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Brazelton Cemetery
Madison County, Alabama

~ This page is under construction. ~ 

At least 33 people rest in Brazelton Cemetery. Elizabeth Vance Brazelton, daughter of William Houson/Huston Vance and Elizabeth Campbell Vance, is the earliest known burial. Her husband, Jason Madison Brazelton, also rests here. They were the parents of eleven known children. Their family may be found here on my Rootsweb World Connect Project site. It should be noted that all the dates listed on my "WCP" site have not been proven.

The Brazelton Cemetery Association was established on ----

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Brazelton Cemetery deed The deed from R. E. (Robert Edward) Brazelton and his wife, Maggie (Williams) Brazelton deeding the land for the cemetery on 6 November 1906.
Brazelton Cemetery map A topographical map showing the location of Brazelton Cemetery.
Brazelton Cemetery Certification The certification showing that Brazelton Cemetery was listed on the Alabama Historic Cemetery Register.
Alabama Historic Cemetery Register letter for Brazelton Cemetery The letter informing the Brazelton descendants that Brazelton Cemetery was listed on the Alabama Historic Cemetery Register.
Brazelton Cemetery burials A layout of the cemetery showing the names of those interred in Brazelton Cemetery and their locations.
Brazelton Cemetery photograph Photo of Brazelton Cemetery after a mass cleanup in 2010.

Listing of known burials by Collins Wynn
(Click on underlined name for photograph)

Name Date of birth Date of Death Inscription Notes Plot
Hinds, Catherine Brazelton         01, 13
Hinds, Levi Monroe II         02
Brazelton, Huldah         03
Brazelton, Child 1       Child of Dr. J. H. Brazelton 04
Brazelton, Child 2       Child of Byram Hinds Brazelton 05
Brazelton, Child 3       Child of Byram Hinds Brazelton 06
Brazelton, Child 4       Child of Byram Hinds Brazelton 07
Brazelton, Aquila C 10/07/1935 09/29/1915 Pvt Co F 4 Alabama Calvary
Confederate States Army
Brazelton, Elizabeth Hinds       wife of Aquila 09
Brazelton, Child 5       Child of Dr. J. H. Brazelton 10
Brazelton, Child 6       Child of Dr. J. H. Brazelton 11
Brazelton, Dr. John Houston         12
Brazelton, John Houston         14
Brazelton, Mary Daniel         15
Brazelton, Jason Madison         16
Brazelton, Elizabeth Vance 10/13/1814 02/06/1881   earliest known burial 17
Brazelton, Green Franklin         18
Unknown         19
Hutchens, Lydia Brazelton         20
Unknown         21
Collier, Tulletia Ann Brazelton         22
Collier, B. Franklin         23
Collier, Lydia         24
Collier, Child         25
Brazelton, Felix Woodson         26
Glass, Mollie         27
Self, Eliza V. Brazelton         28
Brazelton, Maggie Williams         29
Brazelton, Robert Edward       Signatory to cemetery deed in 1906 30
Brazelton, Mary Lee         31
Brazelton, William Henry         32
Brazelton, Charlie C   00/00/1966   last known burial 33