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Pinecrest Memorial Park and Garden Mausoleum
7401 Highway 5 North
Alexander, Saline County, Arkansas

pinecrest cemetery gate

This is a partial transcription only and not certain I will ever get this cemetery totally transcribed.   The cemetery is located on Highway 5 between Bryant and the Pulaski County line.

Pinecrest Memorial Park and Garden Mausoleum was founded in 1929 by John C. Thomas, Sr., and is located at the geographical center of the State of Arkansas. The cemetery contains 220 acres with approximately 100 acres developed. There are 22 gardens, lawn crypts, mausoleums, a family estate garden, cremation gardens and many other feature gardens. Many of the gardens have features that were hand carved and imported from Carra, Italy. The Veterans Field of Honor (two gardens) allow survivors of armed services veterans to commemorate their loved ones. American Flags are proudly displayed when there is a Veteran service, on Memorial Day, Flag Day and Veterans Day. The statute of the four branches of services honors all veterans.

My own comments will be shown with brackets [] before and after.  Please contact me regarding any questions or comments. I have made every effort to input this information correctly but please let me know if you have any additions or corrections.  There may be times that a "bench" may be shown more than once.  I have, at times, shown it with a family name entry to make it easier to find the gravestone and then again where it actually is within a row.

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The following are links to the various sections of the cemetery

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I will be using this page to post burials from obituaries. I intend to remove them from this page if I find them in a particular section of the cemetery, and they will then be placed on that page. I might miss the entry on this page, however, and they could be on both pages. Please be sure to check back for these postings. Sources for these obituaries are as follows:

ADG     Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Little Rock
AFH      Ashby Funeral Home online
BC        Benton Courier, Benton
DDFH    Dial and Dudley Funeral Home online
GFH      Gross Funeral Home online
GLFH    Griffin Leggett Funeral Home online
HSFH    Hot Springs Funeral Home online
HFH      Huson Funeral Home online
NLRFH  North Little Rock Funeral Home online
PHFH    Peaceful Haven Funeral Home online
RCFH    Roller Funeral Home online - Chenal
RBFH    Roller-Ballard Funeral Home online
SBFH    Smith-Benton Funeral Home online
SC        Saline Courier, Benton
SR        Sentinel-Record, Hot Springs

Abercrombie, Margaret Jean Rich    08/27/1923-12/15/2010    (AFH)

Acree, Cathy Lee    05/23/1954-11/08/2010

Adams, Glynn Doyle    12/28/1931-07/14/2011    (AFH)  

Adams, James "Cap"    04/30/1924-02/03/2010    (AFH)

Adams, Jean Fitch    age 90-01/11/2014    (AFH)

Adams, Norma J. Fowler Rasmussen    09/21/1930-03/15/2012    (SC) 1

Allen, Carl B.    06/25/1920-11/07/2008    (BC)

Allen, Ernest "Bud"    age 76-12/15/2002    (BC)

Allen, Lillian Vaught    02/27/1925-04/04/2010    (RBFH)

Anderson, Alice Ann LaMier    02/13/1918-08/30/2011    (GFH)

Andrews, Loy Lee    03/17/1924-10/30/2010    (ADG)

Arjmandi, Zajorus    06/30/1987-06/03/2011    (HFH)

Armstrong, James Mike    06/11/1946-01/19/2010    (DDFH)

Arnold, Leonice Bundy Bailey    03/17/1921-11/26/2010    (RBFH)

Atchley, Marcia Ann Gillmore    05/08/1954-06/23/2012    (SC)

Avaritt, Jo Dell Bullard    09/15/1932-06/06/2010    (AFH)

Baber, Sue Carol King    10/15/1933-08/13/2013    (AFH) 1

Bacon, Harry H.    03/15/1917-12/26/2009    (RBFH)

Bacon, Thelma H.    age 90-12/23/2009    (RBFH)

Ball, Kenneth Rae    06/05/1949-03/31/2012    (SC) 1

Ballentine, Evelyn Carey    08/24/1925-11/07/2009    (GLFH)

Barnes, Virginia Wilmuth Larson    SR    06/02/1934-01/30/1996    (SR)

Baxter, Mary Lynn Railey    01/28/1930-02/25/2011    (SC) 1

Baxter, William Justin    2010-04/28/2010    (SR)

Beasley, William Earl    12/16/1938-09/13/2009    (GLFH)

Beirne, Loretta Fletcher    10/22/1934-08/02/2014    (RBFH)

Bell, Dulcie Marie Shoptaw    03/25/1918-12/27/2008    (BC)

Bennett, Floyd Lee    10/20/1931-06/17/2012    (AFH)

Berry, Billie Mae Murphy    09/19/1921-03/25/2012    (AFH)

Berry, E. Jewel    03/24/1940-02/10/2011    (AFH)

Berry, Elmer Jewel    03/15/1920-01/16/2003    (BC) 1

Berry, Stephen Felton    07/02/1970-02/16/2014    (AFH)

Besancon, Marguerite Rosa    02/23/1914-05/31/2013    (SC) 1

Besancon, Patricia Ann Beck    01/21/1939-10/03/2010    (AFH)

Bishop, LaDonna Gail Bethea    01/23/1948-06/08/2009    (RBFH)

Bishop, Roy Elston    04/28/1928-07/08/2011    (AFH)

Blacklock, Reda Tull    06/29/1923-08/16/2009    (AFH)

Blacklock, Ruth "Curly" Redden    03/18/1927-09/24/2009    (AFH)

