Jonathan 1776-1856

A Fifth Brother? Jonathan Ruggles 1776 (Montgomery Co, MD) - 1856 (Lewis Co, KY)

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Jonathan is the only one of the early Mason County Ruggles for whom we have found 1850 census records so far.  He is listed as a 72 year-old shoemaker born in Maryland living with his wife in Lewis Co, KY.  That would imply birth in 1777 or 1778.  I think he was just a touch older.  Since he apparently did not need permission to marry in Mason County in November 1797, he must have been 21 and thus born at least as early as 1776, if not earlier. 

Because Jonathan arrived in Mason County at roughly the same time as several other Ruggles, and because either John (10000) or James (30000) was his marriage bondsman, Jonathan must have been closely related.  If he was born in Maryland in 1776, so far we have found only one Ruggles family into which he could have been born -- and that would make him very likely a sibling of John (10000), William (20000), James (30000) and Thomas (70000).

Another alternative:  if John (10000) was in fact born about 1755, he could have first married by 1776 and could have been Jonathan's father by a marriage earlier than the one to Elizabeth Voirs ... and if there was any resentment of the earlier children, that could explain why Jonathan and any other earlier siblings were left out of John (10000)'s estate.

As previously noted, Jonathan first married Mary Elizabeth Bowen.  Nine of their children (not including Jonathan and Benjamin) are treated in Steve Ruggles' web site:  The 1820 census has 10 young people in the household.  In addition, I think the eldest had already left home and paid taxes in Miami County, OH in 1820.  So our list has 11 likely children for Jonathan and Mary:  Jonathan (1798, Mason [later Lewis] Co, KY), Moses (1800, Mason [later Lewis] Co, KY), Mary Jane (1803, Mason [later Lewis] Co, KY), Margaret E. (1805, Mason [later Lewis] Co, KY), Lucinda (1807,  Lewis Co, KY), Benjamin B. (1808, Lewis Co, KY), Sarah D. (1812, Lewis Co, KY), Nancy W. (1813, Lewis Co, KY), Martha (1814, Lewis Co, KY), Nekmid (1816, Lewis Co, KY), Polly (1818, Lewis Co, KY).

This is so far the weakest set of birth dates of any of the early Kentucky male Ruggles' children.  Several are calculated at 19-20 years before a marriage date.  Benjamin's year is taken from his gravestone.  Nancy, Martha, Sarah, Margaret, and Lucinda's birth years are calculated at 19-22 years before their marriage dates.  Jonathan has census reports indicating birth between 1795 and 1800.  The rest are pure guesses mostly filling in the blanks between the other birth years.

Jonathan remarried this time with the widow Mary Catherine (Ginn) Wallingford in 1837 in Mason Co, KY.  There is one report of Jonathan dying in 1856 in Shelby Co, IN but that appears to be a mistake, confusing him with a nephew of the same name.  The last record we have found of him is in the 1850 Lewis Co, KY census.

In this study, Jonathan is 50000.  For the first two generations of his descendants, click on them.

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