ThomasM Brock (c.1768-1825) 


The man I believe to be the elder brother of two sons of Sarah0.1 (Unknown) (Casebolt) Brock was in the Little Levels area at least by 1791.  For more information on his early days here, see pp. 2-18 to 2-20 above.  


Throughout he lived among the Casebolts as is shown by the order of names recorded by the census takers as they rode from house to house.  In 1810, the names, in order with subscripts showing the Casebolt and Brock relations, were: Valenteen Cackley, Robert Page, Daniel McCarty [father? of Jane415.1], Edward Callison, Jacob Seebert [father of Susannah13.1], Henry4 Casebolt, John14.1 Burges, Jr., Joseph Sutton, Michael Johnson, Jacob Hawk, Nathan Burges, Ceasar Freeman, George Massenbird, Amos42.1 Kinnison, Charles Kinnison, Charles Kinnison, Jr., Mark Kinnison, ThomasM Brock, William Aldridge, etc.  In 1820 the same exercise yields: ThomasM Brock, six families later Valentine Cackley, James McCoy, NancyN.1 Brock, Benjamin Wallace, Jacob Seebert [father of Susannah13.1], Henry4 Casebolt, John Cochran, Jane Campbell, William Aldridge, Thomas Aldridge, Susannah13.1 Casebolt, Edward Kellison, Daniel Tharp, John McNeal [brother of Hannah1.1], JohnN1.1 Moroney, five families later John Buckley17.1, WilliamN1 Brock, nine families later ThomasM5 Brock, WilliamM1 Brock, etc. 


The following time-line shows the information I have accumulated regarding him so far:


1791-1819 ThomasM is listed in the Bath Co. Personal Property Tax Lists in every year for which a list is available for this period.

1791 Apr 12 Survey date of 290 acres for Thomas Brock in Augusta Co, on the waters of Stoney Creek, a branch of the Greenbrier River, out of Warrant #15063 dated 13 Dec. 1782 – registered with the Land Office in 1795.1 

1793 Jan 15 He registers a survey of 230 acres next to the lands of Wm. Sharp and Joseph Brown, part of John Heath’s warrant #15,063.2 

1796 Jan 1 He registers a survey of 90 acres on Marlin’s Mountain.3 

1796 Apr 27 He and John1 Casebolt jointly register a survey of 173 acres n the headwaters of Stoney Creek, next to John Smith’s land.4 

1796 Oct 28 He registers a survey of 410 acres on Stoney Brook next to lands of John Ewing, Wm. Lewis and his own.5 

1800 He sells land to Oliver Leonard.6 

1800 July 29 He registers with the Land Office three surveys: 35 acres from Warrant #15,063, 190 acres from Warrant #19243, and 410 acres surveyed on 22 Oct. 1796 on the waters of Stoney Creek adjoining his own land and that of John Ewing and Wm. Lewis.7 

1803 July 17 Thomas submits a bond having been appointed constable.8 

1804 Jan 18 He registers a survey of 50 acres on Stoney Creek, a branch of the Greenbrier, next to lands of John Ewing and John Johnson.9 

1805 June 11 Thomas submits a bond having been appointed constable.10 

1808 He buys land from James(?) Smith.11 

1809 He sells land to John4M Barlow.12 

1809 May 9 Thomas submits a bond having been appointed constable.13 

1810 Thomas Brock (almost illegible) household is listed in the 1810 Bath Co census.14

1820-21 Thomas no longer appears on Bath Co. Personal Property Tax Lists.

1820 Thomas’ household is listed in the 1820 Bath Co census.15

1821- I have not yet checked for him in Pocahontas County records.

1822 Thomas owned 700 acres in Pocahontas County.16


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