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Michael Havery and Isaac DeHaven Family History


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Washington County PA Archives Family History

HAVELY History, Washington and Greene Co, PA 1934 [updated 2008]
Copyright. All rights reserved.
File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives and on the Washington County PAGenWeb by:
Joe jpatter@comcast.net



By Clara S. Havely
(Wife of Alonzo Havely)

Published by the Waynesburg Republican, Waynesburg, PA, 1934

Manuscript typed by Cynthia E. Kauffman, January 2008.

[ED. NOTE: page numbers located at bottom of page.]

[Other notes added in brackets by Joe Patterson 2008 based on census 


and research of Lee Friaglia 1960-1990, not available to Clara S. Havely.]


The earliest record of our Havely ancestors in Europe, which we have found, is contained in an account given by Mr. Spears Havely, of Richmond, Va., as follows: 
"Our first ancestor, to come to America, was Michael Havely. The name is Scandinavian, and originally spelled HAAVALAY. He came from Northern Prussia, which at that time was a large part of northern Europe. Two hundred years ago, this Michael Havely was a stone cutter by trade, and to this fact was due his ability to arrange for his rations and transportation from Prussia to Philadelphia, Pa. The Proprietaries of the then Pennsylvania Plantation would pay such expenses and a bounty only on skilled workmen or tradesmen needed to develop and build up the settlement. So it was that Michael Havely was enabled by signing up and bonding himself for the five year indenture at his trade, to change his base and come to Philadelphia. The authorities found employment for him at a near-by place called Sunbury and Northumberland County, Pa.

Our records for many incidents in the life of the times depended on the diary and family record kept by Michael's son Jacob, who was born in Sunbury in 1750 and died in 1835. This record, or the last copy of it, was loaned for use in the land suit involving land titles in Pennsylvania, now West Virginia. It was loaned during the war between the states.

One incident in the "BOOK" occurred in Northumberland, Pa. Michael found himself in jail, charged with being "all bewitched". He had carried black rock and carefully built himself a small shop, of one room, and one day it caught fire and burned down and Michael was at once put in jail. His neighbors did not know it was coal he had used. So there we have reformers ready, who passed a law against using black rock for the building of houses.

Michael Havely lived out his days in Pennsylvania, his son, Jacob, joined the migration to the southwest and we find he married a Miss Sally Hogg (his second wife) in Frederick Co., Virginia. They were not "in society" then, and later changed the spelling to Hoge, which is used now.

This Jacob Havely who had the encounter with the Indians, wrote in his book, "They tried to stretch the story". Meaning the incident were [sic] they reported that the Indians had killed him and his family. He said he and his wife were gently scalped and let go.

This Jacob Havely later joined the Continental Army and saw service in most of the eastern Colonies - New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia. He was at the windup of the Revolutionary War at Yorktown, and cashed in his land warrant in Washington Co., Virginia, soon after the surrender of Cornwallis, about 1785 or 1786. It may have been 1785, for Jacob Havely's son, Isaac, was born near Abington, Virginia on the Havely place in 1785."


-- -- --

1790, Manchester township, York Co., Pa., Michael Havely, one head, four males under sixteen, three females.
1790, Frederick Co., Virginia, Jacob Havely, head of a family of three whites.


Michael Haaling, Ship, Princess Augustus; Samuel Merchant, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified September 6, 1736. (We believe this was Michael Havely.)


Adam Heavely, Northampton Co. (He was probably a brother of Michael Havely.)

(list of sick soldiers in Philadelphia hospitals)

December 1776, taken by order of the Council of safety by Benj. Paschall and Thomas Young: Captain Keepot's Co. and Colonel Hoosaker, Jacob Havely in Sprouts Store, W and Front Street.

Jacob Havely's oldest son was born in Frederick Co., Virginia, March 15, 1780. They named him William Havely. (Died Sept. 30, 1840 at age 60 - this information taken from grave stone of William Havely Sr. in old Howe
churchyard, located between Coal Center and Allenport, Washington Co., Pa.)

Records in Indian Incursions and Massacres: 

Previous to the battle of Trough, some depredations on the South Fork, Jacob Havely and several of his family were killed by a band of warriors, lead by Chief Kilbuck and his tribe.

Shenandoah Valley Pioneers and Their Descendants, T.K. Cartmell:

In this book it says:  "Jacob Havely and several of his family were killed near the present residence of Moses Russell, Esq. at the eastern base of the North Mountain, 15 to 16 miles southwest of Winchester, Va., by Chief Kilbuck and his tribe." (It was this story that Jacob referred to in his book when he said "they tried to stretch the story.")



-- -- -- 

Marriage Bond Book No. 7, Frederick County Clerk's Office, Winchester, Virginia.

"Know all men by these presents, That we, William Havely and Isaac DeHaven, are held and firmly bound unto Jno. Page, Esq., Governor of Virginia, in the just and full amount of one hundred and fifty dollars, to which payment well and truly made, to the said Governor or his successors, we bind ourselves, and each of our heirs, executors and administrators jointly and severally, firmly by these presents. Sealed with our seals, and dated this 29th day of January, 1803.

Now if there be no lawful cause to object the said marriage then the above obligation to be void, otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.

William Havely (Seal) 
Isaac DeHaven (Seal)"

Marriage Bond of William Havely and Hannah DeHaven.

William Havely, born Mar. 15, 1780; married Hannah DeHaven, Jan. 29, 1803 in Frederick Co., Va. 
She was the daughter of Isaac DeHaven and his wife Branaway, of near Gainesboro, Frederick Co., Va.

William and Hannah, with four children, removed to Washington Co., Pa. in 1812, making the journey presumably in an ox-cart. 

Their children:
Isaac, b. 1804;
Charles, b. 1806;
Elizabeth, b. 1808;
Susan, b. 1811.
After arriving at their destination, they built a log cabin, high in the hills, off the East Pike Run road, over looking the Monongahela River. The town nearby is now called Allenport.

In 1820, William built a cut-stone house, of six rooms near the site of their log cabin home, and today the house is still in very good condition.  The fine workmanship in the cutting of the stone in this house is remarkable. An inscription on one of the stones in the chimney has the date 1820.  Isaac Carson bought this home from Asa Havely's widow in 1875 and lives there today. 

William and Hannah had seven other children born after coming to Washington Co.  They were:

Margaret, b. 1812;
Mary Ann, b. 1815;
William Jr., b. 1818;
Abigail, b. 1821;
Elijah, b. 1823;
Asa Shinn, b. 1825;
Owen DeHaven, b. 1834.

[JMP NOTE: The birth dates provided for Mary Ann, 1815 and Elijah, 1823 seem to be reversed. Mary Ann McEldowney, an 1895 DeHaven Club member.  She married Andrew McEldowney. On the 1900 census she is a widow, living with son Frank (Francis), and birth reported as Nov 1824.  Census data, 1860-1880, for an Elijah Havely married to a Ruth, consistently show his age as born 1814/1815. The birth year for Owen Dehaven Havely is also in question and is discussed with his data below.]


William Havely Sr.

William Havely Sr. was a stone cutter by trade and also had a farm of 150 acres which he bought from William Riggs, who had migrated to this part of Washington Co. some years before.  

