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New Cedar Glades Cemetery
Buckville, Garland County, Arkansas

New Cedar Glades Cemetery, Buckville, Garland County, Arkansas

The tombstone markers were photographed by Patti Vance Hays October 28, 2009.

GPS Coordinates: N 34.61490 W 93.34373

From pages 112-113 of Garland County, Arkansas Tombstone Inscriptions Western Volume II compiled by Inez E. Cline and Bobbie Jones McLane in 1969. This book may be found at the Melting Pot Genealogical Society:

The cemeteries on the top of the hill at "Bucktown U.S.A." were moved to this site in the middle 1950's by the Corps of Engineers, before Lake Ouachita was formed by the construction of Blakely Dam. Every effort was made by the Engineers to locate any authorized body to act for an on behalf of all the cemetery interests for the purpose of obtaining information regarding the selection of new sites. The next of kin, where found, were consulted and their views obtained concerning relocation and selection of new sites, and a majority of those interviewed expressed no objection to the plan of relocation. Since it was not possible to locate all the next of kin of those interred and as the exact number of graves was unknown, a court order was required authorizing the relocation of the cemeteries.
Prior to awarding the contract for the removal of bodies from the above-named cemeteries, releases were obtained from all known relatives of persons buried therein who could be interviewed granting the United States of America the right to remove the bodies to the new cemeteries. The U. S. District Court of the Western District of Arkansas on the 18th day of June 1952 entered an order authorizing and directing the removal of bodies found buried in the graves in these cemeteries--Cedar Glades, Pittman (Williamson) and Bradley, and their re-interment in the new location. The removal of the bodies was begun on 28 June 1952 under the supervision of the Resident Engineer, Blakely Mountain Reservoir Project, Hot Springs, Arkansas, and was completed 25 July 1952...
As you enter the first gate [there is no gate now], the first cemetery on your right ("F" on the plat furnished by Corps of Engineers) contains graves from the old Cedar Glades Cemetery, once located down the Ouachita River, approximately two miles form the present site. The area is now under Lake Ouachita. A few of the graves in this area were from Mount Pleasant (or Blakely) Cemetery, but the majority of graves from that site were moved to Mt. Valley Cemetery...
The next cemetery o the right (Block "D" & "E") was called by the Engineers, "Pittman Cemetery", but most of the old-timers known it as the Williamson Cemetery.
On the left at the curve (Block "A", "B" and "C") is the Bradley Cemetery and others moved from the area now covered by Lake Ouachita.

Many of the markers are totally illegible at this time. One must thank Ms. Cline and Ms. McLane for their huge undertaking of reading (and transcribing) these cemeteries (as well as the countless others). Their book should also be used for research as the book shows the former cemetery that the person was previously interred. There are times that the stone is illegible, and I have used the prior reading of Ms. Cline and Ms. McLane and will be annotated. I have put these in the order in which I photographed them, but I must note that I did not photograph in any grid pattern.

This reading is not very good I must admit, but many of the stones are gone or illegible; therefore, I did the best I could do.

At times I found several old funeral home markers or other stones tossed together in a pile. I have been told that someone attempted to mow the cemetery several years ago and did not realize the significance of the markers and moved them to make the mowing easier.

Shaw, E. H.    06/02/1866-04/16/1886

Talley, Samuel    05/03/1833-11/16/1887    (closeup)

Talley, Martha T.    -09/18/1880    aged 6 years 9 months 20 days
    Talley, Thomas J.    -12/28/1874    aged 4 years 1 month 26 days
    Talley, Mary E.    -08/27/____

Williams, Rufus M.    02/12/1876-05/10/1895    (closeup)

Kidd, Mrs. Ben (Dora)

Kidd, Ben    05/28/1866-03/18/1916    (closeup)

Beloate, Elizabeth    05/30/1866-09/27/1920    (closeup)

Beloate, Henry A.    08/15/1850-01/13/1919    (closeup)

Rogers, Wayne

Weaver Child (F82)

Cotnam, William J.    02/27/1869-09/05/1892    (closeup)

Cotnam, Andrew    04/04/1848-07/19/1892    (closeup)

Martin, John W.    04/28/1850-12/25/1891    husband of Sarah J.    (closeup)

Martin, Nancy    03/07/1855-11/23/1878    erected by her husband John W. Martin

McCloud, George W.    09/22/1840-12/05/1857    (closeup)

Golden, James    09/06/1870-08/04/1888    son of E. and R. G.    (closeup)

Ray, W. C.    04/07/1889-01/28/1928

Ray, Miss Lee    07/01/1924    age 52 years

Ray, John Frank    05/24/1892-09/12/1920    (closeup)

Henson, George Washington    05/08/1814-06/05/1857

Ray, Mary A.    03/15/1849-01/05/1918    (closeup)

several metal markers where the names are now illegible
Ray, Thomas J.*
Ray, Stiley*
Ray, James M.*

