Family Group Sheet N: compiled by Dick Kraus 15 Sept. 2001

Husband: RichardN Brock

Born: Abt. 1770 in: Baltimore Co, MD?1

Married: abt. 1793 in: Virginia?2

Died: abt. 1818 in: Bath Co, VA3

Father: William Brock?4

Mother: Sarah0.1 (Unknown) Casebolt?4

Other Spouses: none known

Wife: Nancy Unknown

Born: bef. 1784    in unknown5

Died: unknown6

Father: unknown6

Mother: unknown6

Other Spouses: unknown6


1. Name: Rebecca N1 (Brock) Mehoney

Born: abt. 1794 in: Bath Co, VA?7

Died: unknown8

Married: 26 May 1818 in: Bath Co, VA9

Spouse: John N1.1 Meroney9

2. Name: William N2 Brock, Jr.

Born: 1798-1800 in: Bath Co, VA?10

Died: unknown11

Married: unknown11

Spouse: unknown11

3. Name: Joseph N3 Brock

Born: abt. 1804 in: Bath Co, VA?12

Died: unknown13

Married: unknown14

Spouse: Syntha N5.1 Unknown14


1 He is first listed in the Bath tax lists in 1796, so was 21 by then.  He was listed as 26 to 45 in the 1810 census.  The birth year shown here is a complete guess.  If born to William and Sarah, they probably were living in Baltimore Co. at the time, although it is possible they had moved to the Winchester, VA area ...

2 Based on the age of their eldest known child, married about 1793.  They surely were in Virginia at the time, but could have been in Maryland.

3 He disappears from the tax lists in 1819 and his wife/widow? is alone with the children in the 1820 census.

4 See pp.2-16 to 2-20 above.

5 She was listed as over 45 in the 1820 census; no place hinted at.

6 So far I have found no suggestions as to her background.

7 There is a female 16-26 in Richard's 1810 household and John Meroney's wife is listed as aged 16-26 in the 1820 census.

8 I, so far, have no information on this family beyond the 1820 census.

9 Marriage Indexes 1728-1850 (FTW CD229): Rebecca Brock m. John Meroney 26 May 1818 in Bath Co, VA.

10 William is first listed in the tax lists in 1819, so was 21 by then.  There is a male in Richard's 1810 household aged 10-16 and William is listed as 16-26 in the 1820 census.

11 William is single in the 1820 census and I have no information beyond that, so far.

12 There is a male under 10 in Richard's 1810 household but I do not see an entry likely to be him in 1820 ... of course, since his father had died, may have been stashed with relatives or neighbors.

13 I have no information on him beyond the 1810 census, but if he married it must have been about 1820 or later ...

14 He must have gone away from the Little Levels to marry and live.  So far, I don't know where.

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