Book 3

Casebolt -- An American Family

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Book 3 -- The Thirteen Youngest Grandchildren and One Group of Step-grandchildren -- their Families and Descendants, plus Puzzles -- first edition being constructed on this site.  Please check the Log to see what has been done most recently.

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Chapter 29.  Sarah46 Jane Casebolt Nichols (c.1798-??)

                                                -- The Wm. Nichols Clan


Chapter 30.  Isaac1A Casebolt (c.1798-??)

                                                     -- The Alabama Clan

Chapter 31.  John1B Jonathan Casebolt (c. 1800-1881)             -- The Pike/Boyd County Clan

Chapter 32.  Anna47 Casebolt Friel (c.1800-aft.1870)

                                                            -- The Friel Clan


Chapter 33.  William1C Casebolt (1802-1846)

                                              -- The Harlan County Clan


Chapter 34.  Sophia1D Casebolt Collier (c.1803-1860)

                                                         -- The Collier Clan


Chapter 35.  Jacob1E Casebolt (c.1804-c.1829)

                                         -- The Kanawha County Clan


Chapter 36.  Job1F Casebolt (c.1806-1856)

                                               -- The Scott County Clan


Chapter 37.  Jefferson48 Casebolt (1807-1882)

                                                -- The Little Levels Clan


Chapter 38.  Jane49 Casebolt Nichols (c.1808-c.1836)

                                              -- The Thos. Nichols Clan


Chapter 39.  Amy1G Casebolt Sargent (c.1808-c.1848)

                                                      -- The Sargent Clan


Chapter 40.  Margaret1H Casebolt Hobbs (c.1810-bef.1838)

                                                        -- The Hobbs Clan

Chapter 41.  Mary4A Casebolt -- (c.1809-c.1815)

Chapter 42. CUO (Casebolts of Unknown Origin)

Chapter 43.  Casebolt Puzzles and Conundrums

Chapter 44.  Conclusions and Prognosis

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