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Southern Ruggles Log

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08/04/07    Several pages updated with Hardesty information providing exciting new information on our origins!

01/07/10    Dedication added to Home Page.

01/05/05    Allegany-Monongalia  and Into Kentucky updated.

01/04/08    Three Generations page created.

01/04/07    updated Ruggles Family Album; created John Photos, John's Church, and  William Photos.

01/04/02    Allegany-Monongalia updated.

01/03/26    Into Kentucky, Other Early MD/VA Ruggles, and First Siblings updated.

01/03/19    Home Page updated; Other Early MD-VA-KY created.

01/03/18    Montgomery, Jean, All MD/VA Evidence, and Jonathan updated.

01/03/17    Allegany-Monogalia updated; Montgomery created.

01/03/13    Allegany-Monogalia created.

01/03/12    Into Kentucky, First Siblings and James updated; Thomas, Jean and Jonathan created.

01/03/11    Maryland and Virginia; Into Kentucky; First Siblings; all updated.  John, James and William pages created, info in them updated.

01/03/10     This log page was created.