Blankenship, Wanda Glee Walden    10/22/1925-07/10/2009    (RBFH)

Bowers, Beverly Jeanne Bloemke    05/07/1932-06/12/2010    (RBFH)

Bowie, Luther Lee Jr.    12/22/1922-07/29/2009    (AFH)

Bradley, Benson    09/22/1915-12/18/2010    (SC)

Bradley, Larry Gene    10/18/1955-07/10/2009    (GLFH)

Bray, Ernest Cecil "Toot"    07/26/1918-05/22/2009    (AFH)

Breckinridge, Doris Jean Smith    09/19/1933-05/13/2009    (AFH)

Britton, Sharon Ava Mross    03/22/1938-02/26/2011    (GLFH)

Bromley, Jimmy L.    09/05/1947-02/08/2009    (BC)

Brown, Annie Jewel Anderson    03/22/1933-04/14/2011    (RBFH)

Brown, Anthony Glenn    10/27/1957-03/01/2007    (BC) 1

Brown, Jeanette A. Parker    04/29/1925-02/11/2010    (RBFH)

Brown, Lisa Adell    11/12/1963-10/28/2009    (RBFH)

Brown, Norman Eugene    05/08/1937-06/16/2012    (AFH)

Browning, Guy Burton    07/28/1926-07/22/2009    (DDFH)

Brumley, William Dalton    09/18/1932-09/01/2010    (RBFH)

Bryant, Larry Floyd    05/22/1961-05/26/2009    (SR)

Bryant, Mary Robinson    10/30/1942-07/13/2011    (AFH)

Burks, Frances Elizabeth Brown    11/26/1917-01/15/2010    (GLFH)

Burks, Melvin R.    04/11/1929-12/26/2011    (RBFH)

Burnett, Rickey Euall Eugene, Jr.    03/14/1987-03/03/2007    (BC) 1

Burns, Allie Kathleen    11/30/2009-09/26/2010    (AFH)

Burrow, Jennie    07/21/1981-04/08/2013    (RBFH)

Byrd, Beatrice "Bea" Allen    06/22/1925-06/01/2010    (RBFH)

Calfee, Donald Jarrard    03/28/1928-02/24/2011    (GLFH)

Callahan, Virginia Lee Settle    03/01/1928-12/28/2013    (RBFH)

Callison, Rhoma M. Fodge    11/30/1924-11/18/2010    (AFH)

Campbell, Jewell Miles    01/03/1915-11/19/2010    (SR)

Campbell, Steven "Pete"    01/09/1955-10/28/2010    (SR)

Carpenter, Ellen Beck    06/23/1915-05/06/2010    (AFH)

Carpenter, Kenneth Joe, Sr.    03/31/1929-05/19/2010    (RBFH)

Carter, Garlton    04/06/1940-09/07/2013    (AFH)

Carter, John Mark    04/19/1938-11/18/2009    (GLFH)

Case, Roy L. "Bo"    05/16/1942-10/20/2010    (SR)

Cates, Charles T., III    04/18/1922-05/20/2011    (AFH)

Caton, Alfred Ray "Owl"    10/25/1949-06/05/2010    (GLFH)

Caton, Lila June Hartley    08/01/1925-04/04/2012    (GLFH)

Caton, Thomas Henry    03/17/1931-09/27/2009    (RCFH)

Chambers, Jeff Davis (Rev.)    11/27/1905-12/30/2002    (BC)

Champagne, Norma Lee Connary    01/09/1927-12/24/2009    (RBFH)

Chang, Shi Chua    04/29/1924-07/20/2010    (GLFH)

Chenault, Margaret Ann Neely Flory    07/04/0000-03/24/2010    (AFH)

Cheshier, Evelyn Dollie Green    02/16/1916-05/26/2013    (SC) 1

Clift, Harlan Lee    06/07/1927-01/24/2011    (AFH) 1

Cohrt, Mary Nell Venable    02/05/1941-10/14/2009    (BC)

Colvert, Stephen Ashley    09/13/1950-08/22/2012    (RBFH)

Conrad, Kathryn Ann Morris    12/20/1952-09/05/2010    (DDFH)

Cook, Abbie Rose Hollinger    11/02/1931-10/02/2011    (AFH)

Coonce, Ruby Mae    09/02/1920-11/12/2010    (ADG)

Copeland, Katherine Ann Crofford    02/10/1967-10/07/2011    (AFH)

Copeland, Mary E.    age 85-12/31/2002    (BC)

Cordon, Edward John    08/03/1933-08/11/2009    (GLFH)    [he may be buried in Section 10]

Cox, Clisty Leo    12/17/1930-11/06/2008    (BC)

Cox, Eva Jean Burks    05/03/1929-08/26/2912    (RBFH)

Cox, Freda "Jimmie" Springstead    01/24/1918-09/07/2009    (HSFH)

Cox, Gladys Ruth Halpayne    11/17/1919-08/12/2012    (AFH)

Cozart, Betty J.    06/02/1930-07/09/2012    (SR)

Cozart, Burl B.    04/24/1928-08/08/2011    (SR)

Crabb, Frank Mills    (born Frank Wills)    03/26/1933-01/25/2013    (AFH)

Cragg, Reda Ann Riddling    06/17/1939-11/05/2008    (BC)

Crain, Louis M.    09/16/1926-11/22/2010    (RBFH)

Cremen, Deward H.    10/05/1921-02/03/2009    (BC)

