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Credit:  Image from Harper's Weekly 19 November 1870
and colorized by Fred Smoot for use on PAGenWeb sites. Go to Larger Version

1810 United States Federal Census > Pennsylvania > Washington > Mount Pleasant 

These are the Heads of Household for the 
1810 Census Mount pleasant Twp., Washington County PA.

(In the SAME ORDER as listed on the Census forms) 

Researched & Copied by Volunteer Liz Dubois


(In the SAME ORDER as listed on the Census forms.  This left column is the beginning.) 

Enumeration Order

1810 Census, Washington County, Pennsylvania, Mount Pleasant township - Sequential listing

Sterret, Robert
Simpson, William
Morrison, John
Cummins, John
Chapman, Sarah
Potter, James
Smith, John
Patton, Hugh
-----end of partial p 578

Miller, David
Bell, William
Miller, James
Stewart, Archibauld
Trace, Mathias
Spencer, Ephraim
Johnston, John
Dinsmore, James
McDowell, Joseph
Areher, Francis
Hasting, Daniel
McCahan, John
Sterrit, William
Sterrit, Alexander
McCall, Thomas
Fitzpatrick, James
Woodburn, Thomas
Welch, Robert
McCarroll, Ludowick
Miller, Samuel
Keyhoe, John
Gillespie, James
Tuten, George
Acheson, Humphrey
Acheson, Humphrey, Sr
Rankin, Samuel
Gillespie, Thomas
Gillespie, John
-----end of p 579 (34)

Rankin, Mathew
Rankin, David
Rankin, Jessee
Rankin, James
Early, John
Pagan, Alexander
Kirkwood, John
Martin, David
Linn, Samuel
McClelland, James
McClelland, James Sr
Baxter, Robert
McFarland, Neil
Martin, James
Thompson, John
Forsythe, Robert
Louther, Isabel
Andrews, Joseph
Spencer, Jessee
Neil, Peter
Hogshead, John
Walker, William
Black, John
Lesley, Jeremiah L.
Lamburn, Joel
Donally, Arthur
Griffeth, John
McJunkins, James
-----end of p 580

King, Thomas
McDowell, James
McDowell, John
Cowden, John
Cockings, Vincent
Scroggs, James
McCrery, James
Kelly, Mathew
Campbell, John
Achleson, Samuel
Lindsey, Samuel
Simcox, William
Hull, John
Thompson, Josiah
Thompson, Jane
McNit, Benjamin
Buchanan, Walter
Wallace, Thomas
Wilson, William
McMichael, James
Griffeth, John
McKimmons, Jane
Hammond, John
Sterrit, Joseph
Young, Alexander
Officer, Robert
Miller, Samuel Sen.
Miller, Samuel
-----end of p 581 (35)

Continued next column

Continued from left column

Miller, David
Guthrie, Joseph
Hannah, Samuel
Manson, Jane
Manson, John
Allison, Guien
McDowell, James
Manson, James
McElroy, John
Lytle, Alexander
Sharp, Thomas
Armstrong, Joseph
Sharp, John
Young, William
Paterson, William
Hilton, John
Smilie, John
Ridgeway, James
Wilson, Samuel
Smith, Mary
Sloane, Margaret
McCombs, William
Todd, John
Miller, George
Henry, Margaret
Sloane, William
Coe, Peter
Scott, Josiah
-----end of p 582

_____, _____ [unreadable, page torn]
Lindsey, Robert
McClure, Robert
Ogden, George
McGugan, Ann
Smilie, Robert
Coulter, Elijah
Coulter, Jane
Moore, John
Hughs, William
Cowan, John
Wallace, William
Campbell, Mary
Campbell, James
Campbell, Charles
Fulton, William
Moore, James
Lyle, John
Denny, William
Conelly, John
McCammant, John
Gless, John
Lyle, Samuel
Murphy, Terence
Lyle, Robert
Hammond, David
McPike, James
Merchant, Thomas
-----end of p 583 (36)

Simpson, James
Hammond, William
McKnight, Robert
Walker, James
Linn, Alexander
Irwin, James
Knox, Mathew
Hoge, John
McCacheran, William
Moore, Richard
Bisch, Mary
Ferguson, Samuel
Paisley, David
McConahey, David
Ross, John
Paxton, Andrew
Paul, John
Ross, James Jun.
Ross, James Sen.
Acheson, Robert
Birch, Thomas
Acheson, Mathus R.
Acheson, Humphrey
Acheson, Humphrey
Henderson, John
McConahey, Martha
Mashman, James
_____, A____ [unreadable]
-----end of p 584

_____, Jan__ [unreadable, page torn]
Lee, William
Cherry, Thomas
Cherry, John
Cherry, Edward
Cherry, Moses
Cherry, Ralph
Acheson, David
McCarty, John
McCarty, Timothy
Choners, Thomas
Choners, Samuel
Scott, John
Cunningham, Robert
Scott, Joseph
Berry, John
George, Robert
McMasters, James
Palate, William
-----end of partial p 585 (37)



see also Township Formation



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