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Bolin Cemetery
Mt. Ida Road
Paron, Saline County, Arkansas

Bolin Cemetery Photograph.

Tombstone transcriptions performed December 6, 2008, by Patti Vance Hays.  The ones with an asterisk* after the name were not seen by me - must have missed them.  They were included in Katrina Johnson's reading of the cemetery in 1999, which may be found here.  I also missed some veteran stones as the ground was totally covered by leaves, and they were underneath the leaves.  Occasionally, you will find a number within the brackets [], that is just the number of the photograph - please ignore.  There are some tombstone photographs - just click on the underlined name.  Also, some of them are on  The photographs may be used for your personal use but not for publication in any medium. 

GPS Coordinates:  Latitude: 34.74693, Longitude: -92.87433

Directions:  To get there, take the road north that is between Alum View and Camino Real off Mt. Ida Road. The road to turn at may be found at N 34.74540 W 92.87529.  You will find the cemetery listed  here with map of Saline County Cemeteries that I have prepared on google maps.)

We found the cemetery to be extremely well kept and still active.  There were many graves marked with rocks with no names and some with names on old rocks that were illegible.

Ault, Robert    02/25/1937-06/15/2016    [from obituary]

B    [one that all I could read was a B]

B L T    [that is what it looked like - between Iva Hester and Nancy Williams]

Banks, E. M.    06/01/1886-04/22/1952

Banks, Hazel C.    04/15/1920-12/22/1995    married 08/02/1938
    Banks, Odus B.    01/30/1913-06/14/2003

Banks, Leo, son of E. M. and Cynthia    08/04/1914-10/05/1919

Blaylock, Kimberly LaVon Ault    10/17/1958-07/20/2009    [from obituary]

Bolin, William M.    01/26/1877, aged 23 years, 11 months, 26 days    [this stone is broken and the name came from Katrina Johnson's early reading]

Bowman, George W.    died 07/27/1901 aged 33 years

Bowman, William    04/17/1836-01/17/1896

Broken Stone    [near Annie L. Henslee 580]

Broken Stone    [all I could read was Yrs. 9 - between A. Howard and David A. Howard - 167]

Brown, Avinell (Rice)    04/17/1931-10/31/2016    [dod from obituary]

Burnett, Buster    1912-1914
    Burnett, Vanburen    1914-1915

Burnett, Eunice    08/24/1914-09/30/1923

Burnett, Lula Rice    08/12/1882-03/13/1973
    Burnett, Lee    10/06/1877-02/12/1967

Burnett, Mitt Rice    12/28/1875-03/21/1924

Burnett, Odus    05/21/1910-01/22/1961 1

Burnett, Roy    1902-1910
    Burnett, Gilbert    1913-1913

Burnett, Wiley N.    05/06/1873-09/18/1914

Buster, _l_de    [funeral home marker with part of letters missing - looks like it was probably Clyde Buster]

Buster, Mary M., daughter of Francis B. and Mary A.    died 10/14/1859

Carlisle, Ellen (Depriest)    02/03/1893-03/17/1956

Carlisle, Emerson Dale    08/30/1917-12/09/1972

Carlisle, Infant    06/1914

Carlisle, James A.    04/14/1929-11/27/1953 1

Carlisle, Norris B.    03/03/1888-09/01/1944 1

Carlisle, Russell V.    10/29/1925-10/04/2009    [dates from obituary]
    Carlisle, Ida Mae    01/29/1926-02/04/2008    [dates from obituary]

Carlisle, Ruth (Turbyfill)    06/1896-06/1918

Cleghorn, Walter L.    1882-1939

Clubb, A. H., son of John A. Clubb

Clubb, J. J., son of John A. Clubb

Clubb, N. J., daughter of John A. Clubb

Clubb, Nancy Jane    02/11/1837-05/15/1864

Clubb, S. A., wife of John A. Clubb

Clubb, T. T.*

Combs, Gloria Ann    08/13/1946-05/12/2007    married 06/25/1976
    Combs, William E.    12/01/1938-12/20/2007    SFC US Army Vietnam; Bronze Star Medal

Crystal Rock with no name next Cleadus Turbyfill and William G. Williams

Curtis, A. J. Sr.    01/31/1890-03/23/1977

Curtis, Almer?*    age 14 months

Curtis, Anna*    marked with a rock and name scratched into it

Curtis, Baby*    no date

Curtis, Baby*    no date

Curtis, Baby    1924-1924

Curtis, Baby, daughter of Sam and Edna    1914

Curtis, Baby, son of Sam and Edna

Curtis, Becky Mae    11/09/1970-07/09/1972

Curtis, Brenda J.    [no date of death shown]

