woodburn, Alexander
Moore, Thomas
Vance, William
Miller, George
-----end of p 588

Smith, John
White, David
Crawford, Elijah
McFerren, James
Ayres, David
Marshall, Thomas
Whiteker, Samuel
Cook, James
Farrar, Ellen
Gallaher, Susan
Barton, Nancy
Lister, John
Wylie, James
Simonton, Peter
Justice, James
Rodgers, Roland
Russel, Jennet
Sloop, Charles
Handlin, Daniel
Bowland, Robert
Bowland, James
Stephenson, Andrew
Frank, John
Lawrence, William
Fulton, Samuel
Welch, Robert
McMeans, John
-----end of p 589 (39)

Taylor, William
Kennady, Joshua
Thompson, Thomas
Jones, David
Huston, Allen
Edgar, Adam
Stephenson, James
Custard, Ezekiel

Continued next column

Smith, John
Maxwell, James
Lindsey, William
Bruce, David
Hays, James
McConnell, Alexander
Robinson, Moses
Brimmer, William
Tenen, James
Coventay, John
Moore, William
Kirk, Nathaniel
Clokey, Samuel
Hunter, John
Ferguson, William
Brown, James
Gault, William
Mahon, David
Neal, John
-----end of p 590

Bevington, Cruitt
Wallace, Mary
Tracy, James
Allison, James
Barton, John
Thompson, William
Smith, Samuel
Smith, John
Strain, Samuel
Stewart, Andrew
Johnston, James
Armstrong, William
McBride, James
Smith, William
Corey, Samuel
Wilson, George
Dunbar, James
Whan, John
Sheldon, Andrew
McKenzie, Kineth
Ferguson, John
Johnston, William
Glenn, Mary
Burnet, John
Gilley, William
Kimble, Nathan
-----end of p 591 (40)

Proudfoot, John
Phillips, Samuel
Scott, Joseph
Wells, Moses
White, Moses
Means, Samuel
Ferguson, William
Merchant, Samuel
Merchant, John
Donaldson, Isaac
Donaldson, William
Nelson, Samuel
Thompson, William
Bevington, Anna R.
Stewart, James
Fullerton, Henry
Jackson, James
Briceland, James
McCurdy, David
Dougan, Sarah
Smith, John
McFerren, William
Moore, James
Crow, Abraham
Crow, William
Witherow, Robert
-----end of p 592

Buchanan, James
Duncan, John
Haney, Charles
McCullough, George
McCown, Andrew
Coleman, Isaac
Porter, Nathan
Colman, Isaac
Thompson, Thomas
McGough, Robert
McMillen, Robert
Riddle, John
Smith, William
Huston, Thomas
Adamson, Jane
Lawry, Charles
McConnell, James
Nangle, Andrew
Baird, William
Stephenson, William
Stirret, William
Quarterman, John
Shannon, Sarah
Elliot, John
McClurg, David
Boggs, James
-----end of p 593 (41)

Lee, Hugh Sen.
Lee, Hugh Jun.
Elliot, Charles
Davidson, James
_____, Hagar
Hays, Thomas
Marquis, Mary
Young, Andrew
Huffman, John
Cunningham, William
Mercer, Mary
Campbell, John
Ross, Isabel
Shipley, John
Edgar, Hugh
Edgar, William
Hobbs, Hanson
Maxwell, George
Shipley, Adam
Brown, James
McCrary, William
McMillen, John
Kerr, James
Chapman, Thomas
Wilson, James
H____, _____ [unreadable]
-----end of p 594

Ranson, James
Jackson, Rosana
Jackson, Moses
Traverse, William
Patterson, Josiah
Cannon, Jane
McCready, Alexr.
Burgett, Rosana
-----end of partial p 595 (42)




see also Township Formation



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