Jean 1777-1822

A Sister?  Jean Ruggles 1777 (Montgomery Co, MD)-1822 (Lewis Co, KY)

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Jean surely was a sister of Jonathan (50000) who was her wedding bondsman.  Her husband, John (10000) and Jonathan (50000) were all involved in facilitating another wedding.  Based on this and other circumstantial evidence mentioned on other pages, my working hypothesis is that she and Jonathan either were either siblings of John (10000), William (20000), James (30000) and Thomas (70000), or children of a first marriage of John.  Because neither she nor a child of hers is named in John's estate, the sibling hypothesis seems the most likely at this point.

She married Thomas Plummer on 22 September 1798 in Mason [later Lewis] Co, KY.  Thomas had at least 10 children.  At least 1, and perhaps 8 of them were Jean's. Rebecca (1799, Mason [later Lewis] Co, KY) surely was hers.  If Margaret (1800, Mason [later Lewis] Co, KY was really born that early and not after 1802, then she surely was Jean's as well.

Some Thomas Plummer married Salley Brinton on 2 January 1802 in Mason County.  There were many Plummers about and this may have been a cousin of Jean's Thomas.  On the other hand, if this was her widower remarrying, then she died in 1801 or earlier and all of the following six children currently attributed to Jean really were Salley's: Rachael (1803, Mason [later Lewis] Co, KY), Anna (1805, ditto), Mary (1807, Lewis Co, KY), Jeremiah (1808, ditto), Lucinda (1811, ditto), and Enoch (1814, ditto).

On 9 June 1823, Jean's Thomas did marry again, this time to Elizabeth Boggess in Lewis Co, KY.  They had 2 children: Thomas (1824, Shelby Co, OH), and James (1825, ditto).

The birth places mostly come from an understanding of where the family was in a given year.  Birth years of Rachael, Jeremiah, Thomas and James appear to be taken from grave stones.  The others seem to be derived from census reports.

By 1820 Thomas Plummer, like his son-in-law Geroge B. Ruggles, had moved north to Shelby Co, OH.

In this study, Jean is identified as 60000.  For the first two generations of her descendants, click on them.

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