Curtis, Carolyn Vinson    11/08/1939-02/09/2014    [from obituary]

Curtis, Charles T.    12/08/1898-02/11/1989    married 08/18/1918
    Curtis, Letha E.    09/03/1899-12/31/1968

Curtis, Ella Cross    06/01/1907-08/16/1960 1

Curtis, Elzadie Murl    01/04/1920-09/28/1975

Curtis, Eula Belle    1920-1922

Curtis, Eve Esther    02/03/1892-03/02/1974

Curtis, Frank Edison    12/20/1918-01/02/1962    Arkansas Pvt Engineers World War II

Curtis, Gemima    10/03/1930, age 80 years, 10 months, 25 days
    Curtis, A. L.    11/15/1851-12/27/1932 1

Curtis, Infant Babe of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Curtis    09/18/1905-03/27/1906    [date of birth could be 09/08/1905]

Curtis, Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Curtis*    02/22/1925-04/19/1926

Curtis, Ira Irvin, Jr.    05/27/1974-04/25/1992

Curtis, Ira Irvin, Sr.    07/29/1943-06/14/2015    [dod from obituary]

Curtis, J. L.*    1873 (no stone)

Curtis, Jeffie H.    06/07/1884-07/20/1966 1

Curtis, John A.    04/22/1886-04/05/1970

Curtis, Kelso    03/02/1912-08/10/1927, age 15 years 5 months 8 days

Curtis, Lacy L., daughter of [rest underground]    12/17/1922-03/13/1927

Curtis, Lucy Dyer, wife of George W. Curtis    10/01/1877-02/24/1914

Curtis, Malisie M.    08/12/1869-01/24/1933 1

Curtis, Orvist M.    04/17/1910-    [no date of death shown but obituary shows he died 02/04/2007]    married 09/27/1941
    Curtis, Eddie Price    [no date of death shown]

Curtis, Ralph Emerson Sr.    06/22/1921-04/10/1984    Sgt US Army World War II
    Curtis, Billie Sue    05/13/1927-05/27/2008

Curtis, Sam H.    05/31/1887-08/16/1960 1

Curtis, Samuel Mason    11/10/1943-08/16/1960 1
    Curtis, Mickey Lynn    12/11/1946-08/16/1960 1

Curtis, Sarah A.    01/20/1898-01/02/1989    married 01/10/1933 1
    Curtis, Fred    05/24/1885-12/17/1959 1

Curtis, Sarahedna, daughter of W. R. and S. F. Williams    04/11/1887-03/28/1920

Curtis, Viola    08/28/1895-04/20/1974
    Curtis, Monroe    03/09/1891-01/26/1975 1

Curtis, Virgil L.    05/08/1896-06/21/1966    Arkansas Pvt Co H 330 Infantry World War I
    Curtis, Trudie L.    10/04/1900-05/08/1980

Curtis, W. A.    02/21/1925-04/19/1926

Davis, Ellen A., daughter of J. R. and L. A. V.    died 09/27/1875 at (?aged 4 years, ? mos, 21 days-age at death was hard to read)

Davis, Lula V., daughter of John R. and Lyda A. V.    died 11/06/1878, aged 11 months, 6 days

Depriest, Charley M.    12/04/1894-01/22/1920

DePriest, Craig    08/16/1967-09/17/2008    [funeral home marker]

DePriest, Elbert Earnest    06/19/1932-12/05/1992    married 02/02/1985
    Depriest, Donna Mae    [no date of death shown]
    Cox, Emily Sue    02/25/1993    [appears to be date of death]

Depriest, Ervin    1903-1927

DePriest, Ethel V.    04/01/1911-01/06/1968
    DePriest, Delbert S.    06/28/1905-06/19/1983

Depriest, Green Franklin    03/1851-01/02/1905    Husband of Mary Cleghorn; our children Edward, Abner, Ellen, Della, Letha, James, Ervin, Delbert

Depriest, Infant    born and died 11/22/1954

Diemer, Gladys B.    02/14/1907-12/03/1960
    Diemer, Earl F.    11/25/1901-06/26/1969

