2. Name:        Jemima12 (Casebolt) Ohaver

    Born:    23 April 17751 in Greenbrier? (now Pocahontas, WV) Co, VA

    Died:    27 Nov. 18341 in Logan Co, OH

    Married: 23 April 1800 in Bath (now Pocahontas, WV) Co, VA2

    Spouse:    Joseph12.1 Ohaver2

3. Name:        Asahel13 "Isaac" Casebolt

    Born:    abt. 17773 in Greenbrier (now Pocahontas, WV) Co, VA

    Died:    abt. March 1815 in Randolph Co, VA (now WV)4

    Married: 18 April 1803 in Bath (now Pocahontas, WV) Co, VA5

    Spouse:    Susannah13.1 Seybert5

4. Name:        Robert14 C. Casebolt

    Born:    7 Aug. 17796 in Greenbrier (now Pocahontas, WV) Co, VA

    Died:    4 Feb. 1861 in Bellefontaine, Logan Co, OH6

    Married1:15 June 1804 in Greenbrier Co, VA (now WV)7

    Spouse:    Elizabeth14.1 Craige7

    Married2:9 Dec. 1810 in Greenbrier Co, VA (now WV)8

    Spouse:    Mary14.2 Hunter8

    Married3:11 March 1819 in Logan Co, OH9

    Spouse:    Hannah14.3 Davis9


1 Logan Co, OH gravestone says died Nov. 27, 1834, aged 59y. 7m. 4d.  WFT Vol.10, Tree #3684 says born May 01, 1775 ... has correct death date.

2 Bath, Marriage Book, 1800; grooms family name looks like Shaver and is sometimes indexed that way.  Rev John Pinnell presided. Hannah1.1 was listed as mother, John1 as father but out of the county, and Robert14 was bondsman.

3 Asahel first appears in 1795 so may have been born in 1776.  The IGI has him born "about 1785" (sic).

4 His will, in which he is named sometimes Asahel and sometimes Isaac, was probated in Randolph Co, VA on 18 April 1815 (Wills, 1:164-65).

5 Bath, Marriage Book, 1803: Asel m. Susannah Seabert 18 April 1803.

6 His gravestone in the Bellefontaine, OH cemetery (section 12, lot 74, grave 8) says died 4 Feb. 1861 aged 81 y 5m 27d.  This death date is also in Casebolt Bible2.

7 Greenbrier, Marriage Book, p.4: Robert Casebolt m. Elizabeth Craige 6/15/1804 by Rev. John Pinnell.

8 Ibid, Robert Casebolt m. Polly Hunter 12/9/1810, Rev. John Pinnell officiating.

9 Logan, Marriage Book, A:3: Robert Casebolt m. Hannah Davis 11 March 1819, John Strange, Methodist preacher presiding.  This marriage date is also in Casebolt Bible2.

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