Asahel13 was wedding bondsman for two of John1 Casebolt's daughters. His name most often is spelled Asael in the documents. I have used Asahel inasmuch as it is more evocative of the pronunciation. In the probation of his estate he is referred to both as Asahel and as Isaac!1


Robert14 was wedding bondsman for one of John1 Casebolt's daughters. Hannah1.1 moved west to Ohio with him and one of her daughters.


Jamina12 is identified as daughter of John1 and Hannah1.1 in her marriage bond.


Sarah15 had Asahel13 as wedding bondsman.


Elizabeth16 was given consent to marry by her mother, Hannah1.1


John18 and Sally19 ended up in Ohio along with most of the rest of Hannah's brood and are said to be brother and sister.


John1 and Hannah1.1 may have had more children. Except for John18 and Sally19, all of those named here were married by 1810, yet both the Bath County census of 1810 and the Champaign County, Illinois census of 1820 show other young people in Hannah's households. However, those in 1820, almost certainly, and those of 1810, very likely, were grandchildren or children of other relatives helping to take care of Hannah1.1.


The children John1 had with Elizabeth1.2 were likely all born in the Cumberland Gap area of Tennessee, Virginia or North Carolina.


John1B J. is found in various lists along with John1. For a long time I thought this relationship (father-son) impossible, since John1 already had a son named John, i.e. John18. However, it is significant I think that great care seems to have been taken not to call this one "John". I have not found a single record which refers to him in that way. He is al-


l Randolph, Wills, 1:164-65. In this and related documents the spelling of his name varies among: Isaac, Aseal, Asheal, Asael, and Asahel.

2 Wannaker, p. 502.

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