There is reason to believe that William Havely Sr. was rather tall and slender and had red hair, as several of his children had red hair. His wife Hannah, was of slender build and had a very fair complexion. She was beloved by all of her children so well that they saw her very often. She was always reminding her grandchildren of how well she thought of religious duties.



-- -- -- 

It appears that William, after coming to Penna., changed the spelling of his name to Haveley, and this way of spelling the name was used by his son Isaac, and some of Charles' family, but the other children adhered to the spelling of the name as used by their grandfather, Jacob. On the tombstones of both William and Hannah and on Isaac Haveley's house, the name is spelled Haveley.

Michael Havely came from Prussia to Northumberland Co., Pa. about 1740. His son, Jacob Havely, was born in Northumberland Co., in 1750. He died in 1835. He married Sallie Hogg (pronounced Hoge), of Augusta, Frederick Co., Va., in 1770 or 1780. 

Their children:

1. William Havely, b. Mar 5, 1780; d. Sept 30, 1840; m. Hannah DeHaven, b. Mar
4, 1784; d. May 26, 1867.
2. Sallie Havely, b. ca 1783; m. _________ Warren.
3. Isaac Havely, b. 1785; m. _________ McKee. He settled in Knoxville, Tenn.
and conducted Havely's wagon shop. He died suddenly during a cholera plague in
1854. He had two sons: Jacob, m. Edith Harrison of Seneca Falls, N.Y. He died
in Portland, Ore.; James, m. Anna _________. Lived in Sacramento, Ca. No
4. Daughter, m. Five Coats.
5. Charles Hoge, b. 24 Apr 1800; d. 24 Nov 1864; m. Mary Warren, d. 1827. He was a furniture maker. His signature on furniture was "Chas. H. Havely". They had two? children: William, b. 1822; d. 1829; Margaret, b. 1823; m. John M. Parker; John, b. 1824; m. Margaret Christian of Clidesburg, Fayette Co., KY.  He had one son, Turner, who served in Morgan's Cavalry, CSA.; Mary, m. John Crisp of Claiborne, Tenn. They went to Cal. During the 1849 gold rush. Their descendants are all very wealthy and make visits to the east often.

Charles Hoge Havely married (2), Elizabeth Ely of Lee Co., Va., in 1828. 

Their children:

Jacob, b. 1829; m. Malinda Hicks.
Anne, b. 1831; m. William Woodward.
Sallie, b. 1833; m. Daniel Hommell.
Josephine, b. 1836; m. James Thompson.
James, b. 1838, m. Eliza Spears. [m. May 20, 1868, Hawkins, TN. CEK]
Benton, b. 1840; m. Elizabeth Maine.
Phoebe, b. 1842; m. William M. Neal.
Napolean, b. 1845; m. Mary Beatty.

Charles married for a third time in 1846, Louise Parker, who
was born 1816; d. 1894. 

Their children:

Jerome, b. 1847, served during the Civil War, 1863-64 with 64th
Va. Infantry.
Matilda, died in infancy.
William, b. ca 1850; removed to Kansas about 1880.
Walter, b. 1853, d. 1916. He was a conductor for N & W RR, lived
in Bristol, Va.


-- -- --

Jacob Havely (1750-1835) and Sallie Hogg's fourth child, a daughter, no given name recorded, married a man who had been raised by an Indian squaw.  The squaw had found him as a baby during an Indian raid, when Indians had
killed all of the other members of the family.  

The baby had on plenty of clothes or pieces, five exactly so old Miss Indian named him "Five Coats", as you know Indians call every garment a coat.  (We have no record of the family of Five Coats. They were likely Northern
Indians and he took his wife back home, and the children, if any, adopted different names.)

Isaac Havely, born on Feb 4, 1804 in Frederick Co., Virginia, died Dec 8, 1840. He was the eldest child of William and Hannah Havely. In 1826, he married Amy Allen, b. Mar 30, 1809; died Feb 14, 1895. They were married by
Rev. Henry Baker. She was the daughter of Joshua and Elizabeth (McCrory) Allen and a granddaughter of Joseph and Deborah (Hull) Allen, who came to America with William Penn in 1770 and settled in Washington Co., Pa., on a farm which the town of Allenport is now located on.

[JMP NOTE: Info on the Allen connection to William Penn is at best confused. William Penn arrived in 1682 so the above comments are nearly 90 years out of context. 2008]

Isaac and Amy Havely lived in Greenfield on the Monongahela River, which is now known as Coal Center, until about 1830, when they moved to a farm which they purchased in East Finley Twp., Washington Co., Pa., six miles south of Claysville. In 1838 they erected an eight room brick residence in which they resided until their deaths. Over the front door of this house there is cut in the stone lintel this inscription: "Built by I. and A. Havely, A.D. 1838". Isaac and Amy were both buried in Stone Point cemetery, close by the Methodist Episcopal Church, of which they were members. 
Their family consisted of four daughters and one son:

1. Ethalinda Havely, eldest daughter, b. July 31 1828, Greenfield; d. Apr 9, 1899, 
Waynesburg, Pa.; m. on Apr 24, 1845 to Lewis Wilson Jones of near Bethany, W.
Va.; b. May 1, 1820; d. Mar 4, 1904. Buried in Green Mount Cem., Waynesburg,
Pa. For a few years they lived in Boonesville, Mo., and then returned to
Waynesburg, Green Co., Pa., where Mr. Jones was engaged in the mercantile
business for many years. 
Their children were:
1.a. Amy Ann,
1.b. Lewis Jr.,
1.c. Rebecca, all having died in childhood.
1.d. Hannah Hester Jones, b. July 26, 1854; m. Sias (Silas) W.
Billingsley on Oct 19, 1873. He was born Apr 27 1848 and died
Apr 8, 1828 [1928] in Waynesburg. He was engaged in business there for
a number of years. 
Their children:
1.d.1. Lewis Jones Billingsley, b. Sept 5, 1874
m. Nancy Campbell of McKeesport, Pa. on July 2, 1907.
She was born Feb 17, 1879; 
They have one daughter;
1.d.1.a. Ruth Ann Billingsley, b. Feb 9, 1913, who was a 
teacher in Harrisburg schools. Her father Lewis 
Billingsley is Superintendant of the Commercial 
Dept. of Bell Telephone Co., Harrisburg, Pa. 
1.d.2. Anna Barrick Billingsley, b. Feb 18, 1885, d. Oct 30, 1906.


-- -- --

2. Elizabeth Havely, second daughter of Isaac and Amy Havely, b. 1831; d. 
1900, Waynesburg, Pa. First married E. Sealey Sayers in 1864 at age 15
years. They lived on a farm close to Waynesburg. Six of their children died
in infancy. One daughter grew to womanhood:
2.a. Mary Sayers first married Lieut. James A. Wood of Co. I 8th Pennsylvania 
Reserves, who died Sept 16, 1868 age 29 years. Second married James 
Lindsey of Waynesburg. Her death occurred Apr 13, 1870.
Elizabeth Havely secondly married Robert A. Hoskinson, who died 1904. All are
buried in Green Mount Cem., Waynesburg, Pa.

