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After his death William's land was held first by his widowrugglescamp.JPG (119215 bytes) and then by one of his sons, who in 1873 turned a portion of it over to the Methodist Church to use as a campgroud.  As you can see by the sign, the campground is still going strong.  The original family graveyard was on the family farm just outside the bonds of the campground and has apparently been plowed under sometime in the last thirty years.  Fortunately someone recorded about a half-dozen stones before this burial ground was totally obliterated.  Some descendants of Wilepworthgraves2.JPG (212860 bytes)liam are buried at the Canaan (formerly Methodist) Church just east and across the road from the campgrepworthgraves1.JPG (498406 bytes)ound.  It has a fairly long drive but you can see the new church building from the road.  Jesse Hamrick Ruggles (see the Family Album) is buried here with both Hamrick and Ruggles relatives.  The single stone here is that of William Clancy Ruggles, fifth eldest child of James (21000) the eldest son of William (20000).  It was William Clancy Ruggles who donated the land for the Campground.  Both the Church and the Campground are either in or right on the edge of the little village of Epworth.  So the "Ribolt-Epworth Road", might just as well be called the "Ruggles Road" since it connected the properties of the two presumptive brothers, John (10000) and William (20000) Ruggles.


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