Ray, W. C.    06/30/1891-08/07/1891
Ray, J. D.    06/30/1891-08/11/1891

Ray, Josephine    09/26/1870-01/13/1891

Ray, William    03/01/1835-12/12/1903    husband of M. A. Ray    (closeup)

Martin, J. A.    02/23/1852    [dod is broken off - see the book for the date of death]


Martin, Martha C.    07/08/1860-11/20/1889    wife of James A. Martin

Martin, Joe S.    died 05/20/1883    [rest is illegible - see the book for the rest of the prior transcription]

Martin, Thomas J.    08/14/1858-11/03/1875

Martin, Rebecca    [her stone was broken - see the book for the rest of the prior transcription

Martin, Thomas L.    07/22/1825-04/08/1877    (closeup)

Martin, Rachel    died 04/08/1900 age 72 years    wife of T. L. Martin    (closeup)

Hall, Fred    1903-1905


Tree where Golden markers lie under

Golden, E.    05/07/1841-03/10/1901

Golden, R. C.    12/02/1841-03/24/1906

Golden, Crockett    03/13/1886-07/26/1902    son of E. and R. C.


Heath, William Phillip    09/17/1834 Massachusetts - 03/30/1888




Gated Plot
Freeman, Infant Daughter of J. W. and A. L.    08/2_/1880-09/__/1880
Freeman, Sarah _    died 08/15/1874    aged 14 ys 10 mos 4 days
Freeman, Ibbie A.    died 08/12/1874    aged 3 ys 4 mo 12 days

Freeman, Infant Daughter died _/15/1864 aged _
Freeman, Infant Son died 02/27/1873 aged _2 days
Freeman, Infant Son born and died 02/__/1873
    Children of J. and S. M. Freeman (closeup)

Freeman, Infant Son of __    _/1888-_/1888

Freeman, Infant Daughter of J. W. and _ Freeman    dates illegible

Gated Plot
Housley, George Whittington son of E. T. and Ada E.    _/07/1882-09/__/1884

Housley, Ethel daughter of E. T. and A. E.    _/-2/18_2-09/__/____

Illegible stone broken and lying on ground

Housley, George W.    died 03/14/1881    aged 62 years 10 months 26 days    (closeup)

Broken stone on ground

Several broken stones on ground

Housley, Stonewall J. son of George W. and Sarah J.    died 08/07/1881    aged 19 years 3 months 9 days

Housley, Sarah J.    11/26/1840-07/14/1887    wife of R. J.

Housley, Robert J.    died 09/26/1897    aged 57 years 7 months 12 days

Hall, James F.    1875-1902

Hall, William T.    09/15/1840-08/16/1906    Co L J Regt Tenn Cav


Dozier, Dora (F250)

Buttram, Johnnie A.    04/08/1901-11/21/1901

Buttram, Adah nee Ault    06/02/1880-04/13/1901

Selph Baby

Boyd, Elias B. M.D.    01/03/1826-02/12/1879
    Boyd, Margaret C.    09/06/1836-01/28/1889

Boyd, Mary M.    06/27/1869-09/15/1888
    Thompson, Anna Boyd    01/08/1858-11/14/1878

Daily, F. M.    08/13/1848-10/05/1880

Tidmore, H. M.    04/01/1846-02/10/1875

Tidmore, E. E.    12/01/1843-    [see the book for the date of death]

Boone, Parlie Sharp    06/27/1888-10/21/1916

Boone, James M.    11/06/1887-06/24/1888    son of C. S. and M. E. Boone

Boone, Elton Eugene    [see the book for dates - the stone that is there now has no dates]

Boone, Martha E. Spoon    02/03/1882-11/19/1913    (closeup)

Boone, Andrew J.    03/27/1876-08/19/1906    (closeup)

Boone, Columbus S.    10/11/1848-03/23/1905    (closeup)

Boone, Mary Elizabeth

Watkins, William H.

Watkins, Nellie    11/11/1846-04/26/1899    wife of William H.    (another)

Watkins, Charlie C.    02/09/1885-06/19/1900
    Watkins, William H.    12/10/1840-07/08/1902

Watkins, Unknown

Ritter, Emeliza    10/10/1855-04/16/1915    (closeup)

Bryan, William M.

Bryan, Mat

Rogers, Queen Bryan

Jackson, Mary A.    02/26/1869-12/17/1870    (closeup)

Jackson, Elisha    09/11/1867-09/15/1871    (closeup)

Smith, Samuel Lee    1871-1935

Gated Plot

Webb, B. F.    died 06/20/1880    aged 33 years 5 months 25 days

(unknown) - possibly a Webb

A. E. W. (footstone)    [see the book - it shows Elizabeth A. E. Webb - for dates]


Watkins, Dock R.    10/16/1879-06/15/1898    (closeup)

Numerous old funeral home markers in a pile

Plot - Murders/Richardson
Murders, Henry    1898-1927
    Richardson, Pearl    1904-1932

Bolt, Mrs. Bill    (F50)

Bolt, Bill    (F62)

Unknown    (both a granite marker and an old funeral home marker)

Noles, Paul T.    12/23/1920-07/18/1921

These stones were listed in the book, but I either did not see them or they were illegible. You should see the book for the dates.