3. Hannah Havely, third daughter of Isaac and Amy Havely, b. July 7, 1833; d.
Mar 16, 1880; m. John S. Knox on July 16, 1853, b. May 16, 1822, Washington, Pa;
d. Feb 1, 1911 in Waynesburg, Pa. Both are buried in Fairmount United Brethren
Church Cem., in East Finley Twp., Washington Co., Pa. John S. Knox was a
merchant and also a postmaster at East Finley for 35 years. They had 8
children, all born at East Finley:

3a. Amy Catherine Knox, b. July 3, 1854; d. Jan 8, 1877. Was graduated from 
Pittsburgh Female Seminary, now Pennsylvania College for Women, 
Pittsburgh, June 21, 1873. She married Richard W. Ledwith of 
Waynesburg on June 20, 1873. They had one son:

3a-1 John Knox Ledwith, b. 1874; d. 1875, aged 9 months in Vevay, Ind.

3b. George Scott Knox, b. Nov 21, 1856; d. May 7, 1922 in Pittsburgh, Pa. He 
married Lucy V. McNay on June 19, 1879. Lucy was born Nov 12, 1858 
near Waynesburg, Pa. She was a daughter of Samuel and Priscilla 
(Norford) McNay. 

They had three children:

3b-1 Eileen Anna Knox, b. May 6, 1880. She graduated from the School 
of Industrial Arts, Philadelphia, in 1901. She resides in 
Pittsburgh as a decorator and Art teacher.
3b-2 Amy M. Knox, b. Aug 21, 1881. Graduated from Children's 
Hospital, Philadelphia in 1911 and has since continued as
a nurse in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.
3b-3 John McNay Knox, b. Sept 11, 1885, married Helen Spangler in 
Pittsburgh, Jan 1919. They live in York, Pa. and have two children: 
3b-3a Mary Helen Knox
3b-3b John Spangler Knox
John McNay Knox is a machinist.
George Scott Knox attended Mt. Union College, Alliance, Ohio, and later
engaged in the mercantile business, then returned to Pittsburgh. He is
buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Pittsburgh.


-- -- --

3c. John Edgar Knox, b. May 5, 1859; d. Dec 7, 1861
3d. Isaac Havely Knox, b. Apr 23, 1862; d. Oct 16, 1919, buried in Oakmont 
cemetery, Waynesburg, Pa. He married Theodosia B. Waddell on Sept 15, 
1886. She was a daughter of George and Caroline (Throckmorton) 
Waddell. She was born Jan 1, 1864 in Waynesburg. Both are graduates of 
Waynesburg College. Isaac became owner and editor of the Waynesburg 
Republican in 1883 and continued in business until his death, a period of 36 
years. Since that time, his wife, Theodosia, has edited the paper and has been
in charge of the business. (1919-1934) 
Their children:

3d-1. Paul Waddell Knox, b. May 28, 1891 in Waynesburg. He graduated 
from Waynesburg College Class of 1913 and from Yale University 
in 1914, and completed the law course at Yale Law School in 1916.
He is practicing in his profession in Philadelphia. He married 
Florence Welsh of Passaic, N.J. on Oct 18, 1919. She was a 
daughter of William and Josephine (Felix) Welsh and was born Aug 
24, 1893. Her ancestors came to America from Denmark. Florence
attended Vassar College two years and was graduated from
Teacher's College, Columbia University. 
Their three children:
3d-1a. Patricia Alden Knox, b. Apr 9, 1923.
3d-1b. John Paul Knox, b. Dec 5, 1927.
3d-1c. Richard Havely Knox, b. Oct 4, 1929.

3d-2 Mariam Havely Knox, b. Oct 28, 1871 [sic See Note]. Graduated from Waynesburg 
College School of Music. Attended Wells College of Aurora, N.Y. 
and graduated from Barnard College, Columbia University. Also 
took special work in English in graduate school of Columbia.

[JMP NOTE: Birth date for Miriam as shown on the original. 1900 census
for Waynesburg, Greene Co, PA shows she was born Oct 1897.
She is listed with brother Paul b. May 1891 and parents.]
3e. Elizabeth Knox, b. Jan 26, 1864; d. Feb 3, 1864.

3f. Ethalinda Jane Knox, b. Aug 2, 1865; d. Aug 16, 1880.

3g. Mollie Buchanan Knox, b. Jan 24, 1870, lived at home with her father, and 
on Sept 3, 1891, they moved to Waynesburg and has been assistant editor of 
the Waynesburg Republican for a number of years. (Note: This doesn't say 
whether it means Mollie or her father.)

3h. Thomas Stout Knox, b. June 12, 1872, has been employed at the 
Waynesburg Republican since Jan 23, 1889. He married Ursula Baynes on 
Sept 11, 1909. She was born Jan 28, 1874 and a daughter of Charles W. and 
Elizabeth (Myers) Baynes of Waynesburg. She died Nov 6, 1932 and is 
buried in Greene County Memorial Park near Jefferson, Pa. 
Their children:
All graduates of Margaret Beck Miller High School in Waynesburg.

3h-1. Thomas Baynes Knox, b. Aug 4, 1912.
3h-2. Charles Havely Knox, b. Oct 27, 1914.
3h-3. Elizabeth Myers Knox, b. Sept 1, 1916.


4. Amy Ann Havely, fourth daughter of Isaac and Amy Havely, was born in
1835. She married Charles Jones about 1851. They lived in Bethany, WV
in the Jones homestead, on Castleman's Run, where Mr. Jones conducted a general
store and grist mill until his death.

They had three children:

4a. Amy Jones, b. ca 1852, married (1) William Moss. They lived in
Philadelphia. Amy married (2) William McCleary and they lived in West
Alexander, Pa.

4a-1. William Moss, married Laura Chedister. They lived in Philadelphia.
4a-2. Avery Havely (?Jones/Moss/McCleary?), died young.
4a-3. Elmer (?Jones/Moss/McCleary?) Elmer has always lived in the family
home near Bethany, WV. He is married and has several children [See Note].

[JMP NOTE: Elmer shows on the 1880 census as son of Amy Ann Havely and Charles Jones, age 20, and is not a child of daughter Amy Jones as shown above.
Also census shows Willie L. Moss, grandson, age 8.
1900 > WEST VIRGINIA > BROOKE > BUFFALO TWP Series: T623 Roll: 1756 Page: 207
Shows Elmer Jones age 36, born about 1864, married to Clara B. ____, b. Jun 1864 PA. children, born WV: Marvin R., Jul 1893; Harry M., Nov 1894; Elmer E., May 1900.]

Amy [Jones] married (3) Henry D. Miller of Pittsburgh. They lived and
died in Philadelphia.
5. William Bramwell Havely, son of Isaac and Amy Havely, b. Mar 25, 1838; d. May 20, 1848.

After the death of Isaac Havely, his widow, Amy, married Thomas P. R. Stout of 
Clarksburg, WV. They lived and died in the Havely homestead in East Finley Twp. 
They had 3 sons: Barnet, Thomas Asbury and Joshua all deceased. Asbury Stout 
inherited the farm of 320 acres and allowed the old homestead to go to ruins.

This ends the family of Isaac and Amy (Allen) Havely.


