1745         Augusta County begins records.

1767         John1 with his mother, Sarah0.1, sells his father's land in Maryland.

1770         Botetourt County begins records.

1774-75     John is listed in Botetourt tax and Tithable Lists.1

1776-83    No evidence of uniformed Revolutionary war service.

1778         Greenbrier County, begins records, but most before 1780 are lost in fire.

1779         John, along with 40 others, signs petition for new county.2

                John is on the Greenbrier County personal property tax list.

1780 Jan 21 John acquires 300 acres in Greenbrier Co. on both sides of Greenbrier River.13

1782-90     John is in Greenbrier County personal property tax lists.3

1784         John is on Greenbrier County land tax list.4

1785 Jul 19 John is sued by John Lewis in Greenbrier County court; 

                Samuel Gilliland posts bond for John.5

                John on Jury duty.14

1785-86     John owns 50 acres in Greenbrier County.6

1786 July 26 John enters 200 acres by virtue of State Warrant #12605 for 500 acres on both sides of the Greenbrier River, assigned by George Clendennen.13

1787         John reappears on Greenbrier County land tax list.7

1787 Mar 27 John sues John Ewing (the miller) and John Ewing (son of Joshua) for trespass,

                 assault and battery in Greenbrier Court.8

1787 May 31 Ewing case dismissed.9

1789 Jan 6 John has 200A, both sides of Greenbrier River at mouth of Stamping Creek,


1789         John is on Greenbrier County land tax list for third and last time.11

1790         The Greenbrier County census is missing.

1791 Mar 30 John sues Samuel Young in Greenbrier.13

1791         Bath County begins records; John is no longer on Greenbrier Co. lists.

                John is head of household in Bath County tax List.12


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