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Credit:  Image from Harper's Weekly 19 November 1870
and colorized by Fred Smoot for use on PAGenWeb sites. Go to Larger Version

1810 United States Federal Census > Pennsylvania > Washington > Nottingham

These are the Heads of Household for the 
1810 Census Nottingham Twp., Washington County PA.


(alphabetical, not by neighbor)

Researched & Organized by Volunteer Liz Dubois

NOTE: I was getting started on Donegal Township, double checking that I could read all the entries before I started typing. I discovered that there were a whole lot of unreadable names, so I checked the images on Ancestry and found that those had been enhanced and were, in most cases, easier/clearer to read. After making notes so I could start typing, I thought I ought to double check the other townships that had already been done. I found the following corrections/additions to make on the ones already posted on your site:

Nottingham, p.654 had an unreadable at the bottom, the given name is still unreadable, but the surname is Armstrong
p.656 had an unreadable at the bottom of the page, it should read: W_____, John (unreadable)

This changes the alphabetical listing and I've pasted that below. --- Liz


1810 Census, Washington County, Pennsylvania - Nottingham township, Alphabetical list


__________ (unreadable)
_____rt, John (unreadable)
Airs, John
Alley, William
Allison, John
Anderson, John
Anderson, John
Armstrong, _____
Armstrong, James
Atkinson, John
Ault, Jacob
Ault, John

Barckley, Andrew
Barckley, Hugh
Barr, Agness
Barr, Joseph
Barr, Robert
Bayles, Henry
Baylor, Conrad
Beadle, Daniel
Bell, Alexander
Bentley, George
Bentley, House
Bentley, Joseph
Berry, Daniel
Berry, James
Berry, John
Bird, Hannah
Black, Samuel
Blazer, William
Boils, William P.
Bollman, Charles
Bradford, Feilding
Bradley, William
Britten, Frederick
Bromhall, William
Brown, John
Bryan, William
Butler, Abner
Butler, Mary

Caldwell, Biddy
Caldwell, Joseph
Caston, Paul
Chaffen, Nathan
Chambers, James
Chambers, Joseph
Clarke, Robert
Clarke, Robert Sen.
Cooke, Absalom
Cooke, Peter
Cooke, Phillip
Cooper, Frederick
Cox, John
Craven, Willing
Crawford, Alexander
Crawford, Benjamin
Crawford, Mathew
Crouch, Tom

Daily, Charles
Daily, Nathan Jr.
Daily, Nathan Sr.
Daily, Phillip
Daily, Samuel
Darraugh, John
Davis, Ephraim
Davis, Jonathan
Depue, Nicholas
Devers, John
Devore (?), _____ (unreadable)
Devore, Adam
Devore, Andrew
Devore, David
Devore, Henry
Devore, John
Devore, William
Dey, Daniel
Dinoren, John
Donaldson, David
Donaldson, Jane
Donaldson, John
Dougherty, Denis
Dougherty, James
Douglass, Alexander
Douglass, Benjamin
Doyle, William
Duncan, James
Duncan, Thomas
Dunlap, Robert

Ecles, John
Erick, Peter
Etter, John
Ettyburn, Nancy
Ewing, John
Ewing, Margaret

Farlin, Elizabeth
Fenton, Jessee
Field, William
Figley, Jacob
Figley, Jacob Jun.
Flannegin, Thomas
Follwell, James
Forsythe, Joseph
Fry, Andrew
Fryer, John

Gamble, Aaron
Gamble, John
Gamble, Soloman
Gardner, Francis
Gault, Edy
Gibson, William
Gilllis, John
Gorden, James
Gowdy, Elizabeth
Guest, Joseph
Guest, Leonard

Hailman, Adam
Hailman, Simon
Hair, Ebenezer
Hair, John
Hamilton, David
Hamilton, John
Hamilton, John
Harne, James
Hart, George
Hays, Abraham
Henry, John
Herron, Henry
Hess, John
Hill, John
Hindman, John
Holdcraft, John
Hollyday, John
Humbert, William
Hunter, William
Huston, Daniel