Rogers, Jencie

Lanier, T. D.

Lanier, Lisey

Hutson, Lucy

Talley, J. E.

Talley, John Y.

Williamson, Ada

Johnson, Katie

Johnson, R. M.

Johnson, Johnie

Ryan, James Q.

Porter, William

Tucker, Child

Lynch, Benjamin E.

Lynch, Joseph S.

Housley, Ethel

Housley, Sarah J.

Fulton, Ada

Housley, Robert Jr.

Housley, Ira

Golden, William Ezekiel

Hall, Matilda

Dozier, Minerva

Ritter, Cornelius

Bates, Jim

Bates, Creighton

Wilson, Lola

Wilson, Sadie

Minton, Ethel

Thornton, Willye

Housley, Betty M.

Minton, Mary

Miller, Emma

There is a space and then some more gravesites (159)

Bradley, Laura Elizabeth    03/22/1918-03/22/1918

McGrew, Ruth (F-49)

Pittman, Ernest    5 Yrs Old

Pittman, Daniel Sr.    1920
    Martin, Martha C.    (F-80)

Smith, Mollie    died 11/06/1875    aged 1 month 18 days

Smith, Infant    died 12/25/1876    [see book for rest of information about marker]    (closeup)

Smith, Sarah    died 01/11/1883    aged 1 year 4 months 3 days

Housley, Sarah M.    01/27/1866-07/15/1868

Housley, Carra T.    01/11/1876-10/10/1876

Williamson, Malinda    died 04/16/1874    age 74

Williamson, William    died 11/04/1875    age 75

These stones were listed in the book, but I either did not see them or they were illegible. You should see the book for the dates.

Baggley, G. C.

Pittman, George W.

Bradley, Wilford

Williamson, Jeff

Pittman, Rosie

Williamson, Ora

Williamson, Mary

Williamson, Lee

Mahan, H. C.

Pittman, William

Housley, Margaret

Housley, Elizabeth

Smith, W. O.    CSA

Elder, W. B.

Elder, M.

Housley, Polly Ann

Housley, Emily

Housley, Bud

Housley, Lee

Housley, Laura R.

Housley, Martha A.

Housley, James

Buster, C. W.

Elder, Gracy J.

Elder, R. W.

Across the road (172)

Unknown (173)

Bryant, Mable

Whooper, Tom

Bryant, Mose F.    1892-1900    Brother

Vanderslice, James L.    09/15/1857-03/17/1892    husband of Mollie E. Vanderslice
    Vanderslice, Lottie Lee    11/29/1884-03/23/1885    Infant Daughter of J. L. and M. E.

Bradley, Lucy    1848-1884    (fhm)

Bradley, George Infant    1871

Bradley, Willie Infant    1885

Anderson, H. R.    11/27/1876-02/12/1877

Anderson, Infant Babe     09/01/1885-09/05/1885    Child of M. L. and R. Anderson

Anderson, Lafayette    10/1886-01/1887

Anderson, N. E. (could be A. E.)    10/1881-06/30/1887

Anderson, Minnie    12/1888-12/1888

Smith, Meda E.

Infant (illegible)

Sharp, Infant of _ V. Sharp

Kinsey, Jeff    08/28/1861-03/08/1895

Kinsey, Della    1885-1888

Pile of old funeral home markers

Pile of funeral home markers

Lane, Donald Ray    10/12/1949-06/03/2006

These stones were listed in the book, but I either did not see them or they were illegible. You should see the book for the dates.

Bryant, Katie

Whooper, Andrew

Bradley, Jim

Bradley, Tom

Bradley, Sarah

Bradley, Oscar

McClinton, Newton

Adair, Child

Smith, Hiram Cornelkus

Mayberry, Rhodie

Davis, Rhodie

Fuller, John

Fuller, Mel

Anderson, Rebecca

Anderson, Henry Randolph

Anderson, Albert Edward

Kinsey, Lovey

Nichols, Carter

Bradley, Margaret

Bradley, Jo Ann

Bradley, Minerva

Newer Section

Covey, Carolyn M.    07/10/1939-05/21/2000    married 08/06/1971    (closeup)
    Covey, Jesse R.    [no date of death shown]

Barnes, William D.    [no date of death shown]    married 05/26/1961
    Barnes, Lola Ethel    05/26/1941-09/07/2004    (fhm)
        Parents of Dub, Lori, Jimmy

Covey, Jordan Lee    01/25/2006-01/25/2006    Infant Son of Clayton Jr. and Ronnie    (closeup)

Covey, Wilma Cozad    09/13/1942-06/04/2011    [added from obituary]


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