5. Name: Jacob1E Casebolt

Born: 2 Sept. 1805 in: Clay Co, KY1

Died: aft.1850 in: Kanawha Co?, VA2

Married: bet. 1829-30 in: Virginia?3

Spouse: Sarah1E.1 Nora Andrews3

6. Name: Job1F Casebolt

Born: abt. 1806 in: Clay [now Letcher] Co, KY?4

Died: Jan. 1856 in: Madison Twp, Jasper Co, MO5

Married: 26 July 1838 in: Scott Co, VA6

Spouse: Elizabeth1F.1 Garlick6


1 Jacob first appears on personal property tax lists in Pocahontas Co, VA in 1825, so must have been 21 by then.  In the 1850 census he is reported as 45 years old but born in NY.  In 1804-05 his parents were in Kentucky in what was then Clay County.  File Name 381449, says he was born 2 Sep 1805.

2 So far I find no information on him beyond the 1850 census entry.

3 Williams, Pauline, mail to rak, 4 April 2001: Jacob m. Sarah Nora Andrews, 1830 [She is called Sarah in the 1850 census.]

4 Job first appears on the tax lists in 1828 in Lee Co, VA which would indicate birth in 1807 at the latest.  In the 1850 Scott Co, VA census he is listed as aged 44 which would indicate birth in 1806 at the latest. His parents probably had not yet moved to Lee Co, VA ... 

5 History of Jasper County, Missouri, pp.945,980: "Job died in January 1856 ... [having come] to ... Missouri ... about 1854 ... Settling in Preston township, he began improvement of a farm on which he died ..."

6 Scott, Marriage Book, 1:6: "Job Casebolt m. Elizabeth Garlick 26 July 1838, John R. Crawford officiating."


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