Chapter 42. CUO (Casebolts of Unknown Origin)

    One of the reasons for putting the draft of this book up on the web is to seek help in finding the origins of the hundreds of Casebolts I have discovered but have, so far, been unable to identify.  So if you know the origins of any of the CUO presented, please tell me about them via e-mail at

    This chapter begins with a finding list.  The finding list is organized in alphabetic order by country, then state, then county.  Each geographic category begins with those for whom I have no way of determining the next category down.  Thus there will be "Country Unknown" at the beginning, and "State Unknown" at the beginning of a country, and "County Unknown" at the beginning of a state.  

    Within a category entries are organized by birth year.  If the birth year is unknown a proxy year marker and range is adopted.  For instance, in the case of telephone directory entries, a person usually is assumed to be between 18 and 80 years old and the proxy birth year is the average of that range.

    Each entry will follow the format used in the family group sheets within each chapter of this work.  The source of the information will be indicated in {} brackets at the end of each entry.

    Please go to the next page to start the finding list.  The first ten pages of this chapter are reserved for the finding list.  Actual entries begin on page 42-11.

    There will be references throughout the chapter to CUO treated in other chapters. 

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