Dacus, Una Grace Moore    09/04/1932-09/05/2014    (AFH)

Dains, Mary Elizabeth    06/05/1918-01/09/2010    (RBFH)

Davis, Carol Ann Karnes    01/10/1944-03/04/2010    (GLFH)

Davis, Deborah Ferrell    10/14/1958-10/10/2009    (AFH)

Davis, Doris Elizabeth Dix    age 73-08/01/1997    (BC)

Davis, Frederic Earnest    05/06/1920-04/26/2012    (AFH)

Davis, James D.    05/13/1946-02/21/2011    (SC) 1

Davis, Syble "Bay" Winfield    01/02/1922-07/30/2009    (GLFH)

Davis, William L.    age 67-01/21/1996    (SR)

Deaton, Billy J.    11/07/1925-09/01/2010    (RBFH)

Delavan, Patricia Charlotte Emily Seideman    03/17/1919-03/04/2010    (SR)

Dewberry, Sandy L. Wood    08/09/1946-07/10/2010    (RBFH)

Dick, John H.    06/02/1926-10/16/2009    (AFH)

Dixon, E. Leslie    07/04/1920-07/17/2012    (RBFH)

Donnor, Margaret Loraine Campbell    03/26/1924-10/01/2008    (BC)

Doolin, Fay Eugene    12/09/1933-07/01/2012    (SC)

Douglass, Oren D.    09/03/1918-12/23/2010    (SR)

Drake, Joel Bledsoe    age 86-05/03/1995    (BC)

Drennan, Ella Sue Hall    08/21/1919-12/29/2008    (BC)

Drennan, Ina Marie Hughes    11/16/1920-03/13/2012 (AFH)    [month of birth may be October] 1

Drew, Bobby Leroy    08/10/1935-10/10/2010    (GLFH)

Drown, Gayla Williams    02/19/1957-09/07/2009    (BC)

Edens, Marlin Conway    09/13/1922-09/05/2010    (SC)

Edwards, Danny Lee    12/23/1944-07/25/2011    (NLRFH)

Ellis, Alva Lee    12/09/1939-12/17/2010    (GLFH)

Ellis, Dorothy Knopf    09/20/1917-11/22/2009    (GLFH)   

Ellis, Ernest    08/23/1927-08/12/2009    (GLFH)

Ellis, Julia Emma Sue Edmonson    10/22/1930-10/04/2008    (BC)

Ellis, Sharon Lois Kelly    06/21/1945-06/20/2009    (BC)

Eshliman, Emmett Frank    September 25, 1956 - April 29, 2010    (RBFH)

Etien, Marguerite Helen "Margie"    02/26/1921-05/23/2012    (AFH) 1

Ettleman, James Howard    01/13/1934-01/23/2010    (AFH)

Evans, Anna Laura Venable    07/23/1923-09/07/2010    (GLFH)

Felts, Luther "Bud"    02/22/1934-11/21/2010    (ADG)

Ferguson, Rebecca Jean    11/01/1951-01/27/2010    (AFH)

Ferrell, Glen Otis    12/10/1933-08/09/2014    (AFH)

Ferrell, Sharlene Faye Grimmett    09/22/1944-10/11/2008    (BC)

Finley, James David "Dave"    12/13/1921-08/23/2010    (AFH)

Fisher, Coy Leslie    02/15/1918-08/09/2009    (DDFH)

Fisher, Vivian "Suzy"    06/11/1924-04/02/2009    (GLFH)

Fletcher, Edward G.    age 86-05/25/2013    (SC) 1

Floyd, Kenneth Jarrell    age 75-01/17/2010    (AFH)

Forrest, Hardy Wayne    07/26/1946-10/15/2008    (BC)

Fortner, Farris D (Lt. Col.)    03/12/1925-11/20/2010    (GLFH)

Fraleigh, Edith Bartels    10/07/1928-04/20/2011    (RBFH)

Frazier, Charles William    12/29/1929-12/03/2010    (ADG)

Frey, Linda M.    01/06/1940-04/01/2012    (SR)

Friend, Letha Mae Richards    03/09/1916-10/20/2010    (AFH)

Fullington, Glean E.    12/20/1930-01/06/2011    (AFH)

Galloway, Richard Wayne    12/06/1943-02/25/2011    (SC) 1

Gardner, Brenda Kaye    10/21/1960-12/03/2011    (PHFH)

Gardner, Harold E.    05/12/1930-10/04/2008    (BC)

Gardner, James Wesley    09/01/1938-07/18/2011    (AFH)

Garner, Burnice D.    07/22/1917-10/23/2010    (AFH)

Garner, Charlsie Faye Biggs    08/19/1921-01/07/2003    (BC) 1

Garner, Jimmie Dee Carlisle    01/31/1927-06/24/2009    (BC)

Garrett, Naomi Ruth Bragg    10/16/1929-09/16/2009    (BC)

Gattin, Margaret Lucille Brashier    07/11/1924-09/15/2011    (AFH)

Gigerich, Walter    11/02/1951-11/13/2010    (SR)

Gilmore, Jeannie Marie Marvin    04/06/1947-03/25/2010    (AFH)

Gleason, Mary Evelyn Evans    06/22/1919-11/27/2011    (AFH)

Golden, Jean McKinney    05/31/1927-08/30/2013    (SR)

Goode, David Allen    04/19/1949-08/14/2012    (SC) 1

Goodman, Sara Margaret Tomlinson    07/02/1937-02/01/2009    (BC)