James, Robert
James, William
Jester, Thomas
Johnston, Eliezer

Keel, Peter
Keeley, Francis
Kennedy, John
Kerr, James
Kerr, Samuel
Kilpatrick, Samuel
Kiney, James
Kintner, Jacob
Kirkpatrick, Andrew
Kritz, Henry
Kritz, Nicholas

Continued next column

Continued from left column

Lafferty, Samuel
Lamb, John
Larre, John
Lash, Isaac
Leedom, John
Leedom, John Jr.
Leedom, Joseph
Leedom, Thomas
Leever, Adam
Lehman, Frederick
Leviston, Samuel
Lidey, Abraham
Lidey, James
Ligget, Daniel
Ligget, James
Lindsey, Elisha
Little, Joseph
Logan, John
Logan, John
Loughlin, Joseph
Lowrey, John
Lyon, Benjmin

M____y, William?? (unreadable)
Mahon, Archibauld
Mason, George
McAllister, Isabelle
McCallister, Archibauld
McCallister, Daniel
McCarty, Margaret
McClean, Samuel
McClintock, Alexander
McClure, Jane
McConaughy, Andrew
McConoughey, David
McConoughey, Hannah
McCord, Mark
McDencik, William
McDonald, Andrew
McDowell, Ruth
McElheney, Robert
McGee, Samuel
McGregor, Margaret
McGrew, Alexander
McGrew, James
McHaffy, Alexander
McHeffy, James
McKean, John
McKelvey, Susanah
McKelvy, Henry
McKinney, George
McManigle, James
McNary, James
McNary, Mary
McNary, Thomas
McNaton, Daniel
McVay, Thomas
Miller, George
Miller, Jacob
Miller, John
Millinger, Catharine
Mitchell, Andrew
Montgomery, Robert
Mooney, Esther
Moore, Alexander
Moore, Robert
Morrison, Henry
Morrison, James
Morrison, John
Morrison, John Jr.
Morton, John
Mumbower, George
Munn, Anne
Munroe, Samuel
Murphy, Archibauld

Nevin, John
Nicholson, James
Nixon, William
Nuckle, James

Onstott, George
Orr, William

Parkinson, Benjamin
Parkinson, Joseph
Parkinson, Joseph
Parmer, Washington
Patten, William
Patterson, John
Patterson, Thomas
Paxton, Thomas
Phenix, Moses
Pller, Phillip
Pollock, David
Pollock, John
Pollock, Thomas
Porter, Amey
Porter, Matthew
Porter, William
Powers, Niel

Quigley, William
Quivey, Daniel

Ralston, Samuel
Rea, Andrew
Reader, Mary
Reily, Jane
Rettig, John
Ricthie, Jacob
Ritchie, William
Rodgers, Moses
Rousenberger, Jacob

Sacket, Guy
Samuels, Gilbert
Schwartz, George
Scott, _____ (unreadable)
Scott, Hugh
Scott, Josiah
Scott, Thomas
Scott, William
Scott, William
Scott, William
Scroggs, John C.
Sealy, Samuel
Seich, George
Shaffer, George
Shelly, Jacob
Shipe, John
Shouse, John
Smith, David
Smith, James
Snyder, Catharine
Sparks, William
Sterret, Thomas
Stewart, William
Sunderlin, Thomas
Swartz, Henry

Taylor, James
Teeters, Henry
Thomas, James
Thomas, Joseph
Thomas, Liverton
Thompson, Daniel
Thornberry, Jane
Todd, John
Todd, William
Todd, William
Triven, James
Trout, Jacob

Underhill, John
Uppergardner, John

W_____, John (unreadable)
Wallace, Mary
Warden, Joseph
Watson, Elizabeth
Welch, John Jun.
Wells, William
Weygandt, Peter
Wickersham, Adam
Williams, Aaron
Williams, Thomas
Wilson, John
Witherow, John
Woodward, David
Wright, Catharine
Wright, William

Yant, Felty (could be GANT?)
Yantz, John
Yoke, Michael
Yoke, Michael Sr.
Young, Alexander

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see also Township Formation



CENSUS COPIED (Names only)

1810 Census Original by Neighbors Amwell Twp

1810 Census Original by Neighbors Somerset Twp


1810 Census Alphabetical Amwell Twp

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