Diemer, Lois, daughter of E. F. and G. B.    03/23/1924-07/10/1926

Drennan, Burt L.    03/16/1896-03/26/1982

Drennan, Daniel W.    1873-1949 1
    Drennan, Mickey C.    1877-1950

Drennan, Ed B.    1917-1993
    Drennan, Marion V.    1921-1973

Drennan, El. Bertha, daughter of D. W. and M. E.    07/25/1906-02/03/1921

Drennan, Ethel L.    11/09/1897-12/14/1982

Drennan, Helen L.    [no date of death shown]

Drennan, Hubie Ray    08/10/1930-03/02/1998 1

Drennan, Joy Marie    01/05/1957-07/04/2001

Drennan, Lorene DeMato    10/09/1936-02/06/1995

Drennan, Noah Daniel    03/26/1904-11/11/1947    married 10/19/1924
    Drennan, Grace D. Baldwin    09/08/1905-03/02/1992

Drennan, William L.    10/22/1869-10/02/1949
    Drennan, Josie    03/19/1876-12/20/1970

Drennon, Dennis    07/22/1933-05/15/1983    S Sgt US Air Force Korea

Drennon, Verlon    09/25/1925-05/07/2008    married 11/03/1950
    Drennon, Catherine Carter    [no date of death shown]

Drennon, Willard    03/20/1936-07/05/2011    [from obituary]

Duvall, John David    11/06/1903-11/24/1946

England, Earnest    03/18/1905-05/28/1977

England, Sarah E.    11/26/1870-10/19/1961 1

Evins, J. J.

Evins, T.    [possibly - I could not read it - Katrina Johnson showed one with the name T. Evins in an earlier reading - 174]

Funeral Home Marker (no name)    [between Hoyett Williams and Oliver M. Taylor]

G - Three stones with these initials:  H N G; G L G; J T G

Garrett, Chase Matthew    03/21/2001-03/30/2001
    Garrett, Grant Michael    03/21/2001-03/22/2001
        Sons of Corey and Kami

Garrett, Russell Wayne    01/13/1951-05/20/2015    [from obituary]

Gentery, S.

Gentry, Green*    died in 1905

Gentry, Sarah L.*

Goins, Taze Boyd    01/02/1933-08/26/2007
    Goins, Peggy Joyce    03/27/1933-01/24/1976 1

Greene, Pearlie April Taylor Hinson    04/30/1936-10/09/2016    [from obituary]

Hamilton, Ethel Lambert, wife of John Hamilton    09/02/1895-10/29/1931

Harris, Charles F.    01/05/1917-06/03/1987

Harris, Verlie Lee    02/17/1923-12/14/1980

Henslee, Annie L., daughter of J. D. and S. A.    07/01/1866-09/28/1871

Henslee, John David    03/01/1829-11/27/1879    2 Lieut Co C 3 Arkansas Cavalry CSA

Henslee, S. A.*    09/28/1826-12/01/1879    [we missed this one-came from previous reading by Katrina Johnson-on the back side of J. D. Henslee]

Hester, Drew Bowen    05/28/1860-04/29/1939

Hester, Emmons    07/14/1893-05/08/1968
    Hester, Addie    01/26/1896-04/11/1974

Hester, Floyd H.    02/26/1889-05/13/1960

Hester, Henry M.    03/12/1870-09/05/1953

Hester, Hubbie S.    08/25/1925-01/12/1926 1

Hester, Iva    01/26/1891-04/19/1909

Hester, Kate    01/11/1866-01/19/1940

Hester, Kenneth O., husband of Melba Rice Hester    08/25/1925-05/05/1959

Hester, Lula    05/27/1868-08/04/1932

Hester, Minnie, wife of Floyd    06/12/1894-11/02/1949

Hill, Gloria F.    04/24/1941-03/15/2006    married 08/07/1959
    Hill, Hoyt V.    06/04/1940-08/06/2012    [dates from obituary] 1

Hill, Tommy    12/10/1946-05/04/1965

Hill, W. T. "Colonel"    06/15/1919-05/20/1988    married 04/06/1946
    Hill, Sarah "B B"    01/15/1923-08/16/1997

Hinson, Henderson "Pete"    10/15/1927-09/26/2017    [from obituary]

Hinson, Roy H    11/23/1924-05/22/1987    MM2 US Navy World War II


Howard    [could not read first initial - there was one with an O according to Katrina Johnson's first reading]

Howard, A.