-- -- --

CHARLES HAVELY, son of William and Hannah (DeHaven) Havely, was born, Mar 1806, in Frederick Co., Va. He married Elizabeth Hazlett in New Martinsville, WV., in 1835. Charles was a captain on an Ohio River steamboat. He and his family lived in Evansville, Ind. for a time, and in 1844 removed to Cincinnati, Ohio, where in 1850, during the cholera epidemic, Charles went out to help and care for the sick. He was taken ill of the disease and died, leaving his wife and seven children. Charles and his wife are buried in Spring Grove cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Their children:

1. Mary Jane Havely, b. 1836, New Martinsville, WV.; d. 1901, Cincinnati,
Ohio. In 1854, she married Hiram Joy Vinton, captain of a Cincinnati-Memphis boat
on the Ohio River. He was b. 1830 in Asbury, Mass and d. 1907, Oak Park, Ill.
Their children:

1a. Elizabeth Vinton, b. 1856; d. 1923, unmarried.
1b. Mary Jane Vinton, b. 1858; married in 1877, E. J. Cady, and lived in River 
Forest, Ill. Their children:
1b-1. Hazel Joy Cady.
1b-2. Ruth Havely Cady.
[NOTE: 1900 > ILLINOIS > COOK > 12-WD CHICAGO Series: T623 Roll: 260 Page: 190 lists family of E. J. Cady born IN, Mar 1855; Mary b. OH Jan 1860 m. 21y 4 children, 2 living Hazel b. IL Jun 1886; Ruth b. IL Mar 1890; a brother of Mary Vinton, J. W., b. OH Jul 1865 is living with them, he is not a child of Charles P. Vinton as shown below. The 1910 census reveals E. J. CADY as Elisha J., and Mary's sister, Elizabeth is living with them.]
1c. Edward Mills Vinton, b. 1860, died in infancy.
1d. Frances Howard Vinton, b. [OH, Sep] 1861, married Gardner T. Eames [b. Mar 1852, MI]. Lived in 
Kalamazoo, Mich. Frances died in 1924 in Oak Park, Ill. They had one
son who died in infancy.
1e. Charles Pierce Vinton, b. 1863, married Florence Hazelton, lives in Bond
Hill, Cincinnati. Their children:
1e-1. Rosemonde Vinton.
1e-2. Charles Vinton.
1e-3. Georgia Vinton.
1e-4. Lucy Vinton.
1e-5. John W. Vinton, b. (?1865?); married Gertrude Pederson. Lives in 
Chicago. No children. [Son of Hiram and Mary Vinton, NOT Charles as shown.]

2. Hannah Elizabeth Havely, b. 1838; d. 1890; married Charles Butterfield. 
Had two sons, both deceased.

3. William Thomas Havely, b. 1840; d. 1923; married and lived in California.

4. Isaac Dehaven Havely, b. 1842, Cincinnati; d. 1880, unmarried.

5. Margaret Anne Havely, b. 1844 in Evansville, Ind., married Benjamin
Franklin Sayer [Sayers] of Waynesburg, Pa. on Feb 9, 1860. Benjamin was b. May 11,
1836; d. Aug 1, 1922. Margaret d. May 15, 1890. For several years after their
marriage, they lived on a farm in Franklin Twp., Greene Co., Pa. on the
WayneNancy Maria Dunlevysburg-Jefferson Road; and for two years resided in Bridgeport, one mile
east of Waynesburg. Then they removed to Waynesburg where they lived the
remainder of their lives. Both are buried in Green Mount cemetery,

Their children:


-- -- --

5a- Annie Elizabeth Sayers, b. 30 Nov 1860; d. 12 Feb 1886.
5b- William Reynolds Sayers, b. 27 Nov 1863, d. 3 Oct 1867.
5c- Charles Havely Sayers, b. 21 Nov 1864; marr. Emma Hedges in 
Central City, Neb. on 23 Dec 1892, where they have since resided.
Their children:

5c1- Benjamin Franklin Sayers, b. 26 Dec 1892; marr. 4 Feb 1914.
[Maud M. b. NE, 1896 per 1920 census]

5c1a- Charles Franklin Sayers, b. 13 Dec 1914.
5c1b- Marjorie Marie Sayers, b. 5 Nov 1916, deceased.
5c1c- Cora Maxine Sayers, b. 3 Apr 1918.
5c1d- Donna Jean Sayers, b. 30 May 1925.

5c2- William Raymond Sayers, b. 10 May 1894.
5c3- Charles Havely Sayers, b. 29 Jul 1895; marr. Eva Thomasvic, 
23 Jul 1933 at York, Neb.

5d. Lewis Wetzel Sayers, b. 3 Dec 1866; marr. Sallie Adams Cooke, d/o 
Arthur Inghram and Belle (Adams) Cooke on 27 Feb 1902. Lewis read 
Law in the office of Attorney James E. Sayers, of Waynesburg and was 
admitted to practice law at the Greene Co. bar in 1894. He has since 
continued to practice law in Waynesburg. Their children:

5d1- Margaret Belle Sayers, b. 31 Dec 1902, a graduate of Chicago
University, marr. Fred S. Hitchens on 21 Sept 1927, who is an 
attorney. They live in McKeesport and have one daughter:

5d1a- Salley Ellen Hitchens, b. 28 Aug 1929.

5d2- Lewis Wetzel Sayers Jr., b. 25 Sept 1904, graduated from the S. S. 
Naval Academy at Annapolis, Md. in 1928. Holds position with 
Kendall Mfg. Co., Walpole, Mass.

5d3- Charles Cooke Sayers, b. 8 June 1909, graduated from Waynesburg
College; also attended Carnegie Institute of Technology and 
University of Pittsburgh. Married Alice Elizabeth Parks of
Waynesburg on 31 Dec 1932.

5e- Rebecca Adams Sayers, b. 20 May 1869, marr. E. [Elmer] W. Bloser on 15 Dec 
1891. Lives in Columbus, Ohio, where Mr. Bloser founded the Bloser
School of Penmanship. Their children:

5e1- Robert E. Bloser, b. 15 Sept 1892; marr. Henrietta Assian on 15 Dec 
1917. Lives in Columbus, OH. Children:

5e1a- Shirley Anne Bloser, b. 1 Oct 1919, d. 1939.
5e1b- Mary Lou Bloser, b. 7 June 1921.


-- -- --

5e2- Helen R. Bloser, b. Apr 1895; marr. David Ford Bailey in 1919. 
They live in Madison, Oh. Children:

5e2a- Phrocine Rebecca Bailey, b. 18 Sept 1920.
5e2b- Marian Lou Bailey, b. July 1922.
5e2c- David Ford Bailey, b. 17 Dec 1925.

5e3- Parker Z. Bloser, b. 16 Aug 1903; marr. Stella Holland on 16 Aug 
1930. They live in Columbus, OH, and have one daughter:

5a3a- Sonya Sayers Bloser, b. 30 Jan 1932.

5e4- Mary M. Bloser, b. 23 Mar 1909, is a student in Columbus High School.

5f- Benjamin Franklin Sayers Jr., b. 1874; d. 1879.

5g- Mollie Vinton Sayers, b. 30 June 1877; d. 12 July 1894.

Both Benjamin and Mollie are buried in Green Mount cem., Waynesburg, Pa.

6- Henrietta Havely, b. 1849; d. 23 Dec 1928 in Oak Park, Ill.; marr. (1) Hugh 
Geraghty in Cincinnati; marr. (2) Dr. O. W. Fenn of Akron, Oh.; marr. (3) 
George W. Rouse in Long Beach, Ca., about 1916.

