9. Name: Jane49 "Jennie" Casebolt6

Born: abt. 1808 in: Bath Co, VA (now Pocahontas Co, WV)1

Died: bef. 1839 in: Pocahontas Co, VA (now WV)2

Married: 15 February 1831 in: Pocahontas Co, VA (now WV)3

Spouse: Thomas49.1 Nicholas3


10. Name: Mary4A "Polly" Casebolt4

Born: abt. 1809 in: Bath Co, VA (now Pocahontas Co, WV)5

Died: abt. 1825 in: Bath Co, VA (now Pocahontas Co, WV)5

Married: unmarried7


1 Pocahontas, Personal Property Tax Lists 1822-50, Jane appears in these lists only once, in 1830, [evidently having just turned 21 and not yet married -- rak].

2 In the 1850 Pocahontas census, Thomas' wife is Miriam -- evidently Jane had died and he had remarried; Miriam still there in 1870 census.  In the 1850 census there was a 21-year-old female who might have been the married/widowed daughter of Thomas and a wife before Jane ??  Thomas and Miriam, as husband and wife, sold land to Henry4 Casebolt in 1840.

3 Pocahontas, Marriage Book 1:11, Thomas Nicholas m. Jane Casebolt 15 February 1831, Benjamin Tallman officiating.  There was a female of about Jane's age listed in Thomas' household in the 1830 census; maybe he had a prior wife??

4 Named Polly in the Peter Casebolt bible.

5 There was an otherwise unaccounted for female under-10 in the Henry Casebolt household in 1810, one 10-16 in the 1820 census and nowhere to be found in 1830 ... 

6 Named Jennie in the Peter Casebolt family bible.

7 No marriage record found.


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