Howard, A. J. (or U.)    12/12/1856-08/09/1901    [dod could be 08/02/1901]

Howard, Albert    died 10/28/1882    [age at death illegible; Katrina Johnson stated in 1999 reading that it showed 69 years at death]

Howard, Albert M.    1882-1967

Howard, Alberta May    01/20/1906-05/11/1988

Howard, David A., son of James P. and Evlinar Howard    died 10/17/1872, aged 3 years, 1 month

Howard, E.

Howard, James A.    09/24/1887-10/21/1965

Howard, L.

Howard, M. L.

Howard, Mary Brooks    1832-1904

Howard, Midora Hunter    1858-1879

Howard, O    [I could not read the first initial - it is an O according to Katrina Johnson's reading - 154]

Howard, Tennie    03/23/1867-12/18/1945

Howard, Vera    11/29/1903-12/30/1904

Howard, W. F.    09/02/1855-09/10/1905

Hughes, Joanna L. Rucker  06/17/1965-01/28/2001

Illegible     [could not read - near George Bowman - 579]

Jackson, Minnie E. Lambert    03/27/1897-10/20/1918

James, Baby of Thomas and Ida

James, Baby of Thomas and Ida    [two separate baby stones]

James, Ida N.    1882-1940

James, Thomas S.    1873-1962

Johnson, Billy T.    08/07/1935-12/07/1954

Johnson, Henry L.    03/20/1840-01/12/1917    Co H 35 Regiment Mississippi Infantry CSA

Johnson, Lewis    04/01/1900-01/29/1985
    Johnson, Elner    01/09/1913

Johnson, Sharon Lou    02/11/1939-09/21/1999    married 12/21/1956
    Johnson, Bobby George    [no date of death shown]

Labick, Steve    04/03/1925-04/23/1966    Arkansas A1C US Air Force Korea    [Veteran marker shows he was born in 1928.]

Keen, Jason G.    03/27/1972-11/10/2013    [from obituary]

Lambert, Andy W.    08/03/1915-02/03/1991 1

Lambert, Charles J.    12/21/1869-05/14/1928

Lambert, Dewell H., Jr.    07/25/1950-10/24/2015    [from obituary] 1

Lambert, Donald M.    09/26/1950-04/01/1972

Lambert, Erbie M.    10/21/1906-02/03/1996 1

Lambert, Hershel    [no date of death shown]
    Lambert, Velma Lois    07/24/1930-03/11/1998

Lambert, John Raymond    08/06/1902-02/03/1989

Lambert, Joyce Ann    [no date of death shown]

Lambert, Louise (Smith)    05/15/1917-09/15/1995

Lambert, Lovie L.    04/23/1911-06/09/1994    married 12/23/1928
    Lambert, Earl F.    09/16/1910-09/20/1979    Pvt US Army World War II

Lea, Cynthia Banks    12/14/1893-07/10/1968

Legge, Billy Franklin    07/24/1924-07/16/2008    US Army World War II    married 12/01/1962
    Legge, Doris Williams    [no date of death shown]

Lewis, Willie    died 09/11/1856 aged 54 years, 11 months, 22 days

Louallen, Freda J.    05/05/1933-03/24/1934

Louallen, Jada    07/11/1892-01/12/1962

Louallen, Myrtle    03/25/1900-08/23/1974

Malone, Delphard D.    10/12/1904-09/11/1971    Arkansas Pvt US Army World War II

Malone, Ken Maynard    03/30/1929-11/24/1975    Sgt US Army Korea

Malone, Walter Henry    08/22/1900-10/28/1958

McClendon, Judy M.    [no date of death shown]
    McClendon, James A.    01/21/1945-11/19/2007

McDonald, Archie    07/25/1885-09/03/1961

McDonald, Flora Mae    05/23/1925-01/20/1936

McDonald, Infant    11/22/1922-12/01/1922

McDonald, Leonard L.    01/28/1916-12/18/1934

McDonald, Lula Bell    03/17/1888-11/17/1974

McDonald, Steven Patrick    07/24/1954-02/16/2000    married 12/1988
    McDonald, Portia (Taylor)    [no date of death shown]

McDonald, Thelma Mae    02/27/1913-01/29/1929

Morse, Ruby Taylor    08/20/1920-04/21/1996


Mulkey    [two Mulkey stones]

Muse, Daniel H.    10/01/1849-01/29/1924

Muse, Margaret E.    11/16/1877-08/15/1961

Muse, Margret L.    03/07/1850-02/19/1917

Muse, Mary A., wife of A. G. (or A. C.) Muse, daughter of Isaac and Mary Hickson    10/15/1888-09/13/1943

Muse, W. Edward    01/01/1872-04/07/1955

Neal, Tianna Johnson    09/05/1984-06/05/2013    (from obituary) 1

Nelson, Nedra June Taylor    06/22/1943-10/09/2003

Perrett, Viola Bell    08/06/1905-07/20/1991

Presley, Virgie Curtis    04/29/1931-04/24/2010    (from obituary)

Prilliman, Robinson    09/30/1863, aged 39 years, 11 days    [the stone is broken and most of this information is from Katrina Johnson's earlier reading of the cemetery - Katrina showed it to be Robison Prillman; however, the Prilli is clear.  His name is shown as Robinson Prillaman in 1860 census.]