Gough, Linda Pauline    01/08/1942-12/09/2010    (GLFH)

Grabowski, Norma J. Samples    08/18/1929-06/22/2010    (RBFH)

Grabowski, Simon Joseph    02/18/1923-01/11/2011    (SR)

Grace, Pat McKinney    04/11/1930-08/10/2012    (RBFH)

Grant, Estalee Young Scurlock    11/24/1916-07/11/2009    (AFH)

Green, Edith Janette Kruse    10/26/1945-05/16/2012    (AFH)   

Green, Eve Elias    03/30/1946-04/12/2010    (SR)

Green, Nellie Jean Shoemaker    10/29/1926-03/03/2010    (AFH)

Green, Norma "Nannie" Jones    age 89-08/02/2010    (AFH)

Green, Wilma Lou Myers    05/01/1926-06/24/2010    (RBFH)

Greening, Philip J.    08/02/1916-03/01/2011    (GLFH)

Greer, Thelma Ann Seale    07/19/1931-08/02/2010    (AFH) 

Griffin, Frieda Marr Justice    07/19/1924-06/13/2010    (RBFH)

Grissom, Arrie “Artie” Wade    08/08/1927-04/09/2010    (AFH)

Hall, Robert A. Sr.    08/11/1925-11/22/2010    (ADG)

Hall, Sybil Lee Arthur    09/10/1927-11/09/2010    (AFH)

Hamilton, Grace Jenkins    12/04/1915-05/20/2910    (AFH)

Hardin, Mike    07/14/1961-08/14/2012    (SC) 1

Hardin, Nellie Wheeler    08/04/1919-10/31/2010    (AFH)

Hare, Jesse Houston    10/11/1936-03/13/2011    (AFH)

Harlan, Herman "Bud"    04/14/1932-01/11/2013    (SR)

Harper, Warren Presley    02/27/1926-12/25/2009    (AFH)

Harrell, Clovis Juanita Duncan    10/26/1916-09/13/2013    (SC)

Harrison, Melba Jean Keene    02/25/1929-06/07/2009    (SR)

Hathcote, Bobby Glenn    07/12/1932-03/19/2013    (AFH)

Haynes, Jeffery Lee    02/01/1961-10/07/2009    (AFH)

Hays, Alma C.    09/20/1923-09/20/2009    (AFH)

Hays, Vivian Elise Richardson    09/28/1926-05/08/2012    (GLFH)

Healy, Thelma Louise Tucker Butcher    03/30/1925-11/14/2009    (GLFH)

Heer, Bobby Joe    07/21/1955-05/25/2011    (SC)

Hefner, Margaret Ann    02/17/1944-05/01/2009    (GLFH)

Hellen, Frank    11/10/1920-02/19/2010    (RBFH)

Helmich, Caroline Marie Funk    12/17/1927-05/21/2014    (SR)

Hembree, Dera Frazier    02/12/1923-10/20/2011    (SR)

Henderson, Susie E. Samons    03/15/1914-02/08/2011    (DDFH)

Hendricks, Chad Randall    10/14/1971-11/03/2009    (SR)

Henson, Charmelle Martin    07/26/1919-03/16/2010    (SR)

Henthorne, Helen Joyce Braswell    01/12/1932-08/08/2012    (SC) 1

Herndon, Marguerite Doyz    04/27/1919-12/31/2010    (SC) 1

Hethcox, Betty L. Tams    07/22/1925-02/23/2011    (SC) 1

Hickey, Helen Elizabeth Holland    01/12/1923-05/13/2011    (AFH)

Hill, Anna Louise Farchman    08/16/1908-02/28/2007    (BC) 1

Hines, Tyronza Faith Bradford    08/18/1941-05/30/2009    (GLFH)

Hinze, Kevin Mitchell    12/02/1961-05/13/2009    (RBFH)

Hobby, Calvin Monroe    05/22/1925-03/02/2012    (AFH)

Hogue, Peyton Wayne    10/23/1975-10/08/2008    (BC)

Holiman, Ben Harvey    09/28/1924-05/27/2011    (AFH)

Holley, James Isiah    05/02/1921-05/04/2009    (AFH)

Holliday, Theresa M. Pouchet    10/08/1928-01/05/2011    (AFH)

Homeyer, Curtis George    age 85-03/13/2012    (SR)

Honeycutt, William Wilson Sr.    08/11/1935-05/13/2011    (AFH)

Hoover, Judy Louise Wahlquist    03/27/1922-09/24/2010    (SR)

Hope, William Winborne Sr.    08/13/1935-05/25/2010    (AFH)

Horton, Jimmie D.    10/24/1928-07/15/2010    (BC)

Howard, Frank    age 76-12/06/2000    (BC)

Howard, James Gary    age 53-04/07/2012    (SC) 1

Howard, John William    02/26/1932-01/10/2011    (AFH) 1

Howard, Oleta Stroud    02/06/1923-08/23/2014    (AFH)

Hubmann, Adolf E.    age 78-11/10/2008    (BC)

Hudson, Pamela Denise    12/10/1956-11/28/2009    (DDFH)

Huey, Lois Frazier Jaggers    06/26/1919-05/18/2009    (BC)

Humbard, Earl E.    04/11/1915-03/06/2011    (SR)

Humbard, Jack Allen    02/12/1938-12/19/2002    (BC)

Humes, Joshua Clint    12/19/1983-10/16/2013    (AFH)

Irwin, Doris Elaine Main    10/25/1942-08/27/2011    (DDFH)

