72 x 73 Christian and Louisa Katharina (Reich) Dahlinger m. abt. 1769

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The primary source for this couple as a couple to date is the 1798 Galka census.  The information on them in the Dahlinger Family Chart seems completely drawn from that census.

Household #7 is DAHLINGER: head Christian 53, wife Louisa Katharina (REICH) 50, son Johann Gottfried 15, daughter Susanna 19, daughter Maria Agnesa 17 and another daughter's family: RIFFEL, Anna Margaretha 26, son-inlaw Christian 30, grand daughter Louisa Katharina 3.  Another of their daughters is identified in the so-called "movement table" of that census.  Entry #5, dated 1790 in the Mai translation says: "Maria Sophia, daughter of Christian Dahlinger, married Johann Gelhorn [?], who paid all his debts, in Astrakan."

Two doors away at household #9 is Louisa Katharina (DAHLINGER) SCHMIDT 28, her husband Georg Michael 33 and four children.  The other senior Dahlinger household in Galka is that of Christian's brother Michael, but Mrs. SCHMIDT is too old to be Michael's daughter, and it is far more likely that Christian rather than Michael would name a daughter Louisa Katharina.  I am 95% this is the daughter of Christian and Louisa Katharina.

Much further away at household #57 is Maria Dorothea (DAHLINGER) (WUNSCH) JUST 22, wife of Johannes JUST 26 and widow of  Baltasar WUNSCH by whom she had had one son who was then living: Johann Gottfried WUNSCH 3.  Mrs. JUST was young enough to be Michael DAHLINGER'S daughter, but according to the "movement table" entry #14, Michael's daughter, Dorothea, went to Dobrinka in 1793 to marry Nikolaus FLATH.  So I believe we can be at least 95% certain that Mrs. JUST is the daughter of Christian and Louisa Katharina.

Consequently, the reconstructed family as follows:

Christian and Louisa Katharina married about 1769 given the age of their eldest likely child.  Christian's first wife, Elizabeth, was still alive in 1768 at the time of the Galka First Settlers' List.  Their children were:

Louisa Katharina b. 1769-70 in Galka, m. Georg Michael SCHMIDT in Galka bef. 1788.

Anna Margaretha b. 1771-72 in Galka, m Christian RIFFEL of Shcherbakovka in Galka bef. 1795.

Maria Sophia b. 1773-74? in Galka, m Johann Gelhorn [?] in Astrakan 1790.

Maria Dorothea b. 1775-1776 in Galka, m1 Baltasar WUNSCH in Galka bef. 1795, m2 Johannes JUST 1797-98.

Susanna b. 1778-1779 in Galka, still single in 1798.

Maria Agnesa b. 1780-1891 in Galka, still single in 1798.

Johann Gottfried b. 1782-1783 in Galka, still single in 1798 [my ancestor].


Families into which these children married:

GELHORN/HELHORN: The only Volga family I can find of this name came from Isenburg and settled first in Kutter (August age 24 and Anna Maria age 18 HELHORN arrived there without children on 16 August 1767 (Kutter FSList household #78); as GELGORN or GELHORN, had Joahnn Melchior 6 [likely husband of Maria Sophia above] and Maria Katarina 1 by 1775 (Kutter 1775 census, household #68); as GELHORN (wife nee KAUFMANN) had moved to Straub in 1788 and by 1798 had Anna Margaretha 20, Johann Philipp 17, Friedrich Ernst 12, and Maria Elisabeth 10 (Straub 1798 census, household #47.

RIFFEL: since I do not yet have access to the Shcherbakovka First Settlers' List I can only guess that the RIFFELS were early there based on the several RIFFEL mentions in the Shcherbakovka 1798 census (households #31, #32, #61).

SCHMIDT: This was an old Galka family having come from Wittenberg, Otzberg arriving in Galka on 12 April 1766: Kaspar 56 and wife Anna Maria 50 with children Kaspar 17, and Maria Magdalena 11, along with two married likely sons: Nikolaus 24 and wife Anna Maria 23 with Georg Michael 2 [future husband of Lousia Katharina] and Christian Martin 1/4, and Michael 20 and wife Maria Margaretha 15 (Galka FSList #30, #31, #32).

WUENSCH/WUNSCH: This was an early Galka family coming from Pappenheim and arriving on 27 July 1767 as WUENSCH, Johann 30 and Anna Barbara 25, no children yet (Galka FSList #5).

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