Prince, Hank    [no date of death shown]
    Prince, Maxine    01/20/1926-02/01/2007 1

Quinn, Mary Levina    wife of J. J.    06/10/1870-06/10/1932

Rice, Claude J.    12/14/1897-03/05/1982
    Rice, Leadith B.    09/25/1901-04/01/1973

Rice, Ernest D.    11/25/1903-11/20/1985

Rice, George C.    08/11/1878-07/21/1916

Rice, Guy    07/25/1933-06/11/2015    [from obituary]

Rice, Jack    01/25/1911-03/21/1938

Rice, James    Co A 12 Alabama Cavalry CSA 1

Rice, Lillie    01/26/1878-07/23/1943

Rice, Maudie E.    08/06/1907-10/13/1998

Rice, N. D.    06/23/1869-09/14/1954

Rice, Owen    03/06/1903-08/11/1968

Rice, Robert B.    09/23/1873-08/05/1935

Rice, Sarah Payne, wife of J. G. Rice    02/28/1840-03/06/1913

Rice, Stanley R. "Bud"    07/28/1925-08/01/1975

Rickard, A. J., son of J. H. and L. L.    04/28/1924-07/20/1924

Rickard, F. A.    08/16/1915-07/17/1967

Rickard, Gerald J.    10/08/1912-04/22/2000

Rickard, J. D.    03/18/1871-10/26/1946

Rickard, Joseph Houston    03/15/1896-05/20/1937    Arkansas Pvt 314 Aux Rmt Depot QMC
    Green, Lillie Rickard    11/27/1900-02/10/1979

Rickard, M. L.    12/06/1873-11/02/1948

Rickard, Oval E., son of J. D. and M. L.    04/19/1909-01/24/1934

Rickard, Sadie L., daughter of J. H. and L. L.    06/07/1925-06/07/1925

Rickard, Son of J. H. and L. L.    04/08/1921-04/08/1921

Rickard, Son of J. H. and L. L.    02/02/1926-02/02/1926

Rickard, Zollie Evans    10/27/1919-01/24/1987    Tec 5 US Army World War II    married 07/30/1939
    Rickard, Rosa Lee    07/06/1922-12/17/2008    [dod from obituary]

Riley, Annie

Riley, Mary

Roller, Lois M. Curtis    10/22/1922-07/17/2010   [from obituary] 1

Rucker, Joe D.*    1921-1996 (fhm)

Smith, Charles Wesley    died 05/11/1923 age 38

Southworth, Dick    09/04/1899-01/05/1974
    Southworth, Norma    03/05/1905-01/07/1932

Southworth, Eugene    05/30/1924-12/28/2011    [from obituary] 1

Southworth, Von "Tubin"    11/27/1931-03/05/1999    married 04/24/1953
    Southworth, Shirley N.    [no date of death shown]
        Parents of Vickie Renee and Sheilia "Becky"

Taylor, Charles and Robert* (twins), sons of S. J. Taylor    born and died 10/28/1914

Taylor, Clarice L., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Taylor    08/28/1935-07/25/1943

Taylor, Della (Depriest)    10/17/1896-04/09/1932 1

Taylor, Dewell G. W.    02/22/1928-04/17/1937

Taylor, Dora    03/13/1908-08/21/1966

Taylor Ethel B.    01/05/1877-01/25/1961

Taylor, Eula Belle    02/19/1932-01/23/1972 1

Taylor, George (Dub)    02/22/1931-05/07/1995
    Taylor, Shirley Williams    02/12/1936-01/13/2006 1

Taylor, Gill Ervin    08/09/1952-03/17/2014    [from obituary]

Taylor, H. Elmer    05/26/1910-02/19/1973 1

Taylor, John*, son of S. J. Taylor   01/11/1911-01/13/1911

Taylor, John Samuel "Sammy"    07/10/1952-04/05/2006
    Taylor, Kathy Lorene    [no date of death shown]

