2. Name: John112 Lee Casebolt17

Born: 28 June 1808 in: Lee Co, VA18

Died: 7 June 1880 in: Benton Twp, Christian Co, MO19

Married: 21 February 1836 in: Campbell Twp, Greene Vo, MO20

Spouse: Martha112.1 P. Patterson21

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3. Name: Rachel113 Casebolt22

Born: 26 April 1810 in: Lee Co, VA23

Died: 16 November 1830 in: [present-day Greene or Laclede Co?], MO24

Married: 27 November 1828 in: Cullen Twp, Gasconade [present-day Laclede? or Pulaski?] Co, MO25

Spouse: John113.1 William Stark26

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17 John’s full name is revealed in extant penmanship practice sheets written by his son, John112-3 H, probably in 1851 In most records he is referred to as "John. L."

18 I have found no official birth , family bible or probate record which "proves" John was son to Thomas and Martha, yet they are buried on his farm and family memory is clear and consistent on the descent. His birth date is clearly recorded on his gravestone. His parents were still living in Lee Co, VA in 1808.

19 His death date is clearly recorded on his gravestone, and yet he is listed in the 1880 census return done on 18 June as if still alive. Perhaps he died on 7 July?? He surely died on his farm in Christian Co, where he is buried.

20 Ozark Genealogical Society, Greene Co. Marriage Book A, p.6, "John L. Casebolt and Martha Patterson were married 7 Feb 1836 by Thomas M. Casebolt, M.G." Kerry McGrath says they were married in Campbell Township of Greene Co which then covered much of present-day central Greene Co as well as a good chunk of present-day northern Christian Co.

21 In his penmanship practice, her son John H. writes her name as "Marthy". WFT, Vol.3, Tree#4585: "Martha P. ‘Patty’ Patterson … born January 09, 1812 in Smith Co, TN … daughter of Thomas and Jane (Gates) Patterson …"

22 I have found no record which gives a middle initial or middle name.

23 I have found no official birth , family bible or probate record which "proves" Rachel was daughter to Thomas and Martha, yet in letters still extant, Rachel’s son James113-1.consistently addresses their son John112 L. as "uncle". Her birth date is given 1) in the IGI, Ba:F50899 25, So:1553460 [but it has her mistakenly born in Hickory County where her widowed husband and son lived]; and 2) in WFT, Vol.16, Tree#1912.

24 Her death date and state are given in WFT, Col.16, Tree#1912. My guess is that she, her husband and young son were living near her parents at the time either in present-day Laclede, Greene or Christian County, wherever they were.


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