from his brother Job1E; then in November, sold it to Joseph K. Olinger.1 Olinger died at age 91 in 1893 at Yokum's Station in Lee County 2 Indexes to Lee County deeds, wills and death records have been searched but no other Casebolt records have been found for Lee County despite the family's long connection with it.  For instance, Lee county court records for 1808-18 are replete with references to John.

The 1810 federal census for Lee County no longer exists. In 1820, the households of both John1 and his son, John1B J. appear in the Lee County federal census. The elder John's household contains 5 teenage children and he is said to be "engaged in agriculture".3 Court records show him to have been a surveyor too.

Lee County personal property tax lists are missing for 1814-26. By 1827, John1 apparently had died. The "eastern district list" records his widow Elizabeth1.2 and his son William1C as the only two Casebolt households in the county. These two are joined in the lists in 1828 by two more Casebolt households, headed respectively by sons John1B J. and Job1F. Elizabeth is not recorded in Lee County in 1829, but sons Job and John J. (listed as Johnston) are recorded in the eastern district while William1C is on the western district list. In 1830, only John J. (now listed as Johnson) and Job are recorded, both in the eastern district.

Elizabeth1.2 however, is still listed as head of a household in the 1830 Lee county federal census - the household including a 20-some year old male and a teenaged female.4 John J. (listed as Johnson) is also given as head of his own household. None of the other brothers are listed.

John J. and Job are both on the Lee County eastern district personal property tax lists for 1831 and 1832. Thereafter, no Casebolt households are recorded in Lee County, Virginia.

The 1840 federal census finds three sons, John1A J., Jacob1D and Job1E, respectively in Pike County (Kentuc-


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