4. Name: Robert114 W. Casebolt27

Born: 1811 in: Ohio?28

Died: 1865 in: Searcy or Marion Co, AR on the Buffalo branch of the White River29

Married: 25 July 1833 in: Greene Co, MO30

Spouse: Jamima/Jamina114.1 Sims30

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25 Missouri Pioneers, 2:3 (from Gasconade Co, Marriage Book A), John Stark married Rachel Casebolt 27 Nov. 1828, William [sic? I’ll bet this was her father Thomas M. Casebolt –rak] Casebolt officiating. I’ll bet that in 1828 Gasconade covered present-day Greene and Christian counties as well as present-day Laclede county – rak.  Kerry McGrath believes they were then either in the present-day Laclede-Pulaski area or father north in present-day Camden County along the Osage River.

26 He is listed as John W. in the 1850 Hickory Co. census (see Oz.Gen.Soc, Hickory County Mo. 1850 Federal Census, p.10). FTW Vol.16, Tree #1912 gives his full name, b. 1807 in Robertson Co, TN.

27 He is almost always called "Robert Casebolt" in the records; however, once in a court record he is called "Robert W. Casebolt," see Greene Co, Circuit Court Cases, B:110, "3 April 1840, Robert W. Casebolt, plaintiff vs John McHaffie, Deft, slander" … suit filed.

28 I have found no official birth , family bible or probate record which "proves" Robert was son to Thomas and Martha, yet all his early records lie right along with those of his brother John L. in what was to become Christian County, MO and his marriage service was performed by Thomas McNeal Casebolt. He is routinely said to have been born in 1811 in Tennessee (see Yates, p.34 and Ozark Quarterly, "Turnbo Mss.", p.6). However he consistently reported himself as born in Ohio (U.S. Census, Ozark Co, MO, 1850 p.24 "age 28 [sic for 38], b. Ohio" and 1860, p.451, "age 48, born Ohio").

29 Turnbo, Mr. Silas C., "A Remarkable Escape", "… on 31 January 1865 … [on] the ridge just west of the Robert Casebolt residence on Big Creek … where … a grave had been dug to receive the remains of Mr. Casebolt who was killed on Buffalo [the Buffalo branch of the White River flows primarily in Kenton and Searcy counties, AR emptying into the White just inside the southern border of Marion Co, AR], but it was found that the body of Mr. Casebolt could not be brought back home and he was buried where he was slain …" I note that Robert died fighting for the South, and his nephew John H, son of his brother John L, died fighting for the North.

30 Ozark Gen. Soc, Greene Co. Marriages, Book A 1833-1854, p.1, "Robert Casebolt and Jamima Limes [sic Sims], both of White River Township, were married 25 July by Thomas McNeal Casebolt, M.G. (Book A, #12). Ozark Quarterly, #12, Turnbo Mss, p.6 "…Robert Casebolt … His wife was named Jemima and was a daughter of Matthew and Lucinda Sims …".


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