[There is a handwritten note here that says: 7th ch was Matilda. CEK]
End of Charles Havely family.


-- -- --
ELIZABETH HAVELY, daughter of William and Hannah (DeHaven) Havely, was 
born, 8 March 1808, near Winchester, Va. and died, 10 June 1867, a few weeks after 
her mother's death. She married Anthony Dunlevy of Belle Vernon, Pa., who was a silk 
hat maker by trade. Later he became a boat builder. They lived in New Martinsville, 
WV., and later removed to Sistersville. After a few years they located in Wheeling, WV. 

Their children:
[NOTE: These five children of Elizabeth Havely and Anthonly Dunlevy appear on
later research of Lee Fraiglia in the 1960-80 time frame. He shows
seven additional children. Data on grandchildren are not in agreement
with Friaglia research.]
1. William Havely Dunlevy, died unmarried.
[Friaglia Research shows he married cousin, Margaret Dunlevy. Six children. JMP]
2. Mary Elizabeth Dunlevy, died unmarried.
3. Hannah DeHaven Dunlevy, marr. Thomas J. Gardner. [Read notes below first.]
Their children:
3a. John Gardner, marr. Eliza Richards.
3b. Sarah Jane Gardner, marr. Phillips Bail.
[NOTE: Friaglia research shows that Elizabeth Havely's daughter, Sarah Jane b. 1835,
married Philip Bail b. 1826. Supported by 1870 and 1880 census data. JMP].
3c. Anthony Charles Gardner, marr. Cynthia Zane.
3d. James Theodore Gardner.

[NOTE: Children of Hannah Dunlevy and Thomas J. Gardner above do not agree with those of Lee Friaglia, and census data researched by me. JMP]
1880 > WEST VIRGINIA > OHIO > RICHLANDS Series: T9 Roll: 1410 Page: 471 shows a Thos. J. Gardner b. 1825 and wife Hannah b. 1831,
both in VA, supports the Lee Friaglia list.]

4. Nancy Maria Dunlevy, b. 15 Sept 1841, near New Martinsville, WV., marr. (1) 
Ellis Cole, who was killed in the Battle of Gettysburg.
They had two children:

4a. Emma Cole, marr. Richard Dunn, living in Tiffin, OH. (1934)
4b. Lorina Cole, marr. Charles C. Cates, living in Charleston, WV. (1934)

Nancy married (2) Gustave A. Taylor and had five children:

4c. Edward Taylor, of Wheeling, WV.
4d. Archibald Taylor, of Wheeling, WV.
4e. Ida Taylor, marr. Herbert Brannon of Cal.
4f. H. Mendell Taylor, marr. Minnie Jones of Wheeling, WV.

Nancy is still living at age 92, (1934).

[NOTE: 1880 > WEST VIRGINIA > BRAXTON > HOLLY Series: T9 Roll: 1400 Page: 408 Shows this family with Cole and Taylor members.  An additional Taylor daughter, Elizabeth, is shown. JMP]
5. Martha Matilda Dunlevy, b. 12 Mar 1843, near New Martinsville, WV., marr. 
Grafton Beall of Wheeling. 
Their children:

5a. Alphene Beall, marr. Eleanor Smith of Brockton Ill. [also seen as Alpheus.]
5b. Lucia Beall, died young. [Lucien, male child on 1880 census]
5c. Dr. Maria Beall, marr. George V. Kramer of Ohio and CA.
5d. Bertha Beall is living at home with her mother who is 90 years of age (1934).
5e. Eliza H. Beall is a graduate nurse in the US Navy, Washington.
5f. Emma Beall, marr. Walter H. South of Morgantown, WV.
5g. Grafton Beall, is a Commander in the US Navy at Charleston, NC; marr. Kitty 
Carrington of Georgia. He died recently. (1934).

[NOTE: additional age and other data available on the 1880 through 1920 census.]
End of Elizabeth Havely & Anthony Dunlevy family.


-- -- --

SUSAN HAVELY, daughter of William and Hannah (DeHaven) Havely, was born, 27 May 1811 and died 4 Mar 1859 at Hillsboro, Iowa. She married David Patton on 9 Nov
1829, probably at the Havely homestead near Allenport, Washington Co., Pa. 
They later lived in Wheeling, WV and from there, in the spring of 1852, removed
to Hillsboro, Iowa. 

They had ten children:

1. Martha Patton, b. 4 Jan 1831, marr. (1) in 1855, Leonard Davis; (2) in 1865, Charles Pries.

2. William Patton, b. 29 June 1832.

3. Nancy Patton, b. 22 Nov 1835.

4. Ellen Patton, b. 6 Aug 1837; marr. John Wheatley.

5. Elizabeth Patton, b. 4 Nov 1839; d. 13 Jul 1915; married H. S. Jerrell on
18 Mar 1864. [Hezekiah on one census record.] 
They had four children:

5a- Dr. B. C. Jerrell of Oskaloosa, Iowa. [Dr. B. O. on census record]
5b- Dr. A. B. Jerrell of Aurora, Ill.
5c- Dr. C. O. Jerrell of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.
5d- Alfretta Havely Jerrell, never married.

6. Augusta B. Patton, b. 13 June 1842; d. 2 Nov 1911.

7. Margaret Patton, b. 23 Nov 1843; marr; _________ Bailey.

8. Rachel Patton, b. 11 Oct 1845; marr. Andrew Louden, 5 Nov 1865.

9. John Patton, b. 20 Jan 1848.

10. Hannah Patton, marr. William H. Weir, b. 10 Nov 1855.

End of Susan Havely and David Patton family.


-- -- --

Margaret married John Strickler. After his death, she married ________ Allen. She was known as a widow in 1887.

She had two children:
1. Samuel Benton Strickler, served in the Union Army 1861-65, marr. and had one daughter:
1a. Etta Henrietta Strickler, marr. Colin Campbell of Verdella, Barton Co., Mo.
2. William Strickler, died young.

Margaret died in Verdella, Mo., Jan 1897.

[NOTE: Lee Friaglia determined that Margaret was also a daughter of William D. Havely and Hannah Dehaven. Margaret was born 11 Dec 1812 in Washington Co, PA and died Jan. 1898.
1880 > MISSOURI > BARTON > BARTON CITY Series: T9 Roll: 673 Page: 383 ALLEN, Margaret age 68 born PA listed as a widow. Living with her are a Russell? CAMPBELL age 20 or 29 an orphan, working on the farm, and her granddaughter, Alfa E. STRICKLER, age 7]

Series: T623 Roll: 838 Page: 24


Colin L. head m w Aug 1863 36 M 5 OH Scot PA farmer
Alpha E wife w f Aug 1872 27 M 5y 2 2 MO PA Unk
William C son m w Oct 1879 20 S IN OH IN
Olive dau w f Sep 1882 17 S
Maggie W dau w f Sep 1885 14 S
Martha J dau w f Oct 1895 4 MO OH MO
Agnes E dau w f Dec 1898 1 S

-- -- -- 


-- -- --

MARY ANN HAVELY, daughter of William and Hannah (DeHaven) Havely, was born in 1815 in Washington Co., Pa. She married Andrew McEldowney of New
McMartinsville, WV. He died 3 Dec 1880, aged 77 yr. 10mo., and was buried in
Williams cemetery on the western side of New Martinsville. They lived on a
farm near New Martinsville and later had a hotel in that place where the New
Martinsville Bank is now, and near the wharf on the Ohio River. (Note: Their
children corrected from McEldowney records, the Havely History did not have
this part correct at all.)

