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Perryville Cemetery (partial listing)
also known as Ragsdale Cemetery
Perry County, Arkansas

Partially surveyed August 2008 by Patti Vance Hays

Perryville Cemetery

Take Aplin Road (west) off State Highway 9 in Perryville; turn left at the fairgrounds (Hickory Street); turn left on F Street; you will travel a short distance and then turn right through a field (you should be able to see the cemetery within a fence at that time).

My own comments will be shown with brackets [] before and after.  Please contact me regarding any questions or comments. I have made every effort to input this information correctly but please let me know if you have any additions or corrections.

Some of the names are linked to their tombstone photograph -- click on the name to see the photograph.  Most of the tombstone photos may be found on  The link to Rootsweb WCP is the link to my Rootsweb World Connect Project site.  If you should find an error on this page or my Rootsweb WCP or a link does not work, please email me as soon as possible.

The tombstone photographs are copyrighted by Patti Vance Hays.  You may use them for your personal use but not for publication in any medium.

Bennett, Gordon A.    08/05/1896-11/28/1947    Arkansas Pvt 15 BN Repl Tng Center World War I    | Rootsweb WCP

Bennett, Harold George    10/16/1940-12/29/1964    S Sgt US Army Executed as American POW Vietnam

Bennett, Paul Gordon    12/02/1923-04/17/1984    | Rootsweb WCP

Bennett, Pauline Rickman    09/23/1902-07/03/1978    | Rootsweb WCP

Bland, Ed F.    08/14/1891-02/12/1945    | Rootsweb WCP

Bland, Joe B.    09/16/1894-12/28/1968    | Rootsweb WCP

Bland, Joe Vernon    06/07/1919-12/07/1930    | Rootsweb WCP

Bland, John    12/16/1838-07/31/1919    | Rootsweb WCP
    Bland, Catherine    04/08/1854-12/29/1940    | Rootsweb WCP

Bland, Will C.    07/24/1873-06/22/1961    | Rootsweb WCP
    Bland, Mary L.    01/13/1874-05/12/1964    | Rootsweb WCP

Brazil, Erma Rae    01/15/1922-03/09/1999    married 12/05/1939
    Brazil, Eugene C.    11/08/1918-08/04/1995

Brazil, Hattie Tarvin    06/30/1888-05/27/1982    | Rootsweb WCP

Brazil, Joseph H.    03/09/1845-02/11/1911    | Rootsweb WCP

Brazil, Orval A.    07/19/1935-07/20/1935

Brazil, Oscar    04/07/1878-03/25/1955    | Rootsweb WCP

Caldwell, Herman B.    09/09/1917-06/20/1973
    Caldwell, Lucille B.    [no date of death shown]

Clifton, Mary J.    died 11/20/1889   

Colvin, George Berch    02/05/1877-11/18/1951    | Rootsweb WCP

Colvin, Mollie Bland    12/07/1875-12/23/1959    | Rootsweb WCP

Creasey, M. M.    03/04/1880-03/18/1946

Creasey, Mildred M.    01/05/1908-06/25/2002    Daughter
    Creasey, Nora Emily    06/07/1888-07/02/1979    Mother

Creasey, Nancy Jane    10/28/1849-12/12/1925

Creasey, W. O.    02/24/1911-07/29/1972

Dickson, Rosa Bland    09/21/1878-04/20/1915    | Rootsweb WCP

Drake, John Oliver    1864-1955

Drake, Louise V.    03/17/1868-09/22/1948    | Rootsweb WCP

Drake, Rebecca Mariah    | Rootsweb WCP [not certain this is her stone]

Dunn, Stanley B.    1906-1981
    Dunn, Velma    1917-1985

James, Alabama Newman    1846-1917    | Rootsweb WCP

James, George Honner    1847-1918    | Rootsweb WCP    [I believe his middle name was really Horner]

James, George H.    1873-1944    | Rootsweb WCP

Legg, John    [no dates]

