moil and may have had to make the trip to Baltimore for safety from time to time. It would have been a sometimes frightening and probably quite exciting childhood!

Relative calm did not return to the frontier until 1763 when waves of settlers again began to approach and cross the Allegheny Mountains. For the next few years, the teenage Casebolt children often must have dreamed of the beckoning frontier and of its promise of land, opportunity and adventure.

The story of those children as adults will be taken up in the next chapter, but first we will take a brief look at what is known of their widowed and remarried mother.

So far, I have no hint as to Sarah's ancestry except that her given name is typically English. Nor is there any evidence as to whether she emigrated unmarried or with Thomas0 or was born in the colonies. As a first approximation, I have guessed that she was somewhat younger than Thomas -- she did after all, as we shall shortly see, apparently survive to marry twice after Thomas died. Since so far there is no hint of an earlier wife, my working hypothesis is that Sarah was the mother of Thomas' four surviving children.

Since she was named Sarah Brock in the 1767 sale document, Sarah must have married someone named Brock sometime between 1763 and 1767. Noting the given names in the next Brock generation, it seems highly likely that his name was either Thomas or William Brock. The odds are very good that it was William, inasmuch as a William Brock was listed in the same 1763 poll tax list which recorded Thomas Casebolt's death hence he was a neighbor who would have known Sarah and Thomas -- and he is also in the next list for the same area in 1765.1

It is extremely likely that this is the same William Brock who was fathered by Hugh Durham and born in August 1722 to Elizabeth Brock when Hugh and Elizabeth were fellow servants of Lancelot Todd.2 Durhams (Christopher, James, John, Richard, Samuel and William) lived in Baltimore County in the Gun-


1 Reamy, pp. 63, 65.

2 Barnes, Families, p. 71.

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