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Credit:  Image from Harper's Weekly 19 November 1870
and colorized by Fred Smoot for use on PAGenWeb sites. Go to Larger Version

1810 United States Federal Census > Pennsylvania > Washington > Canton 

These are the Heads of Household for the 
1810 Census Canton Twp., Washington County PA.

(In the SAME ORDER as listed on the Census forms) 

Researched & Copied by Volunteer Liz Dubois


(In the SAME ORDER as listed on the Census forms.  This left column is the beginning.) 

1810 Census, Canton Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania

Enumeration Order

Took me a while, but after finding several names listed on Heritage Quest's alphabetical listings that didn't appear is the actual records, I discovered that they included the names at the bottom of the listing for the previous township if that was on the same page with the focus township and sometimes, they included names at the top of the listing for the following township if they were listed on the bottom of a page for the focus township, making it look like those people lived in the focus township...just another challenge to those who search and do not find!

1810 Census, Washington County, Pennsylvania, Canton township - Sequential listing

Ray, Hugh
Trey, John
Mounts, Richard
Kelly, James
Kelly, Martha
Shrack, John
Waller, William
Waller, William Jr.
Tarr, Thomas
Weirich, Jacob
Aston, George
Imhoff, Martin
Weirich, Jacob Jr.
Simon, John
Howe, William
Smith, Samuel
Smith, James
Robinson, Adam
Stockton, Robert
----end of p 540

Stockton, Thomas
Way, Samuel
Moore, Henry
Moore, William
Carter, Daniel
Boyd, Robert
Williams, Joseph
Craig, Alexander
Forcyth, Samuel
Vankirk, Joseph
Barlow, Nehemiah
Irons, Joseph
Brownlee, James
Brownlee, Archibauld
Moore, James
Clark, Joseph
Clark, Robin
Bean, John
Patterson, Arthur
Brownlee, William
Jolly, Elisha
Hallam, Thomas
Barnhart, Manis
----end of p 541
Brownlee, John
Snodgrass, William
Wilson, Douglass
Wilson, James
Wilson, Robert
Ely, George
Johnston, Robert
Johnston, William
McComb, Mary
Woods, Stephen
Ramsey, Mary
Dean, Alexander
Dougherty, Thomas
Brownlee, James
Gorden, Alexander
Lytle, William
Gabby, James
Acklin, John
Sheely, David
Folk, William
Mitchell, Thomas
Nixon, George
Howell, William
----end of p 542

Nixon, George Jr.
Chance, Samuel
Asher, Anthony
Hoge, Mordecai
Mourn, Ruth
Brieker, George
Havlin, Henry
Loughman, Jacob
Davis, John
Gilmore, James
Glenn, Hugh
Leet, Daniel
Jones, Robert
Bess, Edward
Dixon, James
Clark, Andrew
Jolly, Moses
Braddock, John
Seamons, Margaret
Braddock, John Jr.
Ely, George, Jun.
Kirk, William
McClelland, John
----end of p 543

Allen, Jesse
Huston, John
McClelland, George
Bier, John
Ferguson, John
Lucas, Samuel
Beabout, Moses
Nichols, Andrew
Nichols, Robert
Nichols, Thomas
Nichols, Samuel
Achlin, Joseph
Hand, Isaac
Bryson, Patrick
McKinley, James
Spriggs, Benjamin
Chance, Benjamin
Jones, William
Becker, Brewer
Pence, John
Hitchcock, Randal
Hitchcock, Jesse
Hitchcock, Alice
Writesell, Henry
----end of p 544

Hoge, William
Gestrell, Jehoshephat
Williams, David
Tidero, George
Bateman, John
Long, George
_____, Bachelor (as written)
_____, Jeremiah (as written)
Morton, David
Morton, Isaac
Finley, Robert
Marshall, Samuel
Stephens, Edward
Wells, Henry
DeGarmo, John
Lany, John
Hudson, William
Robinson, Nathaniel
Clerk, Aaron
Wichert, Francis
Hamilton, Robert
Williams, Isaac
Grooms, John
Wylie, Adam
----end of p 545

Briceland, Mary
Reed, William
Vorris, William
Chord, John
Stewart, John
Cunningham, James
Cunningham, Arch.
McKee, Samuel
Stewart, Thomas
Nesbit, John
Nesbit, Joseph
White, Joseph
Dinsmore, James
Taggart, James
Robinson, Peter
Maxwell, Walter
Porter, Joseph
McGowen, William
Johnston, Hugh
Slemons (Clemons?), Thomas
Wallace, John
McGowen, Robert
Ralston, John
Paige, William
----end of p 546

Glover, Thomas
Redick, Ann
Baker, Polly
Beerly, Nichols
Cheshire, Francis
Hewit, Lewis
Hewit, Phillip
Pedlion, Phillip
Hewit, Henry
Leet, Isaac
Miles, Elijah
Metheney, Daniel
Heartly, Joshua
McElroy, James
Davis, John
Ralston, Samuel
Morrow, Mathew
Holdran, Daniel
Reed, William
Allison, Elenor
Johnston, Robert
Grey, Henry
McNeil, Jane
Young, Catherine
----end of p 547

Alter, Jacob
Wilson, Thomas
Loughman, Jacob
Wylie, Robert
Gittings, Thomas
Wolf, William
Wolf, John
Sharp, Jacob
Burris, Abraham
Wolf, John Sen.
Waters, Hannah
Clerk, David
Waters, Hugh
Pedlion, Abraham
Irwin, Ann
Wolf, William
Thompson, John
Lattimore, James
Smith, James
Dye, Enoch
Dye, Enoch Sen.
Dye, Daniel
Townsend, Thomas
Permenter, Artemus (VERY hard to read)
----end of p 548



see also Township Formation



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