8. Name:     John18 Casebolt, Jr.

Born:         abt. 17881 in Bath (now Pocahontas, WV) Co, VA

Died:         aft. 18302 in Illinois?

Married 1?: 29 May 1808 in Floyd Co, KY

Spouse:     Sabra18.1 Estep [very uncertain of this marriage see below]

Liaison 2?: 1814 in Wythe Co, VA

Woman:     Barbara 18.2Davis [also uncertain -- see below]

Married 3: 14 Sept. 1817 in Ross Co, OH

Spouse:     Pirena18.3 "Preney" Bartlett

Married? 4: bef. 18302

Spouse:     Unknown Unknown2

In the book published in 1992, I had John31 marrying Sabra.  Now I am more than half convinced that there was no separate John31 and that it was this John18 who married Sabra; then left her while under threat of death; then took refuge with relatives of his step-mother, Elizabeth1.2, and fathered a child out-of-wedlock by a relative of Elizabeth's; and then escaped again ending up with his mother and full-siblings in Ohio.  Ken Dyer has done much of the research on this an may disagree with my tentative conclusions.  But there does seem to be a pattern here... Stay tuned!

9. Name:     Sally19 (Casebolt) McCoy

    Born:         abt. 17923 in Bath (now Pocahontas, WV) Co, VA

    Died:         unknown in: Indiana or Ohio4

    Married:     28 June 1814 in Fayette Co, OH

   Spouse:    John19.1 McCoy5


1 The Logan Co, OH census indicates that his earliest possible birth year was 1795, whereas the 1830 Morgan Co, IL census p.114 indicates that his latest possible birth year was 1790.  My own best guess is birth in 1788 or 1789 given his being sued in court in 1810 -- I'm thinking he must have then been at least 21.

2 His Ohio wife remarried in February 1829, so they must have divorced or he must have disappeared on her sometime in 1728 or earlier, perhaps before 1825?.  He was commissioned a Capt. in the Illinois militia in 1825.  He is in the 1830 Morgan Co, IL with an unnamed younger woman and, apparently, his children by Pirena.

3 Guessing she was about 21 when married since she evidently did not need her mother's permission.  Hannah is not mentioned in the record, but was living in Fayette Co. at the time and is the only Casebolt of sufficient age available to be Sally's mother.

4 I lost track of the McCoys following their marriage.  If anyone has any further information, please contact me.

5 Fayette, Marriage Book,A:18: Sally Casebolt m. John McCoy 28 June 1814, Samuel Rawlings, J.P. presiding; marriage license #85.  It may be that she died and John remarried.  In Fayette, Wills, 2:199 the will of a John McCoy of Chester Township, Clinton Co, OH is recorded ... mentions "my beloved wife Elizabeth C. McCoy".  This might be the man who married Sally ...

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