McCoy, Vaunda Bennett    01/11/1926-05/21/1989    | Rootsweb WCP

McGahey, Bessie E. Creasey    07/11/1881-12/12/1941

Murray, Espian    1916-1917    | Rootsweb WCP

Murray, Jewell    1912-1913    | Rootsweb WCP

Murray, Violet    1910-1911    | Rootsweb WCP

Myers    [could not read name]

Myers, Christopher Ben    10/03/1905-12/02/1950

Myers, Glen Shepherd    03/21/1910-07/22/1941

Myers, James Palmer    [no date of death shown]    married 03/26/1955
    Myers, Jackie M. Paul    [no date of death shown]

Myers, Samuel R.    04/25/1860-08/21/1910

Paul, Grace Tarvin    02/11/1915-07/13/1986    | Rootsweb WCP

Paul, Howard M.    03/19/1912-03/19/1985    | Rootsweb WCP
    Paul, Dollie J.    09/04/1915-04/12/1972    | Rootsweb WCP

Paul, Howard M. "Buddy" Jr.    08/23/1948-10/16/2000    married 06/27/1970    | Rootsweb WCP
    Paul, Brenda Kay Parish    [no date of death shown]    Our Children Tricia, April and Brittany

Rickman, J. Jerry    06/09/1935-09/09/2004    US Army Korea

Rickman, Jerome    1847-1932
    Rickman, Nancy Susan    1858-1934

Rickman, Jessie Jaco    12/10/1904-11/04/1996
    Rickman, John    07/10/1895-09/18/1974

Rickman, Marcus Henderson    12/12/1878-09/18/1955    | Rootsweb WCP
    Rickman, Flossie "Dick" James    03/06/1882-01/11/1933    | Rootsweb WCP

Robinson, Hattie Bland    11/25/1880-09/15/1972    | Rootsweb WCP

Robinson, Rieff B.    09/02/1906-01/23/1961    | Rootsweb WCP

Robinson, Robert B.    09/25/1878-01/04/1944    | Rootsweb WCP

Sibley, Phyllis Merle    11/28/1940-09/18/2007
    Sibley, Alfred Messina    [no date of death shown]

Sorrels, Billy B.    09/16/1922-12/15/1963    Arkansas Y1 USNR World War II    | Rootsweb WCP

Sorrels, Jessie Bland    09/08/1886-09/30/1983    | Rootsweb WCP

Sorrels, Mary Catherine    03/05/1911-03/10/2000    | Rootsweb WCP

Sorrels, Vincent H.    02/22/1884-11/19/1953    | Rootsweb WCP

Spencer, Eva Tarvin    08/03/1893-01/04/1941    wife of S. H. Spencer

Spencer, Samuel Harvey    01/24/1886-01/16/1969

Tarvin, Harriet E.    08/03/1817-07/01/1902

Tarvin, Reddick P.    1842-1902    Arkansas Pvt Co G 2 Regt Ark Cav Confederate States Army

Tarvin, Syble Carter    03/26/1914-10/04/1999    married 03/10/1934
    Tarvin, Autry A.    01/31/1911-10/02/1990

Tarvin, W. L.    04/11/1860-08/14/1921

Thedford, Jennie Wallar    10/12/1884-08/13/1942

Thedford, Jewell E.    01/20/1913-03/05/1951

Tyler, Augustus    03/10/1842-09/11/1915    Capt Co D 21 Ark Inf Confederate States Army

Tyler, Nancy    12/01/1852-01/15/1892

Vance, E. H.    Co. G. 8th Mo Cav    [he was my gg-grandfather-his name was Enoch Harvey Vance]    | Rootsweb WCP

Vance, James A.    10/10/1849-10/17/1923    Atty.    | Rootsweb WCP

Vance, Lucy A.    1862-1935    | Rootsweb WCP

F. V.    [nothing else and in the plot with E. H., James, and Lucy Vance and another in the Vance plot that was totally illegible]

Walls, Verna    11/26/1883-06/03/1969    | Rootsweb WCP

Westlake, Curtis Reed "Bud"    08/05/1921-05/08/2004    MM1 US Navy World War II

Williams, Hubert    09/27/1939-04/07/1993    | Rootsweb WCP
    Williams, Janice    [no date of death shown] 

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