Irwin, Robert Bruce    12/12/1940-12/15/2009    (DDFH)

Isenhower, Marshall L. "Ike"    03/07/1918-01/05/2010    (RBFH)

Jackson, C. P.    06/07/1939-06/30/2011    (RBFH)

Jackson, Lee E.    05/16/1936-03/05/2012    (RBFH)

Jennings, Billie Catherine Rothenberger    09/08/1931-03/02/2010    (AFH)

Jennings, Edward Theo "Ted"    06/07/1929-12/17/2008    (BC)

Jennings, Erbie Lee    age 63-11/23/2010    (ADG)

Jennings, Otema Okla Davis    10/21/1921-09/23/2012    (SR)

Johnson, Raymond Davidson    02/24/1934-08/20/2010    (GLFH)

Jones, Cecil E.    age 79-10/09/1992    (BC)

Jones, Margaret Louise Lovel    11/20/1932-03/14/2015    (AFH)

Jones, Ruth C.    04/19/1934-08/31/2009    (BC)

Jones, Rosco Eugene "Gene"    07/02/1931-08/10/2014    (AFH)

Joslin, Albert L. "Junior"    04/08/1932-12/22/2009    (AFH)

Kauffman, Dianne Gale Velchoff    10/12/1947-11/28/2012    (AFH)

Keck, John Thomas    10/07/1924-04/06/2010    (RBFH)

Keisler, Floyd Dale    09/13/1937-09/24/2012    (RBFH)

Keith, Merrill D. Sr.    09/13/1934-09/06/2010    (SR)

Kelley, Margie Jean LaBeff    02/24/1934-06/24/2009    (GLFH)

Kennedy, Charles Fredrick    10/05/1926-07/26/2011    (RBFH)

Kimpel, Mary Davenport Wert    12/09/1922-08/01/2012    (SC) 1

Kimpel, Paul Henry, Jr.    11/21/1915-09/21/2012    (SC)

King, Charles Judson    12/25/1937-12/16/2009    (GLFH)

Kirkham, Patsy Ruth    08/04/1935-04/08/2012    (DDFH)

Kitchens, Michael V.    04/29/1954-09/28/2009    (AFH)

Knowles, Mary F. Nalls    08/07/1927-08/23/2010    (SC)

Krauss, Patsy Ruth Lovell    08/27/1942-12/23/2014    (AFH)

Kuandart, Shelia A.    03/01/1955-09/27/2008    (BC)

LaBarbera, Enrico Righetti    04/21/1921-01/27/2010    (RBFH)

LaBarbera, Sylvia Lee Stevens    08/16/1924-04/23/2012    (RBFH)

Lamb, Mary Arduengo    10/13/1922-08/01/2011    (SR)

Lancaster, Gladys Glasscock    08/04/1924-09/07/2010    (GLFH)

Lansdowne, Arthur G. "Peck"    06/08/1927-03/25/2010    (AFH)

Lattin, Rylie    2013-10/16/2013    (SC) 1

Lawhon, Marylin Jenelle Meador    11/27/1938-01/17/2009    (GLFH)

Lawrence, Gary Morgan    04/02/1951-07/25/2010    (GLFH)

Leighr, Mary M. Downes    03/02/1922-09/01/2010    (GLFH)

Lewis, Mabel A. Markel    07/21/1921-01/14/2003    (BC)

Lewis, Joseph Thomas Christopher    12/17/1941-07/21/2010    (DDFH)

Logan, Vernon Leslie "Butch"    10/20/1945-07/09/2009    (AFH)

Long, James T.    03/18/1926-01/09/2010    (SR)

Lovell, Billie Alderman    05/04/1928-12/24/2009    (AFH)

Lovell, John Franklin, Jr.    11/01/1935-11/26/2010    (AFH)

Lyles, Billy R.    10/04/1938-04/25/2010    (GLFH)

Malloy, Joseph Leo    06/10/1972    02/03/2010    (RBFH)

Manees, Ann Misenheimer    age 59-12/14/2002    (BC)

Marbury, Dixie Mary Land    01/16/1926-06/14/2011    (RBFH)

Martin, Betty Jo Cross    05/10/1957-12/13/2014    (SR)

Martin, Sammie Lee    09/21/1942-03/20/2014    (GLFH)

Mashburn, Marvell Woodward    12/17/1929-12/16/2011 (RBFH)

Mauldin, Willie H.    06/16/1934-03/28/2012    (SR)

McCown, John Charles, Sr.    03/17/1933-07/11/2012    (SC) 1

McCray, Jack R., Jr.    08/14/1952-05/15/2015    (SBFH)

McCray, Sylvia Garlington    07/16/1916-03/12/2012    (AFH) 1

McCullough, O. T.    11/15/1915-04/06/2010    (RBFH)

McGhee, Sallie Ann Adams    12/30/1935-08/05/2009    (AFH)

McGinty, Billy "B. R."    12/08/1933-01/09/2013

McHughs, James H.    07/17/1924-03/27/2014 (RBFH)

McMillin, Nancy Jayne Judkins    05/21/1940-02/28/2010    (GLFH)

McVay, Jefferson Davis    02/18/1942-02/14/2012    (AFH)

McWilliams, Carl Joseph    01/15/1918-10/29/2010    (ADG)

Miller, Steven Sean    age 36-09/09/2011    (SC) 1

Minnis, A. David    02/26/1945-05/10/2011    (SC)

