Sorting out the Brock children is not easy.  The following is the best I have been able to do so far.  It is riddled with guesses, some of which further research surely will show to be bad.  No primary source has come to my attention and only two secondary sources have indicated parent-child relationships for this family.  Help would be appreciated!

Family Group Sheet M compiled by rak 15 Sept. 2001

Husband: ThomasM Brock

Born: Abt. 1768 in: Baltimore Co, MD?1

Married: 9 March 1790 in: Virginia2

Died: 1825 in: Pocahontas Co? VA [now WV]3

Father: William Brock?4

Mother: Sarah0.1 (Unknown) Casebolt4

Other Spouses: none known

Wife: MaryM.1 W. McCollam

Born: bef. 1775 in: Greenbrier Co, VA [now Pocahontas Co, WV]?6

Died: aft. 18207

Father: Daniel McCollam8

Mother: unknown8

Other Spouses: none known


1. Name: WilliamM1 Brock

Born: 1791-92 in: Bath Co, VA9

Died: aft. 182010

Married: 2 May 1815 in: Bath Co, VA11

Spouse: Rachel M1.1 (Brown) Brock11

2. Name: John M2 Brock

Born: 1793-94 in: Bath Co, VA12

Died: aft. 182013

Married: bef. 181814

Spouse: Sarah M2.1 (Clarke) Brock14

3. Name: Daniel M3 Brock

Born: 1794-95 in: Bath Co, VA15

Died: unknown16

Married: bef. 1825? in: Nicholas Co, VA?17

Spouse: Catherine (McClung) Brock17


1 He was in the 1791 tax list so had to be 21 by then.  I have not checked the Greenbrier County tax lists yet to see if he was on any earlier lists there.  1791 is the first Bath Co. list.  If born to William and Sarah, they probably were living in Baltimore Co. at the time, but might have moved on to the Winchester, VA area ...

2 Friend, Art,, "Thomas was married to Mary W. McCollum on March 9, 1790,  A copy of the marriage certificate in the hands of this writer ..."

3 Friend, Art,, " ... my great great grandfather ... Thomas died in early 1825, and his will was probated in Pocahontas County.  In this site as of January 1999, Art speculated on very different origins of the Brocks.  None of them fit the available facts, so far as I could see.  Everything in their naming patterns would indicate that these Brocks were of solid English origin, not at all German.

4 See pp.2-16 to 2-20 above.

6 Price, p.229, says her father came to this area as early as 1770.  She was born before 1776 if she was at least 15 when her first child was born.  She was listed as over 45 in the 1820 census, so must have been born before 1775.

7 I, so far, have no information on her after the 1820 census.

8 Price, p.229, says she was Daniel McCollam's daughter, but that the mother's name is not remembered.

9 William is one of four children of this couple named by Price, p.231.  He first appears in the tax lists in 1813 so was 21 by then.  There is a male 16-26 in Thomas' 1810 household and William is listed as 26-45 in the 1820 census.

10 So far I have not traced this family after the census of 1820.

11 Marriage Indexes 1728-1850 (FTW CD229): William Brock m. Rachel Brown 2 May 1815 in Bath Co, VA [I am not absolutely certain that this is the right William -- it could have been his father or cousin, both also William -- rak].

12 He first appears in the tax lists in 1815 so was 21 by then.  There is a male 16-26 in Thomas' 1810 household and John is also listed as 16-26 in the 1820 census.

13 So far I have not traced him beyond the census of 1820.

14 WFT Vol.10, Tree #4098, "John Brock ... married Sarah Clarke ... child ... b. February, 1818, Bath Co, VA ..."

15 Daniel first appears in the tax lists in 1816 so was 21 by then.  There is a male 10-16 in Thomas' 1810 household and Daniel is listed as 16-26 in the 1820 census.  He is one of four children of this couple named by Price, p.231.

16 After 1825, if the girl in note 17 was his daughter ...

17 Price, p.231: "... married a Miss McClung, of Nicholas County ..."  McSpadden, Sandy, e-mail to Braxton County Query Forum, 30 May 1998 ... "... Elizabeth BROCK, b/1825, possibly the daughter of Daniel and Catherine (McCLUNG) BROCK of Nicholas Co.

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