1791 Feb 22 John1 sues James Persons in Greenbrier Court.1

1791 May 1-Sep.30 John is a private in Capt. John Morris' company

            of Kanawha Rangers at the site of present-day 

            Charleston, West Virginia.2

1792-96     John is in Bath County personal property tax lists.3

1793        John, has 350 acres surveyed in Bath County.4

1794        John votes in federal elections in Bath County.5

1795 Jan 22 John has 684 acres surveyed in Bath County.6

1797        John disappears from all Bath County records 

            including the personal property tax lists which 

            seem complete for Bath County through 1818.7

1798        John in Carter County, TN tax list.13

1800 Apr 23 Jamina12 Casebolt marries Joseph12.1 Ohaver. 

            Hannah1.1 signs with an X and is described as 

            "mother of Jamina" and "wife of John not in 

            this county". Robert14 Casebolt is bondsman.8

1803 Jan 6  Elizabeth16 Casebolt marries Jonathan16.1 Tedrow.

            Hannah1.1 signs with an X. Asahel13 Casebolt 

            is bondsman.9

1807        Hannah1.1 buys a lot in New Prospect (now Hillsboro)

            from John15.1 Burgess Jr. near Asahel13 Casebolt's


1810        Hannah1.1 is head of household in Bath county with 

            1 male age 10-15 and 2 males ages 16-25 in the


1810 Dec 9  Robert14 Casebolt marries Polly14.2 Hunter.12

1820        Hannah1.1 is no longer listed in the Virginia


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