1. Robert McEldowney, b. 1843; d. 1862 at 19 years.

2. William H. McEldowney, b. 1845; d. 3 May 1900; marr. Rhoda E. Robinson in 1864, from Noble Co., Ohio.

3. Samuel Jones McEldowney, b. 1852, New Martinsville; d. 8 Sept 1891, New Martinsville (tombstone: at age 39).

4. Hannah Jane "Jennie" McEldowney, b. 7 Jan 1854, New Martinsville; d. _______, 
Newport News, Va., marr. John N. Eskey on 22 Oct 1873, at age 23, b. 1853, Wheeling, WV. (Note: does this mean that John was "at age of 23"?)
[ED. NOTE: Census confusing: Hannah J. appears to be born 1855 on 1870 census, age 9 on 1860; and sister Etta states birth as Aug 1845 on 1900 census; age 28 on 1880.]
5. Etta H. McEldowney, b. 1855, New Martinsville, d. 11 Mar 1909, (tombstone: at age 54); marr. Wilson Shannan Wiley.

6. Francis Elwyn McEldowney, b. 1859, New Martinsville; d. 13 Apr 1926, same place, unmarried.
Note: All of the children of Andrew and Mary Ann except Hannah Jane, are buried in Williams cemetery, New Martinsville, WV.


-- -- --

WILLIAM DeHAVEN HAVELY, son of William and Hannah (DeHaven) Havely, was born, 25 Dec 1818 in Washington Co., Pa. He went to Wheeling while young and on 8 Sept 1841, he married Nancy McEldowney of New Martinsville. She inherited land across the Ohio River in Lee Twp., Monroe Co., Ohio, near Sardis, from her
father Robert McEldowney. Here they lived and had three sons:

1. Robert Havely, b. 1842, taught school in Wetzel Co., WV; joined the 15th WV Infantry in 1862 and soon became 1st Lt.; in April 1864 he was wounded at Meadow Bluff, WV in the southern part of the state. James, his brother, was a member of Capt. G. Bier's WV Volunteer Infantry and along with others, brought Robert home. He died on the way, and is buried in Sardis cemetery, Sardis, Ohio.

2. Anthony Havely, b. 1843, Sardis, Ohio. He was away from home when the Civil War broke out but managed to enter the service with his brothers. He was wounded in the knee, from which he suffered an infection that later caused his death on 4 Jan 1881. His wife was Hattie Duval of Clarington, Ohio. They had no children.

3. James M. Havely, b. 26 Jan 1845, was in the service as a private,
married Elizabeth Hoskins. James died 25 Apr 1906 and is buried at Sardis, Ohio.

They had one son:
3a. Anthony Havely.

William's wife Nancy died 28 July 1845, aged 31 yr, 5 mo, 12 da, according to her tombstone in Williams cemetery. In 1847, William married again, Jane
McEldowney, older sister of his first wife, at Alexander, Pa. They had five

4. Nancy Havely, b. 1848; marr. Washington Barnes, New Matamoras, Ohio. They had three [sic] children: [NOTE: Only two shown.]
4a. Chauncey Owen Barnes, b. 1873; d. 11 Dec 1907. He was run over by a streetcar in Los Angeles, Cal. 
He had four children:
** 4a1. Catherine E. Barnes, b. 27 Apr 1899; marr. John W. Wynn, lived in Sumner, Wash.
4a2. Chauncey Owen Barnes, b. 1900.
4a3. Michael A. Barnes, b. 16 June 1902.
4a4. Alice M. Barnes, b. 1904; marr. John Kelting. They lived in Oakland, Cal., as did Michael & Chauncey.
4b. Frank Barnes, marr. Hazel Wilby, he had four children:
4b1. Infant.
4b2. Myrtle Barnes.
4b3. Elate Barnes.
4b4. William Barnes.

They lived in Bizbee, AZ. William Barnes died in his early 20's, and was
buried in the family plot in Monrovia, CA. Hazel (Wilby) Barnes died there in

**Catherine Barnes and John Wynn had two children:

4a1a. Mary E. Wynn.
4a1b. William Owen Wynn.


5. John Havely, b. ca 1849. As a young man he went west; was finally heard from in 
The Dallas, Ore., later from Portland, Ore. All that is known of him.

[NOTE: John Havely on 1880 census, Fifteen-Mile, Wasco, Oregon, single, age 29. Also on POLK'S WASCO COUNTY DIRECTORY 1910 as a farmer.]
6. William McEldowney Havely, b. 24 Feb 1851, Lee Twp., near Sardis, Ohio. He 
lived with his brother, Anthony who had a general store in Sardis. William taught
school in Wetzel Co. near Martinsville. He died 12 Mar 1883, unmarried.

7. Owen DeHaven Havely, b. 8 Oct 1853. He stayed on the farm or old homeplace 
until he married Missouri Romick of Sardis, Ohio. She was a daughter of Henry
Romick, who was a mate on the boat Hudson, and gunboat, Alice, during the Civil 
War.  Henry's wife was Margaret McClelland. For a while, Owen was a farmer 
near Sardis. 

He and Missouri had three sons:

7a. Harry Havely, b. 2 Aug 1876; d. 7 Mar 1877, when his parents left for Kansas.
7b. Clark DeHaven Havely, b. Crawford Co., Ks; d. 10 May 1894.
**7c. Alonzo Owen Havely, b. 25 Feb 1884, Crawford Co., Ks.

The family lost a claim in Kansas and in 1894 returned to Pittsburgh to live with 
the Romicks. It was their desire to spend their remaining days in Sardis, Ohio 
where Owen and Missouri had spent their youth. Missouri died in 1921 and 
Owen, 1 May 1928. They were buried in the Havely plot in Sardis.

** Alonzo Havely married Emma Staube who died in 1910. 
They had one child:  
7c1. Helen Havely, b. 3 Dec 1904; marr. Grant Williams, no children.

                 Alonzo married (2) Clara S. Renne (author of the Havely History). 

They had three children:
7c2. Alonzo Henry Havely, b. 16 Jul 1914, Pittsburgh, Pa.
7c3. Jack Owen Havely, b. 27 Jan 1919.
7c4. Robert Steven Havely, b. 1 Sept 1922.
The father, Alonzo has held a position at the Colfax Station of the Duquesne 
Light Co. for 16 years. (1934).
8. George Havely, b. 1855, Wheeling, WV. The parents lived in Wheeling for a year 
then went back to their farm near Sardis. George was 11 years old when his
father left Wheeling for Kansas. George married Alice Dunlap of New
Martinsville, Kansas. They had one son who died in infancy. About 1876,
George, with Mel Paden, left for the west and was never heard from again.

William married a third time to Helen Tuttle in Crawford Co., Kansas. 
They had eight children:

9. Mattie Havely, b. 1867, d. 1867.
10. Carrie Havely, b. 17 June 1869, d. 21 Nov 1884.
11. Hattie Havely, b. 22 Feb 1871; d. 12 June 1892.