Mitchell, Hiram Larry    01/14/1947-04/05/2010    (GLFH)

Moore, Deborah L. Ward    08/06/1940-02/08/2013    (AFH)

Moore, James H. "Arlie" Sr.    08/21/1921-08/20/2012    (AFH)

Moore, Michael Louis    01/19/1956-10/29/2009    (GLFH)

Moore, Orene Merchant    02/17/1929-01/28/2012    (AFH)

Moore, Robert Henry    07/17/1938-03/14/2011    (AFH)

Morgan, Gilbert Paul    04/22/1953-07/25/2011    (RBFH)

Morgan, Richard E.    02/19/1920-08/09/2013    (SR)

Morrison, John    08/11/1915-07/12/2012    (RBFH)

Morrow, Marsha Johnson    12/31/1952-04/20/2012    (AFH)

Mountjoy, William Joseph "Bill"    05/28/1935-01/12/2010    (GLFH)

Musteen, Kenneth Wayne    07/14/1949-06/30/2009    (AFH)

Myers, Dale Scott    06/05/1958-11/18/2009    (GLFH)

Naylor, Future Mae Goodman    09/30/1927-02/27/2014    (GLFH)

Neel, Ann Snider    04/11/1912-11/19/2008    (BC)

Newcomb, Franklin Filmore "Frank"    08/21/1921-06/12/2011    (BC)

Nicholson, Anna Lou Varner    10/16/1929-10/14/2010    (RBFH)

Nicholson, Hobart M. "Nick," Jr.    01/21/1926-09/25/2010    (RBFH)

Northern, Dalton L. "Buddy," Jr.    11/19/1946-06/10/2012    (SC) 1

Nutt, James E. "Jaybird" Jr.    12/30/1928-02/10/2009    (BC)

Opitz, Otis John    age 75-04/00/1975    (BC)

Owens, Pauline Bennett    04/06/1944-10/17/2010    (AFH)

Palmer, Ruby Jean Farrer    04/25/1942-04/18/2009    (DDFH)

Parker, Logan Hayes    05/21/1990-02/18/2012    (RBFH)

Patterson, Perry D.    12/19/1957-10/08/2011    (RBFH)

Permenter, Juley Ethel Barnes    11/23/1909-02/25/2011    (SC) 1

Perry, Gerald Andrew    03/30/1926-05/11/2013    (SC) 1

Perryman, Gerald W.    11/29/1924-09/15/2011    (SC) 1

Perryman, Mildred Ella Boyd    10/11/1925-09/15/2011    (RBFH)

Patterson, Carl Franklin "Pat"    age 89-12/20/1995    (BC)

Pevey, Bennie Mignon Handly    03/12/1926-04/05/2015    (AFH)

Phillips, George N.    02/02/1933-01/23/2013    (AFH)

Phillips, Jerry V.    03/12/1932-08/29/2010    (RBFH)

Phillips, Mary Tucker    10/23/1920-08/01/2013    (AFH)

Price, Helen Johnson    04/17/1933-05/30/2011    (AFH)

Plant, Fred Samuel "Bo"    08/26/1927-10/21/2010    (GLFH)

Polk, Margaret Matthews    02/14/1916-07/15/2009    (SR)

Porter, Willie Maxine Johnson    01/10/1923-04/25/2009    (GLFH)

Powell, David Lee    11/06/1942-09/30/2009    (GLFH)

Price, Mary Johnson    04/17/1933-05/30/2011    (SC)

Prickett, John Wesley    03/30/1931-08/26/2011    (AFH)

Prowell, Robert Eugene "Bob"    12/22/1940-10/10/2009    (RBFH)   

Purtle, Peggy King Pruitt    03/17/1932-03/11/2010    (AFH)

Puryear, Laura Elizabeth    01/16/1922-06/25/2010    (GLFH)

Ragan, Elizabeth Maxine Fowler Hines    10/22/1924-08/14/2013    (AFH) 1

Ragan, Martha Lee Deaton    08/09/1918-10/20/2010    (RBFH)

Rain, Charles Robert    04/04/1939-09/28/2009    (GLFH)

Ramirez, Pedro    03/14/1950-01/15/2010    (GLFH)

Ramsey, George Thomas    08/22/1918-02/06/2007    (AFH)

Ramsey, Reba Lucille Black Rasburry Pyne    01/26/1930-11/05/2008    (BC)

Ramsey, Vernelle Bishop    02/15/1923-03/04/2012    (AFH)

Rankin, Kimberly June    01/24/1964-05/25/2009    (BC)

Ray, Boyce Wayne    11/17/1932-10/31/2009    (AFH)

Redd, Annette Z.    04/08/1967-07/30/2009    (GLFH)

Renfro, Janet L. Alverson    03/11/1958-05/16/2011    (RBFH)

Restum, Edward    09/08/1945-02/07/2011    (AFH)

Reynolds, Lula Marie Huey    04/08/1917-09/16/2011    (SC) 1

Rhea, Maria Rebecca "Becky" Landeros    02/06/1943-07/27/2014    (AFH)

Rhoades, Emma Anna Lenz    04/08/1917-04/03/2010    (AFH)

Riddle, Robert Junior    02/18/1934-05/02/2009    (DDFH)

Riddle, William Howard "Billy"    01/09/1935-08/28/2009    (GLFH)

Riggs, Gerald W.    10/01/1938-06/09/2011    (AFH)

Ritchey, Donna Kaye Crouch    01/12/1945-04/20/2010    (AFH)

