Thomas 1762-1818

A Fourth Brother?  Thomas Ruggles (1762 MD - 1813 IN)

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So far we have found no extensive study of Thomas, nor any direct indication of his relationship.  We know that he has been incorrectly identified as the son of Nathaniel Ruggles of Massachusetts.  Since, as we document in "Into Kentucky" he arrived in the same place at the same time as the others, my working hypothesis is that he was brother to John and William.  

Thomas married Rachel Freeland in Adams Co, OH in 1801.  In the marriage record both he and Rachel are described as "resident of Kentucky".

Thomas remained in the Mason County lists from 1799 through 1807, was in the Lewis County lists for 1808-09, and then moved to Indiana.  He is reported to have died in Knox County there, but his children married and were active the in next county over, Daviess County. 

The children of Thomas and Rachel are said to have included: Elizabeth (1801, Mason Co, KY), Jacob (1803, Mason Co, KY), Delilah (1805, Mason Co, KY), Nancy (1810, Daviess or Knox Co, IN) and Aaron (1813, Daviess or Knox Co, IN).  Their birth states apparently are taken from census reports and their birth counties are based our understanding of where the family was in the given year.  Except for Aaron whose birth year seems to have been taken from his gravestone in Maysville, Daviess Co, IN, the other birth years should be taken as approximate as if derived from census reports.  None of these children is "proven" by any contemporary religious or civil record of which I am aware.

In this study, Thomas is identified as 70000.  For the first two generations of his descendants, click on them.

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