1795. He disappears from all Bath tax lists after 1796. And in 1800, at the wedding of his eldest daughter, he is absent although evidently not dead, being listed in the record as "not in the county".

By 1797, a John1 Casebolt had acquired and sold land to Elkanah Dulvaney in Sullivan County in eastern Tennessee.1 It is possible that this was some other John Casebolt, but so far no record of any other John of sufficient age has been found anywhere in the US. So it is most likely that by 1797 or thereabouts John1 had decided not to return to his Little Levels' home and family and was putting down roots in the area around the Cumberland Gap in western North Carolina, eastern Tennessee and southern Virginia.

John1 evidently married again, at least in common law, Mary Elizabeth (Helvey) Davis, probably in southern Virginia, inasmuch as her parents as well as she and her first husband had been living in Wythe County, Virginia just before the time they evidently got together.5  They must immediately have moved to eastern Tennessee, because John is in official records there in 1797 and 1798, and that is where their eldest children are supposed to have been born.2 However, by mid-1800, John1 and Elizabeth1.2 the new wife, evidently moved at least temporarily to Buncombe County in western North Carolina. They are listed there in the 1800 federal census.3 Elizabeth1.2 is not named in that census but is in the 1830 census.4

Buncombe County had been created in 1792 from Burke and Rutherford counties and in 1800 it included the whole western end of North Carolina, including the valley of the French Broad River. The 1800 census shows five children in the household: 1 male under ten; females: 2 under ten and 2 aged 10-15. The youngest male would have been John and Elizabeth's eldest son and three of the daughters were Elizabeth's Davis children -- one of the elder girls must have been a Davis who died soon after the census was taken.

This census lists John's age as between 26 and 45 which would imply birth no earlier than 1755, where-


1 Bigger.

2 John1A J. Casebolt as recorded in the U. S. Census, Pike County, 1850, p. 461; 1860, p.809; 1870, p.11.

3 U.S. Census, Buncombe County, 1800, p. 163.

4 U.S. Census, Lee County,1830, p.284.

5 Henry Helvey, son of Charles Helwig, moved south from PA first to Shenandoah Co, VA and, later, further south to Montgomery Co, VA, settling in that portion (Reed Creek area) which later became Wythe Co, VA [county formed 1789] -- kld, 18 June 1998.  I believe it likely that Molly, Mary and Elizabeth were the same person -kld, 11 April 1995 [various official documents refer to John's wife by these three given names].  "Molly/Elizabeth Davis" is named in her mother Susannah (Gale) Helvey's will written 20 Jan 1794, probated 11 March 1794 -- in Wythe Co, Wills, 11 Sept. 1800? {kld}.

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