Roberts, Blanche E. Miller    07/06/1928-12/17/2010    (RBFH)

Robertson, Willie J.    04/06/1937-03/16/2012    (SC) 1

Roemer, Edwin Alan    08/01/1926-07/07/2010    (GLFH)   

Rowland, Michael Jay    01/20/1944-11/21/2009    (GLFH)

Rudder, Glenda Rash    12/04/1933-12/29/2010    (GLFH)

Rumbaugh, John Paul Jr.    09/13/1943-08/04/2009    (GLFH)

Rundel, Ed    11/25/1958-04/28/2011    (AFH)

Rupert, John H.    07/09/1945-07/02/2010    (GLFH)

Russ, Francis A. "Pete"    02/04/1925-01/07/2013    (RBFH)

Russ, Hazel Kriegbaum    03/23/1931-08/18/2013    (RBFH)

Rutherford, Horace H. Jr.    05/09/1928-09/14/2011    (SC) 1

Sanders, Bobby Eugene "Weasle"    04/24/1941-02/06/2009    (BC)

Saunders, Jean Cowden    06/11/1926-04/13/2011    (AFH)

Schell, Evelyn G. Swinford    04/17/1922-08/15/2011    (SR)

Scott, Kenneth Edward    06/10/1924-12/28/2013    (SR)

Scott, Phyllis Lines    08/30/1921-05/18/2912    (AFH)

Scott, Robert Cecil "Bob"    age 83-02/26/2011    (SR)

Scroggin, Ruth Gray Lansdowne    08/03/1921-05/29/2009    (SR)

Sellers, Curtis David    11/30/1944-08/10/2012    (SC)

Shipp, Marguerite Z. Narx    03/28/1925-02/16/2011    (AFH) 1

Shively, Dorothy E. Wingfield    04/12/1923-03/29/2013    (RBFH)

Shively, Paul S., Jr.    12/02/1922-04/10/2014    (RBFH)

Sigler, Doris Cassie Wright    01/15/1924-01/03/2014    (RBFH)

Simmons, Mary Jane    10/04/1918-May 16, 2010   (RBFH)

Simmons, Pansylon Jo    01/09/1929-12/21/2010    (AFH)

Singleton, Joseph Perry "J. P."    11/06/1923-06/15/2009    (RBFH)

Smith, Emma Lois    07/22/1928-10/14/2009    (RBFH)

Smith, Henry Stanley    02/16/1931-01/13/2003    (BC)

Smith, Larry Edward    12/27/1945-03/30/2009    (RBFH)

Smith, Marvie Marie    04/02/1928-11/30/2010    (GLFH)

Smith, Milton T.    08/20/1931-09/11/2013    (AFH)

Smith, Raymond J.    03/30/1932-04/14/2012    (RBFH) 1

Smith, Thomas E., Jr.    09/04/1929-04/11/2012    (AFH) 1

Snapp, Louis Deward    01/31/1929-05/23/2013    (SC) 1

Snow, Hollie Edgar    06/17/1918-06/16/2010    (AFH)

Snow, Ruth A. Mathews    age 91-03/28/2013    (AFH) 1

Spann, Clyde DeVoye    07/06/1920-11/03/2011    (RBFH)

Spence, Thelma Marie Westbrook    02/18/1919-11/19/2009    (AFH)

Stalpers, Frans Anthony    04/26/1939-01/18/2010    (GLFH)

Stapleton, Jackson Michael    infant-01/14/2011    (SC) 1

Starr, Ray    09/05/1927-03/10/2010    (GLFH)

Steele, Dean Cochran Steward    01/03/1915-06/21/2013    (AFH)

Steele, Samuel Edward    01/16/1932-12/11/2010    (AFH)

Steelman, Karston Lloyd    infant-10/04/2010    (GLFH)

Sterling, Robert Jackson, Sr.    11/26/1930-08/25/2009    (BC)

Stewart, Bonnie H. Jordan    01/16/1924-10/31/2009    (DDFH)

Stewart, Jerry Wayne    09/29/1946-07/10/2011    (AFH)

Stewart, Marsha Frances Smith    05/26/1950-02/16/2011    (AFH)    [The funeral home obituary also shows her name as Marsha Shipp; do not know which is correct.]

Stewart, Roy D.    09/04/1926-09/02/2012    (AFH)

Still, Lillian Grace    09/23/2010-09/23/2010    (AFH)

Still, Waylon Christopher    09/23/2010-09/23/2010    (AFH)

Stoecker, William Herbert "Bill"    09/17/1947-03/20/2013    (RBFH)

Stoll, Vada Busick    06/26/1920-11/01/2010    (AFH)

Stroud, Danny Ray    04/21/1960-01/10/2011    (RBFH)

Styles, Leamon Harold    02/13/1919-03/02/2007    (BC) 1

Sullivan, Ophelia Wise    09/11/1922-09/27/2008    (BC)

Swain, Lela Mattie    age 80-12/01/1985    (BC)

Sweeney, Edmund Joseph "Ned"    02/26/1941-03/27/2014    (GLFH)

Swift, Harold V.    age 70-12/19/1995    (BC)

Tackett, Charles E.    12/10/1933-11/23/2008    (BC)

Talley, Bill    05/01/1931-07/03/2012    (SR)

Thornell, Troyce Ann Jones    02/02/1954-06/28/2011

Thornton, Eva Henderson Huitt    08/17/1923-05/16/2012    (SR)

