Chapter Five -- The Ozark Mountain Clan

Section One.  Biography:


THOMAS McNEAL CASEBOLT (c.1772 - 1839)

    Thomas11 McNeal Casebolt, the eldest son of the eldest son of the original American Casebolt couple, became the progenitor of the senior Casebolt clan, the Ozark Mountain Casebolts, when he moved, with his wife and children, into the Ozark Mountains of southwestern Missouri.  He was the senior grandchild, and he moved farther west than any other grandchild of the original Casebolt couple. Thomas became many things, including soldier, farmer, merchant, civil office holder, and minister of the gospel.

    I suspect that those who watched Thomas11 growing up would not have expected him to go so far away.  After all, he had great prospects at home. His father, John1 Casebolt and his uncle, Henry4 Casebolt were important in the Little Levels community of the Greenbrier valley.  The number of their children and the extent of their land holdings were steadily expanding. His uncles on his mother's side, John and Thomas McNeal/McNeel /McNeal, were even more important in the community ... one of them was THE first settler1 and founder of the community, as well as one of the most prominent land holders. Thomas11 stood fair to play a major role in his birth


1 Any trace of the first two waves of settlement evidently had been, by Indians and the forces of nature, utterly wiped out before John McNeel came alone to the Little Levels. He initiated the successful third wave of settlement in the Little Levels. It was he who recruited virtually all of the other early third-wave settlers (see Price, pp.135-44).


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