Taylor, Joseph Daniel    08/01/1893-09/25/1959    Arkansas Pvt 14 Co 162 Depot Brig World War I 1

Taylor, Laura J.    08/24/1874-12/17/1925 1
    Taylor, Peach L.    04/19/1874-01/18/1948 1

Taylor, Oliver M.    06/27/1907-04/05/1992    US Navy World War II

Taylor, Sid J.    01/30/1872-01/15/1955

Taylor, Verna, wife of W. D. Taylor    10/07/1909-05/08/1981

Taylor, Walter    11/15/1902-12/20/1932

Taylor, Wilburn David    03/04/1909-08/31/2001

Turbyfill, Cleadus W.    05/26/1919-07/04/1995
    Turbyfill, Anita Helen Ireson    11/24/1918-11/01/1992

Turbyfill, Cleadus Wilson "Smokey"    11/19/1945-11/29/2012    [from obituary]

Turbyfill, Dewell Wayne    12/06/1927-12/23/2002    US Navy World War II 1

Turbyfill, Gaytha J.    08/24/1903-05/13/1986

Turbyfill, Ida A.    03/15/1878-05/05/1955

Turbyfill, Joe M.    10/25/1900-09/14/1966

Turbyfill, Lillie Hester    07/02/1891-1913

Turbyfill, Sarah A., wife of William Henry    1863-1902

Westbrook, James E.    10/18/1922-01/26/1992        S1 US Coast Guard World War II    married 03/23/1946 1
    Westbrook, Mildred M.    01/09/1926-08/20/2001 1

Williams, Bill M.    02/18/1902-11/20/1980

Williams, Donna Beth    died 12/14/1956

Williams, Drew B.    01/31/1884-07/29/1967

Williams, Effie A., daughter of Noah and Opal Williams    10/11/1922-10/20/1922

Williams, Ess    08/26/1879-11/20/1955    [my photo did not show date of death as it was underground; dod came from Katrina Johnson's prior reading of cemetery]

Williams, Esther Lee    01/06/1884-09/01/1952

Williams, Etta    1880-1910    [my photo did not show date of death as it was underground; dod came from Katrina Johnson's prior reading of cemetery]

Williams, Eva    1885-1955

Williams, Hoyett Eudell    [no date of death shown]    married 12/30/1950
    Williams, Peggy Mae    10/20/1931-05/14/2017    [dod from obituary]

Williams, Jim N.    1870-1937
    Williams, Evaline    1876-

Williams, Nancy    03/10/1832-10/11/1911

Williams, Nettie M.    09/12/1902-03/01/1978

Williams, Noah B.    07/02/1902-06/04/1981 1
    Williams, Opal N.    04/07/1905-10/09/1999

Williams, Ralph C.    10/18/1915-03/26/2009    [dod from obituary]    married 01/08/1935
    Williams, Eva L.    12/16/1918-10/27/2009    [dod from obituary]

Williams Roma A.*    11/06/1895-10/09/1918

Williams, Sarah Francis*, wife of W. R. Williams    04/11/1867-12/06/1935

Williams, Sarah Jane Sykes    1885-1906

Williams, William G.    Co E 64 Illinois Infantry [Union]

Williams, W. R.*    08/27/1859-02/21/1960

Williamson, Mary Lambert    05/23/1875-06/02/1931

Willis, A. Jack    08/02/1897-10/27/1955

Willis, Delia    1876-1959 1
    Willis, John T.    1874-1945 1

Willis, Dillard O.    02/15/1919-12/08/1978    US Army World War II 1

Willis, John H.    10/07/1907-09/08/1972

Willis, Martha Kathleen    12/18/1941-12/24/1941

Willis, Osker Saymel*    01/02/1895-10/23/1895

Willis, Zellor Lois    04/18/1923-12/17/1924

Wright, Marion Jeff    11/03/1930-01/23/2001    married 11/22/1958
    Wright, Linda Carole    [no date of death shown]
        parents of Steven, Randall, and Stephanie

Yates, D. Gilbert Sr.    01/30/1920-08/13/1991    married 10/25/1941
    Yates, Ima Dee    07/08/1923-09/12/2012    [dod from obituary]

1   I have the obituary. In most cases, I have the hard-copy obituary from the newspaper. You may request it by sending me an email showing Bolin Cemetery Obituary in the subject line. Then copy and paste the entire line for the person you are requesting the obituary within the message.