Tilford, Cheri Ann Smith    03/06/1962-11/05/2009    (GLFH)

Tiner, Jeanetta E. Williams    07/17/1944-03/31/2014    (AFH)   

Tiner, Julia Adelene    02/22/1935-11/04/2011    (AFH)

Tipton, Thelma I. Romine    11/01/1923-01/18/2010    (SR)

Townsend, Cameron Faith    07/18/2009-07/18/2009    (RBFH)

Townsend, Marie Elizabeth Vandercook    01/26/1921-12/11/2010    (AFH)

Tracy, Allie Mae Biggs    02/09/1925-01/06/2010    (AFH)

Turner, Briley Faith    10/11/2012-12/11/2012    (SR)

Tyler, Mary Ann Darlington    06/22/1929-10/10/2010    (GLFH)

Vaughan, Beulah Mae Ford    09/21/1924-04/28/2009    (AFH)

Vaughan, William C., Sr.    03/14/1928-01/24/2013    (AFH)

Waddle, Jeanette Jean    09/07/1936-10/13/2010    (RBFH)

Wages, Dewell Edwin "Junior" Jr.    08/29/1958-07/06/2010    (RBFH)

Wallace, Ruby Way    09/15/1944-06/17/2009    (RBFH)

Wallace, Tommy Watson    07/07/1926-05/16/2015    (RBFH)

Walther, Freda Ferguson    10/26/1917-07/19/2009    (GLFH)

Ward, Wayne W.    03/11/1931-01/22/2010    (AFH)

Warnke, Charles G. "Chuck"    07/24/1921-05/09/2004    (SR)

Warnke, Mildred Armetha "Metha" Holiman    12/31/1925-12/20/2014    (SR)

Waterloo, David Kincade    05/24/1938-04/26/2009    (GLFH)

Watkins, LaVern Gettinger    03/31/1924-09/04/2009    (SR)

Watson, David R.    12/27/1933-10/13/2009    (AFH)

Webb, Phyliss Ann    11/26/1946-03/05/2011    (SC)

Weiss, Martha Ann Phillips    age 33-08/00/1977    (BC)

Welsh, William "Bill"    07/17/1937-07/01/2012    (SC)

Westbrook, Pearl Christine Ausburn    03/14/1935-06/05/2012    (SC) 1

Westbrook, Robert Ervin    03/06/1932-09/08/2013    (AFH)

Westbrook, Robert Lee "Bob"    07/16/1922-05/28/2012    (SC) 1

Whatley, Charlotte Goss    10/08/1943-02/16/2012    (SC)

Whatley, George Auther    06/08/1943-08/05/2013    (SC)

Wheeler, William Ralph "Billy"    07/24/1951-09/15/2010    (GLFH)

White, Susie A. Rixse Wright    10/01/1921-04/23/2010    (SR)

Whitley, Larry Curtis    11/19/1940-08/19/2012    (SR)

Wilbanks, Patsy Ruth Bragg    10/05/1931-10/26/2009    (AFH)

Wiley, Alice Louise Zudar    01/27/1931-01/13/2014    (RBFH)

Wiley, Clarence    02/19/1929-11/01/2009    (RBFH)

Wilhelm, W. Richard    11/07/1922-05/11/2011    (RBFH, SC)

Wilkins, Melvin    10/05/1925-04/09/2014    (AFH)

Williams, Merrell J. Sr.    04/17/1930-01/13/2003    (BC)

Williamson, Doris Lorraine Mackey    08/20/1930-10/13/2008    (BC)

Willis, Charles S. "Chuck"    07/05/1933-10/04/2012    (SC)

Wills, Howard Cramer    06/10/1930-04/07/2010    (AFH)

Wilson, Alvin M. "Pete"    03/18/1925-05/23/2012   (AFH) 1

Wilson, Betty M.    age 79-02/09/2013    (SC) 1

Winkler, Alma Onice Avery    06/14/1921-07/05/2011    (AFH)

Woodall, Gladys L. Smith    05/11/1917-04/13/2010    (SR)

Woodruff, Harold Raymond    09/13/1933-07/24/2010    (AFH)

Woods, Maliyah Cassandra    03/05/2010-05/22/2010    (AFH)

Word, Marjorie Christene Williams    09/05/1928-11/06/2011    (AFH)

Wray, Margaret Louise    01/28/1925-12/07/2010    (AFH)

Wray, Royce William    02/08/1920-10/20/2012    (AFH)

Wright, John D. (Dr.)    08/15/1925-02/10/2012 (AFH)

Wright, Willie Rasbury    06/12/1906-08/06/2003    (SR)

Wyllia, Cecil W.    10/10/1955-07/05/2011    (AFH)

Yant, Mark Steven    10/26/1957-10/09/2011    (RBFH)

Yarberry, Randle A.    age 89-12/10/2011    (AFH)

Yarry, Wilma Mitchell    09/28/1927-07/13/2009    (RBFH)

Yates, Fred Allen    -09/02/2014    (AFH)

Yates, Herschel Dean    08/13/1930-02/16/2014    (GLFH)

Young, Flora K. Hurliman    08/04/1921-06/12/2011    (SC)

Zenone, John C.    02/26/1928-12/27/2013    (RBFH)

1  I have this particular obituary. When requesting the obituary, please show Pinecrest Cemetery Obituary Request as the subject; in the message please copy and paste the entire line from this page that you need so that I will know where to find the obituary in my files. If you cannot open a microsoft word file, please let me know in your email.