-- -- --

12. Alonson Tuttle Havely, b. 26 June 1872; marr. Marie Viet. They live (1934) 
in Garard, Ks., where Alonson has been a dentist for more than 30 years. They
adopted a daughter of his brother, Wesley Havely. (see below).

13. Wesley Havely, b. 24 May 1875, marr. (1), wife died leaving four daughters:

13a. Helen Havely, marr. ________ Cochran of Dodge City, Ks.
13b. Agnes Havely.
13c. Bernice Havely.
13d. Daisy Havely.
Wesley and his second wife now (1934) live in Ardmore, OK.
[NOTE: First wife is Daisey Pearl Oliver, and second Jennie ______.]

14. Lora K. Havely, b. 13 Oct 1877; marr. William Martin. They took up a claim in 
Oklahoma of what they call a "quarter section", about 160 acres. They now have
a whole section.

Their children:
14a. Faye Martin.
14b. Ranson Martin.
[NOTE: Census records show that Lora had 7 children, six living to maturity.]

15. Stephen Ranson Havely, b. 15 Feb 1879, marr. Carrie ________. 

They had one child:
15a. Juanita Havely.
Bernice Havely, #13c above, has always lived with Stephen and Carrie Havely. 
Steve has a responsible position with Sinclair Refining Co. in Kansas City,
Ks. He has lived in Kansas for a long time.

16. Helen Havely, b. 13 Apr 1881; marr. _________ Mitchell. They lived in Terrill, 
Texas. Helen died there Apr 1933.

William Havely died in 1902 in Terrill, Texas, later his body was brought to
Beulah, Ks for final burial.


-- -- --

ABIGAIL HAVELY, daughter of William and Hannah (DeHaven) Havely, was born in
1821 in Washington Co., Pa. She married Adam Rodecker in 1834, of Washington

Their children:

1. Rebecca Rodecker, marr. _________ Reed.
2. Nancy Rodecker, marr. _________ Ayler; d. in Bellflower, Mo.
3. Jennie Rodecker, marr. _________ Bulkley; d. in Portland, Ore.
4. William Rodecker, lived in Coffeyville, Ks.
5. John H. Rodecker, died in Parsons, Ks.
6. J. S. Rodecker, died in Denver, Col.
7. Phillips Murry Rodecker, b. 1847; d. 30 Jan 1930 in Kansas City, Mo. 
Survived by wife, Frances W. Rodecker and two daughters:
7a. Mrs. C. L. Greenwall, N. Platte, Neb.
7b. Mrs. C. E. Arnold, Tulsa, Oak. [sic]
8. Charles W. Rodecker, lives in Chicago, Ill. Children:
8a. Josephine Ables, Parsons, Ks.
8b. Ethel Marks, Council Grove, Ks.
9. George Rodecker, lives in Galesburg, Ill.
10. A daughter died in infancy.


-- -- -- 

ELIJAH HAVELY, son of William and Hannah (DeHaven) Havely, was born in 1823 in
Washington Co., Pa. and died in 1881 in Barrett, Ks. He married Ruth Whitten
in 1824 (?1842?).

[ED. NOTE: From earlier note, Elijah likely born 1814/15.]

1. Susanna Havely, b. 5 Nov 1843; d. 10 Mar 1846; buried in Howe's cemetery, Coal 
Center, Pa.
2. William Whitten Havely, b. 4 Sept 1845; d. June 1896; marr. Loraine Sylvester in 
Their children:
2a. John Havely.
2b. William Havely.
2c. Ruth Havely.
2d. Robert Havely.
2e. Kitty Havely.
2f. Elsie Havely.

This family lives in Wornica, OK. (1934)

3. Mary Jane Havely, b. 27 Apr 1848; marr. J. T. Hammond. 

3a. Arch Hammond.
3b. John Hammond.

4. Hannah Elizabeth Havely, b. 16 May 1851; marr. Robert Hillyer. One child:
4a. Bertha Hillyer.

5. Sara Samantha Havely, b. 19 Mar 1852; d. 15 Mar 1926; married Saymore Moser. 
Two children:
5a. Jennie Newton Moser.
5b. Elason Moser.

6. Virginia Havely, b. 7 Mar 1854; d. 21 Mar 1889; marr. David Warner Wells.

7. John Whitten Havely, b. 23 Sept 1857; d. 1 Aug 1913; married Nettie Wagor in 

Their children:

7a. Edith Havely, b. 1885; marr. R. R. Wiess.
7b. Ruth Havely, b. 1887; marr. C. D. Jillison, Manhattan, Ks.
7c. Chester W. Havely, b. 22 Apr 1905, Sabitha, Ks. 
7d. Lillian Havely, b. 1910.



-- -- --

ASA SHINN HAVELY, son of William and Hannah (DeHaven) Havely, was born, 23 Oct 1826 and died 15 July 1873. He married (1) Elizabeth A. Venus in 1846.

Their children:

1. William Winfield Havely, b. 28 Oct 1847, d. unmarried.
2. Virginia Ellen Havely, b. 5 Oct 1849; marr. Barney Johnson.

Asa married (2) Elizabeth Lane Wood in 1855. Their children:

3. Samuel Clark Havely, b. 14 Jan 1855; d. 30 Mar 1865.
[ED NOTE: Samuel is a child of Asa Shinn Havely and first wife, Elizabeth Ann Venus. Born 1852 per 1999 tombstone reading:
Samuel / son of A.S. and E.A. HAVELY / died March 29 1865 / Aged 13 yrs 2 months 15 days.]

4. Laura Elizabeth Havely, b. 1 May 1857; marr. Joseph Forney.

5. Callie Levada Havely, [b.] 21 Mar 1859; marr. William Lutes.
Their children:
5a. Levada Peppers (?)
5b. Olin Lutes.
5c. Eugene Lutes.

6. Adda Cornelia Havely, b. 29 Apr 1864, marr. Charles Getrost.
Their children:
6a. Ethel Elizabeth Getrost.
6b. Otto Charles Getrost.
6c. Russell William Getrost.

7. Harry A. Havely, b. 23 June 1866.

8. Cora Dell Havely, b. 12 June 1869, marr. James Cardell, no children.

Asa Shinn lived on the old Havely place all of his life, and rests on the knoll of this old farm. His tombstone bears the insignia of the Masonic Order. Most of his family rest close by.


-- -- -- 

OWEN DeHAVEN HAVELY, son of William and Hannah (DeHaven) Havely, was born in 1834 in Washington Co., Pa. He married Abigail Duff of Clarington, Ohio. About 1862 they migrated to Pettis Co., Mo.

[ED. NOTE: A cemetery reading of the Bethlehem Baptist Cemetery, Flat Creek Twp, Pettis Co., MO for Cpt. Owens D. Havely shows he died 5 Nov 1862, age 40 yrs, 1 mo, 12 da; 1860 census for O D HAVELEY gives his age as 37 and occupation as farmer. His birth date, 23 Sep 1822 based on tombstone data. He also migrated to Missouri early than 1862, as he appears on the 1860 in the Washington Twp, Pettis Co, MO census taken 19 Oct 1860, and child age 4 shown born MO. His widow and children are there in 1870. Abigail's age 27 on 1860 census, and 1870 as age 59. In 1880 she is age 49 in Sedalia. Abigail born OH.]

