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Credit:  Image from Harper's Weekly 19 November 1870
and colorized by Fred Smoot for use on PAGenWeb sites. Go to Larger Version

1810 United States Federal Census > Pennsylvania > Washington > Donegal 

These are the Heads of Household for the 
1810 Census Donegal Twp., Washington County PA.

(In the SAME ORDER as listed on the Census forms) 

Researched & Copied by Volunteer Laurie Huey

(In the SAME ORDER as listed on the Census forms.  This left column is the beginning.) 

1810 Census, Donegal, Washington County, Pennsylvania, Sequential list

Enumeration Order

NOTE: The images on Heritage Quest were very hard to read. Clearer images are available on Ancestry.com

Cochran, James
Farmer, John
Gooding, John
Mays, Charles
Stevenson, James
Green, Nehemiah
Carroll, William
McClean, Alexander
McCune, James
Sargent, James
Alexander, Joseph
Cool, Philip
Dowden, John B.
Greams, Henry
Shareman, Amos
Woodburn, John
Bell, Moses
Irwin, Alex C.
Craig, Rebecca
Cochran, John
Hawkins, William
Simms, Daniel
Sights, David
_________ [unreadable]
-----end of p 718

_________ [unreadable]
Griffith, John
Bell, Andrew
Brownlee, John
Porter, John
Purvience, John
Griffith, Thomas
Davis, Jonathan
Davis, James
Gamble, William
Cochran, Thomas
McNinch, James
McCracken, John
Henderson, Joseph
Ramsey, James
Rea, Edward
Evet, Margaret
Bleany, James
Abercrombie, James
Clegg, Samuel
Craig, Patrick
Dagen, Daniel
Clegg, Richard
McMurry, Samuel
Tadford, John
McMurry, John
Brown, James
Higgins, Arthur
Timmens, James
Forbes, Alexander
-----end of p 719 (104)

Hupp, John
Rodgers, Francis
Titus, John
Mchaffee, Alexander
Dickey, Samuel
Dickey, James
Bleany, John
Steel, Margaret
McNit, James
Bleany, George
Fry, Michael
Sproul, James
Bleany, John
Anderson, John
Dickey, James
Stoofire, Charles
Humley, George
Rumble, Coonrod
Shinaberry, Nicholas
Meharry, Isaac
Miller, Jacob
Clemens, Adam
Deeds, Jacob
Weaver, Nicholas
Dennis, Henry
Lefler, Jacob
Hillegas, Coonrad
Hillegas, Coonrad Jr.
Vandemont, Frederick
___________[unreadable, cut off]
-----end of p 720

Hile, Jacob
Betts, Barbara
Lefler, Isaac
Siers, William
Bryson, William
Sheffer, Daniel
Bryson, Eve
Hemphill, John
Pelly, William
Hootman, Christian
Patterson, James
Sheffer, Samuel
Bryson, John
Erskine, William
Huston, John
Pierson, John
Cole, Barnet
Crow, Peter


Continued next column

Continued from left column

Hutchinson, James
Harden, William
Call, William
Law, John
Kerr, Alexr.
Kerr, William
Kerr, Kennedy
Flannegen, John
Pierson, James
Meharry, John
Sheller, William
Rumble, Jacob
-----end of p 721 (105)

Winter, Christopher
Rake, Abraham
Deeds, Adam
Snodgrass, William
Ralston, Ralph
Twinem, John
Guy, Elizabeth
Ritchie, George
Todd, Elizabeth
McFarland, Mary Ann
Auter, Rudolph
Auter, John
Auter, James
Myers, George
Reneberger, Adam
Razor, Jacob
Kern, George
Fulton, James
Dawdal, Michael
Winters, David
Nivenaugh, John
Huffman, Daniel
Ayres, James
Haburn, John
Barber, Samuel
Simon, Lawrence
Sellers, Jacob
Fellabum, Christian
Richardson, William
Grubb, Margaret
-----end of p 722

Ha___, Charles [page torn]
Haburn, James
Reed, John
Casebearer, Jacob
Casebearer, John
Lard, Jesse
Rice, Daniel
Barnhart, William
Lawson, Thomas
Campbell, Hugh
Shong, John
Winters, Jacob
Winters, Samuel
Glover, Archibauld
Grimes, Andrew
Lawson, Thomas
Grimes, William
Grimes, William
Gregg, William
Shong, Peter
Simons, David
Shearer, William
Barker, John
Walker, Alexander
McDonald, Patience
Finley, James
Finley, Robert
Finley, John
Finley, David
Hill, Mary
-----end of p 723 (106)

Wilson, John
Miller, Jacob
Miller, Christopher
Miller, John
Moore, William
Anderson, Robert
Graham, Robert
Graham, James
Graham, John
Gorely, Jane
Dunlap, James
Miller, John
Thompson, Samuel
Miller, Henry
Betis, Jacob
Deeds, Christian
Miller, Peter
Deeds, Henry
Miller, Frederick
Montague, Henry
Davis, Moses
Shaffer, John
Deringer, John
Gowdy, Robert
McGlaughlin, Edward
Marshal, Mary
Waters, Thomas
Waters, John
Anderson, Richard
___________ [unreadable]
-----end of p 724

McDonald, James
Newlin, John
McNeal, John
Miller, Christopher
Reed, Robert
Gorley, Thomas
Davis, John
Sans, Nancy
Wilson, Edward
Walker, Robert
Stephenson, James
McKin, Thomas
-----end of p 725 (107)



see also Township Formation



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