864 Shelton

864 -- Ralph Shelton c.1683-1734

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"[Extracts are from Jeanne B. Gart, The Families of Joseph and Charlotte (Shelton) Ayers), Newbury Street Press, 1997; hereafter Ayers]  Ralph Shelton's place of birth is unknown, but was most likely [somewhere in] England, probably in the early 1680's....  He died in Middlesex County, Virginia, 13 March 1734. [Ayers, p.40]" 

On 10 October 1702, Thomas Meriwether of Essex County, Virginia was granted a certificate to import 8 people.  One of those 8 was Ralph Shelton.  When Thomas died early in 1708 he left 65 acres to Ralph, who had recently named his eldest son, Thomas.  So the men were close -- at least mentor-mentee, if not a blood relationship [Ayers, p.39].

"In 1727 Ralph Shelton (along with Garrett Daniel, who was later an appraiser of Ralph Shelton's estate), processioned the land 'between the Briery Swamp (from the Millstone Valley to the Dragon Swamp) and the upper end of the county, and from the main road to the Dragon Swamp, on the south side of the main road...'  The following year the same landowners were directed to procession the land 'from the new Dragon bridge road on the south side of the main road to the upper end of the parish.'  [This is from the Parish Vestry Book which survives.]  ... Processioning the land, which meant actually walking the boundaries, was required every four years as a means of determining boundary lines and settling disputes.  This was one of the many functions performed in the colonial period by the established church; today it would be a civil function. [Ayers, p.41]"

There was another contemporary Ralph Shelton in Virginia who sometimes is confused with our Ralph ... the other's will was proven in King William County on 21 March 1744 [Ayers, p.39].

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