About six miles out of Sedalia on the "old 16th road", a tract of land known as the Owen D. Havely place is now (1934) owned by Mr. Jaynes of Pettis Co., Mo.

Owen Havely was a Captain in the Missouri Company E of the 7th Cavalry. He died on the battlefield in Cassville, Mo., on 5 Oct 1862, aged 28 years. His widow was a member of the Greenridge Church in Pettis Co.

1. Annette Havely, d. 1858; buried in the Havely lot in Sardis, Oh.
[ED. NOTE: Annette age 4 shows on 1860 census, with sister Josephine 3
and Edward 1, all born MO. 1870 shows widow Abbie with 
the bad age, Clara J., 12; Edwin, 11. Children are with their
mother on 1880 census, as Ed. C., age 21 and Carrie J., age 22.]

2. Josephine Havely.

3. Edward Havely, b. 1858; married Hattie Edwards. He was a postmaster and a 
dealer in lumber in Pettis Co., Mo.


END of 1934 Clara S. Havely book.


NOTES of Flo Dyke, Dehaven researcher of the 1960-90's.

In the summer of 1983, Helen (Havely) Williams sent me a sheaf of old letters from her stepmother, Clara S. Havely, written during the time that she and Helen's father, Alonzo Owen Havely, were working so hard to gather information for her book HAVELY HISTORY, published in 1934.

It is unbelievable the amount of letter writing, miles of auto travelling and train travelling, personal interviewing, and the hundreds of questions that Clara recruited Helen's help in answering, by searching records in the courthouse and personal contacts in and around the New Martinsville and Sardis,
Ohio area.

Clara and Alonzo roamed all over the hills in Washington Co., Pa. and took many pictures, as well as talking to people. One of the outstanding pictures is that of William Havely's tombstone in Howe's Churchyard located between Coal Center and Allenport, Pa. This picture established the date of his death as
being Sept 30, 1840 and the Havely form of spelling he had adopted after coming west in 1812.

Among the points touched upon in the letters, which Helen received was the fact that Attorney West of New Martinsville was also working to establish the relationship of the McEldowneys to the DeHaven ancestor who had loaned the
money to the US Government and had given the Army wagon loads of provisions.

From one of Clara's letters to Helen Williams, the following is a direct quote:

"We will either go crazy with this DeHaven affair, or know all about it. A man to see us yesterday is a descendant of Mordecai, a nephew of Jacob 
DeHaven, he had the old Bible record from Norristown. This loan was made at their home, Valley Forge, their graves are in the cemetery there.

"Now if Pa (Owen D. Havely) will tell us what his grandfather's name was. I have the old dates and names from the first descendants and we will know exactly how Pa is related. And wasn't Pa's mother's name Nancy, now Pa will surely know that. (Pa's mother was Hannah Jane (McEldowney) Havely, who married William DeHaven Havely after Nancy's death. Nancy 
was Robert McEldowney's youngest daughter, Hannah Jane his oldest daughter, both are sisters of Andrew McEldowney who married Mary Ann 

"I'm sorry we ever asked Yost a thing. Besides we have Jacob's two brother's birth and date and his father. They came over from France long before this war. They were farmers. But we know Jacob never married, the descendants came down from Jacob's two brothers. I have their names down to his nephews. Then it will be more interesting to know just how it is related.



"This loan was made through Robert Morrison soliciting loans for George Washington. You have read about Morrison in history. Another brother 
besides Jacob made a smaller loan, but the government paid him off with script and Jacob refused his script, so that's how Jacob's loan runs on. Jacob became a bum."
Rumor has it that all of these papers were "misplaced" or disappeared in 
some manner from Morrison's records.


Peter DeHaven married Abigail West on 1 Jan 1764 in St. Michael's Lutheran Church, Germantown, and was then a German church.

A deed dated 1769, Worcester Twp. discloses the fact that they lived in
Bucks Co. at that time. They went to live in Frederick Co., Va. about 1790. 
The farm was near Gainesboro, Va., Frederick Co. where they lived in a log
cabin. In 1816, Peter sold land to his son, John. Abigail, his wife, did not
sign this deed, so she may have been dead. 

Rachel, born about 1769-70, had a son whom she named West DeHaven. He inherited the old Peter DeHaven homestead. His will gives this old place to his daughter, Mary, who married Stewart Campbell, living there today (1934); wife Mary is dead. 

Peter DeHaven's children lived near him and all are buried near
Gainesboro, Va. William who was killed with a team of horses, is buried in
Ganostown, Va.

Peter's son, Isaac, born 25 Apr 1765, married Susannah Branaway, and lived near his father's home, where Abigail Phillips (his youngest daughter) said, "they were raised close neighbors". However, Abigail Phillips wrote Mary Havely Vinton, who also said in a letter dated Cincinnati, Ohio, 1888:
"Abigail's father, Isaac DeHaven went to war to keep his father, Peter, from
going in". A record of Peter's oath of allegiance passed the 13th day of June
1777, with his seal or signature and signed by W. Knogliser. 

Isaac, b. 1765, son of Peter DeHaven died Aug 25, 1838, in West DeHaven's home. This date is given by the Hon. David DeHaven of Memphis, Tenn. Isaac and his wife, Susanna are buried in Gainesboro, Va. although there is no marker for Isaac.

Hannah DeHaven, eldest daughter of Isaac and her husband, William Havely,
left Frederick Co., Va. to live in Washington Co., Pa., it is said, to avoid
going in 1812 war. The other children soon followed. Rachel Shimp lived in
Moundsville, WV.; William, b. 1789, moved to Dayton, Ohio; Susannah Wolfe lived in Washington Co., Pa., d. 1846. Her granddaughter, Hannah [ED. Susannah, 1895 Deh Club] Wolf Ward lived in California, Pa., d. Sept 1932 at the age of 90 years. Isaac, b. 1794, and his brother, Job lived and died in Gainesboro, Va., Abigail Phillips in Beallville, Monroe Co., Ohio.

Isaac DeHaven, 1794, son of Isaac, 1765, his son, 1837 [sic] and son Dorsey, were known to have had the Peter DeHaven bible and his papers of allegiance in the 80's in Virginia.


[Some included papers, likely prepared and typed by FLO DYKE]


Pittsburgh, Dec. 1 (AP) - Repayment of a $400,000 loan said to have been made by Jacob DeHaven, Colonial patriot, to George Washington for military supplies during the Revolutionary War, will be sought of the present government, heirs here of the DeHaven estate, was announced today.

Owen Haverly, a resident of West Virginia is the closest living descendant of
the patriot, of whose niece he is the grandson. Haverly's son, Alonzo O.
Haverly of Pittsburgh, said documents of DeHaven, now in the hands of
relatives, revealed the loan which was credited with aiding greatly the
Americans in their fight for freedom. The documents revealed that Washington promised to repay the loan, but threw no light on why this was not done.

Descendants of DeHaven living in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Kansas have solicited the aid of Congressman M. Clyde Kelly of WV., and Carl Bachman of WV., in pressing their claim against the government.


Washington, Sept 9 (AP) - The United States was urged today to repay $50,000 lent by a Pennsylvanian in 1777 to help the striving Revolutionary Army through the bitter winter at Valley Forge.

It's not the money, it's the obligation to pay an old debt of honor that should
prompt the government to "ante up" says Rep. Thomas M. Pelly (R. Wash.)



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